September 11, 2017


Over the past 10 months of marriage, and living in our new home, I have learned a lot about life and myself! Cleaning and caring for our home is an important part of everyday, but I’m going to be completely honest. It can be a real struggle sometimes. I wrote this post, last year, sharing 5 Impactful Cleaning Tips you can do in under 5 minutes. I still use these tips all of the time from this post. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and behind on my cleaning, I try to start with a small area and just spend five minutes!

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Working from home is both a blessing and a challenge. I struggle to find balance between work and home life. I need to clean my house, but I also need to write for the blog and let’s not even begin to talk about having everything picked up, and dinner made, when my husband gets home! None of which usually happens. If you work from home, then you know the struggle too. 

The past few months got completely out of hand. I feel like my mind and motivation left me to go on summer vacation! I knew that I had to get back on track. So the past few weeks, I have been working on creating a daily list to stick to. Whether you need a little motivation to keep things tidy or just realize you aren’t the only one struggling to keep it all together. I hope this post will inspire you keep up with the daily house chores and hold me accountable too!

Make Your Bed Every Morning

I watched this video on Facebook of the University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement Address by Admiral William H. McRaven. I would be doing you, and me, a disservice if I didn’t tell you that I now think of this speech every time I make my bed. Also, every time I think about skipping out on making my bed, his words haunt me! He shares, 

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. By the end of the day, that one task completed, will have turned into many tasks completed.” 

This video is so powerful, I could right an entire blog post on it, but today we are talking about cleaning. So I will get back on topic. Making your bed each morning provides you with a sense of accomplish and the desire to continue completing tasks throughout the day. Maybe your bedroom is a complete disaster. Just start out with making your bed. Not only will it lift your entire rooms appearance, but it will also inspire you to spend another five minutes on another task in the room. For example, putting away the three baskets of clean clothes you have yet to put away from last week, that you continue to pull clothes out of each day to wear. Ok, maybe I’m the only one that does that! 😉 

Also, upon doing research to find the link to this video, I found out that Admiral William H. McRaven has written a few books! This one “Make Your Bed”, is now on my reading list! I know it’s going to be a great one!

Laundry: Do It, Fold It, Put it Away

Speaking of laundry, this is definitely something that tends to come in waves for me. Sometimes I’m like superwoman and will have my husband put his work pants straight in the washer. Other days, I have 3 baskets of clean folded laundry waiting to be put away and the rest of the clothes I own are on the floor scattered anywhere between my bedroom, bathroom and the laundry room.

You win some. You lose some.

I find it best, as with anything, to just start. Simply starting that first load will encourage you and the rest will be easy! Wash, dry, fold and put them away! I find putting away freshly folded clothing much more fun inspiring, than something that has been sitting in the basket for a week. 

Every night or morning, make it a habit to take your dirty laundry to the laundry room and start washing it, or at least sorting it.

Excuse me, while I go start my first load now!

Ok, I’m back. Which has reminded me of another tip. Start with something easy, like towels. Sometimes I dread doing loads of laundry based on their size or shape. Folding towels is much more simple than folding long sleeve shirts and other clothing that aren’t really mindless tasks. Chances are you keep your towels in the same spot, making them easier to put away. This way, you aren’t hunting all of your closet, and bedroom, trying to remember where you decided to store a particular clothing piece last month, when to completely rearranged your life. 

Don’t Leave the Dishes for Later

Guilty. Leaving the dishes in the sink over night, quickly became a terrible habit for me this summer. Not only does this completely gross me out, I can’t stand cold, dirty water, but it sets me behind the next day. After dinner, or before bed, make it a point to load and run the dish washer. Hand wash any larger pots or extra dishes that won’t fit in the dishwasher. Not only will your kitchen be much cleaner the next morning. But it’s really just a good habit to get into and makes for a much more sanitary space. 

iRobot Roomba

I’m not sure if this counts as a tip, but buy yourself a iRobot Roomba! My sister-in-law and her husband gave us a Roomba as a wedding present and it took us so long to start using it, but it is seriously such game changer! Roomba does the maintenance floor cleaning for me, which not only keeps my house clean but saves me time. All I have to do is simply turn on our Roomba (some schedule themselves) and let it roam around the house. It docks itself and saves me so much time. I love it because I don’t really have to do anything, Roomba does all the work, yet the house still gets cleaned!

Break Up Big Cleaning Tasks Into Smaller Ones

Cleaning an entire room can be such a daunting task. Throughout the week, I like to try to break up the bigger cleaning to-do’s, whenever I can. I will do things like spray the shower cleaner in the shower, and let it sit, while I’m putting away the laundry. Maybe you need to take just five, or ten, minutes out of your lunch break to throw in a load of laundry. Make your bed quickly or put away the clean dishes. Batch quick tasks together and break down bigger tasks to do throughout the week.

Cleaning isn’t something weal way want to do. However, a clean home is not only a welcoming home one that will inspire your to live your best life. I hope this post has been helpful for you and inspired you to keep up! It’s not easy, that’s why we have grace and good husbands! As a new wife, this is something I struggle with and I have a feeling I’m not the only one!

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5 Cleaning Tips You Can Do Everyday to Keep Up |

Cleaning Tips You Can Do Everyday to Keep Up

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