September 9, 2015

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DIY Striped Pumpkins

Although it is still about 85 degrees outside here in VA, it is never too early to begin to prepare for the next season. Let’s face it. No holiday will beat Christmas, but I do enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving [actually, I love all holidays that I get to spend with my family]. Since they are both coming up, within the next few months, I decided to get started on sharing some fall home decor ideas. I am starting with this fun and easy DIY Pumpkin Project!

DIY Striped Pumpkins

I will start out by saying I am in no ways DIY’er. I have fully accepted that and I’m ok with it. So, with that in min, anyone can do these pumpkins! I always love a real pumpkins, but it is nice to have a few others around to decorate with inside. What I love most about these is that you can use gold [and even add some silver in] and keep them up all the way through Thanksgiving! That way your hard work can be used throughout the entire fall season and each year after!

DIY Striped Pumpkins



DIY Striped Pumpkins




In order to make things easy, I just used the grooves of the pumpkin to paint the stripes. If you go over or your lines aren’t straight, that is just fine! I used Martha Stewart paint that I picked up at Michaels.  I went for gold and black, but using silver would be so pretty! I love the black striped pumpkin with the gold stem for Halloween and the all gold pumpkin for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. If you use silver, I think that it would look great with both the gold and black, or just by itself! To help the paint look smooth and opaque, I painted two coats on both the stripes and stems. Throughout the process I learned what works and what doesn’t. I wouldn’t recommend taping the stripes off [even though that sounds like a better idea]. It didn’t look as nice and just added extra time to the process.

I would recommend the following painting process:

Paint the first coat of stripes

Paint the stem

Paint the second coat of stripes

Paint the second coat to the stem

Once all the paint is dry, hold the stem and paint the last to coats onto the bottom of the pumpkin

Allow for everything to dry

This is just what worked for me, but I encourage you to try whatever you want to do! That’s the great part about doing it yourself, you get to do it the way YOU want to do it! [LOL]


DIY Striped Pumpkins


DIY Striped Pumpkins



DIY Striped Pumpkins



DIY Striped Pumpkins

Although I am not a DIY’er, I am so happy with how these turned out and can’t wait to decorate with them for the fall season! they are so versatile and I had so much fun styling them for this post!

[P.S. how cute is the little gold pot my mom painted that holds her aloe plant?]

 If you decide to try doing this yourself, please share a picture with me! Also, if you know anyone that would like to make these, please share this post with them! I hope you are having a lovely Wednesday!







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