March 9, 2018


One of my Goals for 2018 is to have more cell phone free date nights. I really want to cut down my cell phone time in 2018 because I, like most people, have a crazy addiction to mindlessly scrolling on my cell phone. It’s a terrible habit and y’all my neck and posture have a lot to say about this bad habit. Jay and I love going out on date nights and we also love staying in for our date nights too. This year I have decided to do things a little differently and so far I am feeling free and happy with the results.

Jay and I have enjoyed our cell phone free date nights and it has inspired me to take things even further with cell phone free time in my life. Most importantly it has opened my eyes to that special “date night” time and how extremely important it is in our marriage. For the most part, Jay and I live a pretty “homebody” lifestyle and we love that. However, with our love for being at home all the time and the fact that we both do a lot of work from home, comes the struggle to maintain a work-life balance. Lately, I have found more and more, the significance of carving out dedicated time for just us two.

If you work from home too or just love spending time at home with your hubby, then you probably understand where I’m coming from. It’s so easy to spend your date nights replying to work emails, finishing up “one last thing” or answering work calls during off hours. Unfortunately, when duty calls we often have to deal with those kinds of things. But, when possible, it’s important to shut that off, even if it’s just for 45 minutes or an hour.

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Doing Date Nights Differently

I thought it would be fun to share what I have learned so far, this year with our cell phone free date nights and share a few ideas and tips for doing date nights differently! I hope that you enjoy this post and please leave your ideas, tips and more in a comment so we can get the conversation started!

Going Out

Naturally when I think “date night” I think Carrie and Big. I’m wearing my favorite heels and the perfect little black dress! Jay and I are going to some dimly lit city bar, sipping a delicious cocktail, while a jazz band plays in the background. In a room full of people our conversation is between just us two.

*Insert screeching tire sounds, because that is NOT reality*

Although we do a great job of recreating that scenario, given our small town setting, it just isn’t reality. My point isn’t that date night should not be fancy because every now and then we all need a little sparkle. The point is that even if you feel like that “perfect date night” is out of reach, it really isn’t.

I’m no SJP but a cell phone free date night, a good cocktail and a solid hour or more with my husband, undistracted, sure feels like Sex and the City to me! So maybe you are on a time crunch, you don’t live in the city and you haven’t worn heels in a while? Switch things up and give it your best! Try going to a new restaurant or doing something different.

Some of my favorite date night out ideas are dining out, going to the movies, doing something my husband likes to do, or visiting a new area of town and just winging it!

A few different things that I would like to try are: going to a play, going to a concert/going to hear a band play, taking a cooking class, going to a local winery, finding out what’s actually happening in our area and trying something new!

Staying In

As much as I love going out, I love staying in just as much. Jay and always love to have movie nights in where we will watch our favorite movies like Harry Potter, James Bond (these two are my favorite, I clearly have a favorite “Bond”) and so much more. We love cooking together, drinking wine, listening to music and hanging out with our Diesel. There is so much to be said about a date night in!

There is no doubt that I feel so relaxed and at peace on our date nights in. We put on our sweatpants or jammies, eat dinner, hang out on the sofa and go to bed early! Plus, I love getting to spend all the moments with our pup that I can. But, just because you stay in doesn’t mean your date has to be low key. Nothing gets my blood pumping and the laughter rolling like a good game of monopoly or playing cards. Childish, maybe? But oh so fun!

For me, date nights are all about releasing tension, reconnecting and enjoying our time together. Board games have this way of making me forget about everything else and just have fun! Even though you might feel too old to partake in these events, I would highly recommend giving it a try. There are so many fun adult games too!


Due to the nature of this blog, you know I had to talk about clothing when it comes to date night! There is so much to say, but I’ll try to keep it short!

First off, wear those heels girl! I have been so self-conscious about wearing my heels out, no matter where we were going, for so long. I always felt like people would look at me like “Who does she think she is?” But you know what? They are probably just jealous and mad that they talked themselves out of wearing their heels! I have literally been wearing my wedding shoes like once a week for the past three months. I just can’t get enough and will probably buy another pair eventually. Whenever I share a photo of these shoes I get so many questions from girls wondering if I like them or not because they want to buy them as their wedding shoe. My answer is always YES! They are so beautiful and I get so much wear out of them. I feel like a queen every time I put them on and I wear them with jeans 95% of the time.

Secondly, off the shoulder is sexy and you don’t have to wear a dress to be a showstopper. This top from Goodnight Macaroon is an absolute dream and is only $34. Can I get a hallelujah?! It looks incredibly feminine paired with white denim and these shoes just top off the entire look. I stole my hubby’s sunglasses to make this look a little edgier and I couldn’t be more obsessed with now. Tom Ford knows what he’s doing with men’s glasses! Or really just everything!

Day Dates

So I know the entirety of this post is about “date nights” but really I just mean dating in general. With that said, one of my favorite date ideas is a day date! Your date doesn’t have to be fully thought out to be special. Instead, you can take a regular old chore and turn it into a date.

Now I have to forewarn that my husband is incredible and completely selfless. Unfortunately, not all men are like that but I believe every woman deserves a good man that is willing to love on her and her do the same. Back to what I was saying…

You can turn simple tasks like going to the grocery store on a date. Maybe you can grab a cellphone-free lunch, while you’re out, and talk about the week to come. Ask your spouse how you can support him and nurture him. What is going to be difficult? How can you help?

Maybe you take your Saturday and go to the local farmers market together or spend time working on your home or garden. Find a few moments to spend together without distractions and just have fun.

Cell Phone Free

To wrap this up, I wanted to talk briefly about the whole cell phone free thing that I have been mentioning throughout this entire post. Not everyone is addicted to their cell phone and mindless scrolling, but I do believe that cell phones have made it harder to disconnect from work and the troubles of social media. I personally struggle with not replying to comments or direct messages. I feel the urgency of a question and sometimes stop in the middle of dinner to reply.

Whenever possible, I have been trying to leave my phone in the other room after hours. At first, something like this seemed impossible. I felt like my phone was literally glued to my hand. After a few peaceful meals, with genuine conversation, I have learned the importance of putting my phone down. Lately, I have been trying to include as many cell phone free moments, hours and activities into my days, as possible.

Maybe this seems out of reach for you right now. I promise it’s worth the effort. Even if you don’t feel like your phone or laptop are a problem, just try leaving it in the other room.

I hope that this post has encouraged you to do date nights differently. It’s so easy to fall into a rut of doing the same thing all the time or to be afraid to try something different. But, outside of our comfort zone is where all of the excitement and real learning begins.

Doing Date Nights Differently

Photos by Tiffany Sigmon

Doing Date Nights Differently


  1. Dine McCollin

    March 13th, 2018 at 3:23 pm

    I love this idea of cellphone free date nights, but I have also implemented this into cellphone free dinner dates with my daughters, they get me every time because they want to take a selfie.

  2. Morgan Reed

    March 15th, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    That is so sweet and good! I need to start implementing this into other things too! Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement! Happy Thursday!

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