September 7, 2016


Classic Fall Fashion Colors |

As much as I don’t want to face it, fall is moving upon us quickly. Although I’m holding onto every last breath of summer, I wanted to share with you some fall fashion colors suggestions. Spring and Summer are high on my list, as far as my favorite part of the year. However, fall has to probably be my favorite. I won’t get all pumpkin spice crazy on you, however that is one of my favorite things about fall, especially this recipe! But, fall fashion is my absolute favorite, so today I wanted to share with you some staple fall, fashion colors in my wardrobe.


I love dressing for fall because the temperatures are warm during the day (or in VA hot during the day!) and cool at night. Towards the end of fall, the days are cool enough to wear a chic jacket, but not so cold that you freeze your tail off when you walk outside. I definitely don’t like the cold weather, but I do love cooler temperatures that allow me to layer my favor scarves, hats, jackets and vests! I thought that it would be fun to share a post designated solely to fall,fashion colors. I always love sharing inspiration boards, so I know you will see some of these pieces again very soon. However, I wanted to share some of my favorite colors to create outfits from in the fall. I learned so much when gathering some great pieces from this color palette, which I will share in detail in each section. Let’s not forget the black, white and nude are staples in my wardrobe no matter the season, so don’t forget those as well!



My latest, and greatest, obsession is definitely blush. The perfect rose pink, with a hint of neutral, compliments many seasons including the transition from summer, into fall. I have added so many pieces of blush to my wardrobe, over the past few months, and have plans of continuing that obsession for quite a while longer! In a recent post, I shared my collab with Amanda from Poised Avenue (you can see that here) and I share the items we swapped. However, I loved the hat I gifted her so much, I had to go and pick it up for myself! I have already worn it and I am just smitten with how chic it is! It is definitely going to be a over worn item this fall and will help lead me from summer, into fall. Blush accessories are definitely a must, but this jacket just needs to be in my closet!

Sharkskin (Grey)

 Grey is another color that I love to wear all year around, but especially during the fall months. Grey sweaters and t-shirts are essential to every girls fall wardrobe and are great investments. Having the perfect grey cashmere sweater, scarf or wrap in your closet is a great way to stay prepared for the season. They pair great with distressed white jeans in early fall and switch to black jeans for late fall/early winter. I am dying for the perfect pair of grey suede booties, and these Manolo’s!  Sharkskin is one of Pantone’s Fall Fashion colors of this year and I have to say, it’s the perfect shade of grey.


Olive Green

Olive Green is one of my favorite colors for brunettes and those with darker skin tones. I think it is such an understated, but really a sultry color that provides sophistication, and style. An olive green tank and jacket are currently found in my closet, but I would really love a dress in this shade! I also pairs perfectly on your nails and is a neutral color without going all the way nude (it’s like the perfect mix!) I am also super obsessed with with this top, how fab?!  Army/Olive green is always one of the first colors that comes to mind when I think fall. Its also a great transition color as it goes great with white and black jeans, or you can go for the olive pants (I say, go for it!



The wine is fine! A sexy color that brings an eye catching pop to fall. I probably love fall so much, because of all of the neutral colors, but the perfect burgundy wine shade brings a whole new level of ho,t to cooler fall temperatures (and I’m not talking about the weather!) This color is striking and usually carries a heavy price point. But, a beautiful wine tote or sweater are worth the splurge. And who can say no to these amazing Rockstuds?! Although they won’t be great for every season of the year, they will definitely be worth it come fall! 

I hope that you found this post helpful! I would love to know what your favorite fall fashion colors are!

Classic Fall Fashion Colors


  1. Rosalie

    October 15th, 2016 at 2:52 am

    I love this palate! You’ve done such a great job of curating pieces from each colour, thanks for sharing.
    ❤️ Rosalie

  2. Morgan Reed

    November 21st, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    Thank you Rosalie! These are some of my favorite pieces! Now, if only I could get them in my closet somehow! lol 🙂 Thank you for stopping by my site!

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