March 23, 2016


Create a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelmCreate a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelmCreate a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelmCreate a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelm


 As my time as a blogger lengthens, I have found that I often love nothing more than setting a pretty table. Growing up, I felt that table settings made a gathering feel stuffy, or too formal. However, these days that is not the case. I feel that setting the table often makes your meal more comfortable and enjoyable!


One of the things I am most excited about, for when Jay and I have our own house, is being able to host our friends and family for a great meal! There is something about food and family [I know I have said this before and will definitely say it again] that I just love! Creating a comfortable and Simple Easter Table was definitely on my list this year!


Tablescapes are one of my favorite aspects of entertaining, other than the food and drinks of course. Because they are another way to display creativity. While I may not be the most creative person, I still loved setting this Simple Easter Table, because I was able to make it my own! Thats the best part. I can’t wait to add more plates, glasses, and candles to my collection for when we move. But today I want to share with you my Simple Easter Table and a few tips for how you can achieve your own!


A few tips…


Create a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelmCreate a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelmCreate a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelm
Create a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelmCreate a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelmCreate a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelm


Add Your Favorite Flowers

There is no rule book that says you have to use tulips for your Easter table, or any other specific flower. While your selection may be limited [mine definitely is], you still have the freedom to pick your favorites. Choose which ever flowers you love best to your table! You can stick with all one type and color, or go for an assortment, like I did here. I do feel that have some sort of greenery, plant, or flower on your table is necessary. That is just my personal preference, though! I love the life they bring to the table! You can switch it up by using a different vase, or even add individual flowers to their own small vase [I love this look]. You don’t have to be a florist, to have fun with your flowers! I wish I could have gotten my hands on some Ranunculus, they are my favorites! 

Incorporate Pastel Colors

I love spring colors. We all know that I am a complete neutral gal, but I do love pastel colors [and of course a little Lilly for spring!] They bring quiet color to your environment and leave a happy feeling whereever they go. I would recommend incorporating some pastels to create your Simple Easter Table. Whether its your plates, flowers, napkinsplace mats, or egg cup. A little color makes everything feel joyful and comfortable! 

Keep it Simple

Most importantly, keep it simple. You want your guests to feel comfortable. Different occasions may call for something a bit more fancy or warm. This time of the year,  the world is beginning to come back to life [literally, baby animals are popping up everywhere, so I’m ecstatic!] Make your table inviting, clean and fresh, to fit perfectly in for this time of year!  So keep the decor and accessories to a minimum. I opted for these small chick candle holders with a thin tapered pastel candles, to add a little color while still keeping the table open! I love these little guys, or girls 😉


Create a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelmCreate a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelmCreate a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelm
Create a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelm
Create a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelmCreate a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelmCreate a Simple Easter Table | | #TimelessTaste @williamssonoma @westelm

I hope you find these tips helpful when creating your Simple Easter Table! I would love for you to share your tablescape with me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! Just tag me in your post! A girl can always use some more eye candy!

Be on the look out for the my last Easter related post this Friday! I am sharing an easy Mimosa Bar that your guest will love!



Williams Sonoma Plates | West Elm Flatware | Similar White Table Cloth 

Williams Sonoma Easter Candle Holders | Pastel Taper Candles

Flowers, Cupcakes & Macarons – Whole Foods

Flower Vase & White Cake Plate –  Home Goods



Create a Simple Easter Table

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