November 25, 2016


Dressing Your Man for the Holidays With JORD Wood WatchesDressing Your Man for the Holidays With JORD Wood WatchesDressing Your Man for the Holidays With JORD Wood Watches 
Dressing Your Man for the Holidays With JORD Wood WatchesDressing Your Man for the Holidays With JORD Wood Watches

There is no doubt that I am the easiest person on earth to shop for! Give me a lipstick, cute socks, or a candle and I’m the happiest girl on earth! I write a blog, sharing all of my favorite fashion and home pieces all the time, so technically I am writing my Christmas list all year long… Right? Jay, on the other hand, is so hard to shop for! Let’s be real, I think just about all men are hard to shop for.


Over the years, I have learned that Jay really likes nice clothing and accessories. He would never tell you that, but I truly think men like to be spoiled too!Whenever I ask what he wants for Christmas, I always get the “Oh, just get me some string for my weed-eater or shop towels.” answer. I’m just like “really?” Some of Jay’s best gifts have been special little surprises, that make him feel spoiled-in a manly way of course. In my opinion, the safest fashion gift to give a man, other than a wallet, is a watch! They always wear them, rarely ever buy them for themselves and I promise you, it will get used. 


Jay absolutely adores his Wood Watch from JORD. It looks amazing on him, it works, it’s functional AND it’s stylish! What more could you ask for? His watch is definitely the whole package and I truly think that is exactly why he loves it so much! If you weren’t sure what to gift your husband, boyfriend, dad, or brother, this Christmas, now you do! JORD carries an assortment of styles, and colors, for both men and women. If Jay’s would fit me, I would wear it too. I feel like an outfit isn’t complete without a watch especially, a men’s watchJORD watches are created by innovative artists who value efficiency, quality and sustainability. Read more about the process here.

JORD Wood Watches is having a great Black Friday Sale, where they are offering discounts on their watches! So you don’t want to miss that! Also, they are currently hosting a giveaway and you can enter to win a Wood Watch for FREE! The watches retail for designer price and would make a great gift, or even a great present for yourself! You can enter the Giveaway HERE and you will instantly receive a $25 coupon code to use on there site! Don’t miss out on that!! You have until December 18th to redeem this code and supplies are limited, so be sure to go a redeem it today, and shop to get sale pricing!

Dressing Your Man for the Holidays With JORD Wood Watches

When Jay and I first met, he basically had a uniform- although, he still does slightly have a uniform 😉 After gifting him a cute Vineyard Vines pullovers, J.Crew button ups and Burberry anything, he has turned his fashion world around, and honestly I think he enjoys a trip to Saks! But, getting to that point was a bit of a process. So I wanted to share some comfortable, but stylish, outfit recommendations for your guy this holiday. It talked with Jay and this is what I got!

Dressing Your Man for the Holidays With JORD Wood Watches


Start with your favorite Wood Watch from JORD to get a comfortable and stylish vibe going. Plus, if you are like me, your manis going to need a watch to pop in the bathroom every five minutes to tell you how late you already are for your event! I’m telling you, you might need one too girl!

Good Denim

Jay was completely amazed at what a difference good denim does for your entire appearance and comfort. His favorite are these AG jeans. They look phenomenal on him and he loves how they feel. Just this morning he was like, “I want these in every color they make!” #mentalnotetaken

Button Up Shirt

Having a great button up shirt is key to a gentleman’s wardrobe any time of the year. Lighter colors in the summer, good plaids and flannels in the fall and winter! They make great gifts for dad, your hubby and anyone else. I don’t know a man that doesn’t love one!

Soft Pullover Sweater

I think Burberry is slowly becoming Jay’s favorite brand for fall as well. He loves his burberry pullover, and sweatshirts, they are so soft, I don’t blame him! Vineyard Vines also makes really handsome pullover sweaters. They are great for bonfires and evening parties in cooler months and pair perfectly with his watch!

Warm Socks

Need I say more? Don’t let your man forget about some warm socks. He’ll thank you later!

Boat Shoes or Sneakers

Jay doesn’t always wear his boat shoes, for him they are a little bit dressier. He tends to reach for some sneakers for comfort and style, but for holiday parties he likes to look a little bit fancier, so he will opt for boat shoes!


A little spritz is all you need! Plus, is this really for him or for us?!

Dressing Your Man for the Holidays With JORD Wood Watches 

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with you family and that you had success Black Friday Shopping! I have managed to come down with a little cold that has me feeling extra dreary, on this cool fall day, so I hope I can shake that soon! Don’t forget to check out my other Black Friday Sales, I will be doing my best to update it daily! 

Also, please be sure to enter the JORD Wood
Watch holiday giveaway! I would love for you to win a watch and you will instantly receive a $25 coupon code just by entering! So it’s a win-win!


 This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

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Dressing Your Man for the Holidays With JORD Wood Watches

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