January 6, 2016


Closet Clean Out: Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe |http://timelesstasteblog.com | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlog

Closet Clean Out: Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe |http://timelesstasteblog.com | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlogCloset Clean Out: Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe |http://timelesstasteblog.com | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlogCloset Clean Out: Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe |http://timelesstasteblog.com | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlogCloset Clean Out: Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe |http://timelesstasteblog.com | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlogCloset Clean Out: Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe |http://timelesstasteblog.com | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlogCloset Clean Out: Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe |http://timelesstasteblog.com | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlogCloset Cleanout Closet Clean Out: Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe |http://timelesstasteblog.com | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlogCloset Clean Out: Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe |http://timelesstasteblog.com | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlogCloset Clean Out: Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe |http://timelesstasteblog.com | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlog

With the new year upon us, we are making our lists, goals,  throwing out the unwanted clutter that haunts our brain daily, and of course- cleaning our closets. I know I have mentioned before just how regularly I clean my closet, and somehow it still remains a mess. But, this year I am making it a goal to cut down on clutter, or at least keep simplicity in mind throughout all aspects of my life. Creating a capsule wardrobe that is long lasting will not only save you money in the long run, but good quality classic clothes are designed to stand the test of time and look flattering on you no matter the occasion.

I will admit that I am not guilt free when it comes to buying that trendy piece of clothing that I seem to think I can’t live without, only to find 8 months later I would pay anyone to erase those pictures of me in that outfit because I regret the purchase all together. However, I have definitely learned from my mistakes, for the most part, and have found a few basic rules to stick with when it comes to cleaning my closet and shopping for new clothing. Because my closet is in desperate need of a clean out, and maybe yours is too after a few new Christmas additions, I thought I would share some of my favorite tips to create your capsule wardrobe and clutter free closet for the new year!

To make life much easier Capsules by Cladwell has created a site to help make shopping for your timeless wardrobe easy and cost efficient. After assessing your style and daily activities, Capsule by Cladwell generates easy to shop wardrobe options to add to your current clothing collection. What’s even more awesome is that instead of getting repeats of things you already have in your closet, they allow you to check off pieces that you already own, so they can help you find things that you actually need [not that cheetah print shirt that you will regret purchasing three weeks after you buy it, because it’s already out of style and falling apart-lol!].

Cleaning Out The Clutter

If your anything like me, when you think of cleaning your closet, you may automatically feel like your head is going to explode. No worries, it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed. Instead of putting off that feeling,  I find it best to face the closet head on [with a clean bedroom/workspace] and some good music [because music always helps anything].  Starting with a clean workspace is important, because if your closet is a mess, you are going to want to pull out everything and have a nice organized area to create a “back into the closet pile” and a “donate” pile. Some times bringing over a few girlfriends [or in my case, my mama and aunts] can help make the keeping or tossing decision easier! Plus, you might be able to swap things you don’t use with your friends! I start by taking each section and deciding what I am going to keep and what I am going to donate, or sell, then I can begin to actually organize and clean that area in the closet. I have found a system that works for me, which is important in being efficient. I suggest finding what works best for you! Here are the steps that I use:

  1. Take Everything Outtake everything out of your closet, or if it works best, just everything out of one area [that can be a little less hectic].
  2. Clean The Inside of your Closetvacuum, dust, wipe down, etc.,
  3. Use Uniform Hangers– using hangers that are all identical helps not only to give your closet a clean and more organized appearance, but help to maintain your clothing better
  4. Try on Things You Are Unsure Of and Things That You You Like– a second look never hurts. You might find something that you never wear that you love, or realize that something you always wear doesn’t really flatter you that well.
  5. Sort Through Everything And Decide What is Staying and What is Going– a few important things to keep in mind when sorting through your wardrobe.

Keep or Purge

When deciding whether something is staying in my closet, or not, I rely on a few key questions to help me make that decision.

Do I wear this regularly? If not, it may be something that needs to be donated, sold, or tailored.

Is it damaged in any way? Torn, Stained, etc., Throw it away or repurpose into a cleaning rag or something of that nature!

-Does it fit? Donate, swap, or sell.

Do I like it/Is it flattering? Keeping something that you don’t like, but feel guilty of getting rid of, does you no good. If you donate it, someone else has the opportunity to use it and love it! You will most likely be much happier once it is gone.

   6. Organize and Protect Your Clothing– when deciding how to organize your closet, keep in mind efficiency and good care for your clothing. Some pieces of your wardrobe store better in a specific way [ folded, hung, etc.,]. Make sure everything is hanging in the same direction and folded neatly

Building Your Capsule Wardrobe

Depending on your style, we each have different dream closets. For some of us, we dream of colored prints, neon colors, and lot’s of sequins. Others, endless neutral t-shirts, good quality jeans and a few pair of Louboutins. No matter what your dream closet contains, there are a few staple pieces to each wardrobe that each girl should have [whether she thinks she needs it/ likes it– I promise each of these will flatter your shape and you will end up loving]. This concept was definitely where the idea for Timeless Taste began for me. I have learned over the years, that there are many advantages to creating a timeless wardrobe, but we will save that for another day. Today, I have put together a basic list to begin with when creating your timeless capsule wardrobe. Once you have gathered these items, you can begin accessorizing and mixing them to create numerous outfits. If you would like, I would love to do a further in depth post talking about closet basics! But to get you started, a few pieces you will need…

Little Black Dress

 Good Jeans

White Collared Button-Down

Leather Riding Boots

Black heels



Neutral Tops [t-shirts] and Tank Tops


Ballet Flats


Editing your wardrobe and cleaning your closet can be so daunting sometimes, and we often put it off because we don’t know what to keep, what to get rid of, and [if your anything like me] we often buy things we probably shouldn’t. I am a firm believer in buying good quality clothing, but really just good quality anything. Thankfully, there are many great tips to keep in mind when shopping for your wardrobe and cleaning out your closet. One of my goals for 2016 is to recognize the elegance in simplicity in everything, especially my wardrobe. Minimizing clutter created by pointless, and careless, shopping is definitely included. Luckily, I have been able to use Capsules by Cladwell to see exactly what I need in my closet! If you are interested in simplifying and creating your timeless wardrobe in 2016 [yay for you! we can do it together] be sure to use Capsule by Cladwell, at this link, to help!

I have created this easy to use, printable for you to take with you to your closet, to help guide through your clean out process! I hope that you find it helpful [and I hope to share more free printables with you in 2016], and be sure to head to Capsules by Cladwell to sign up, to start saving money, investing in your clothing, and start creating your capsule wardrobe!

Closet Cleanout ChecklistCloset Organization Checklist

Closet Clean Out: Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe

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