February 7, 2018

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There is no doubt that I’m a Peanut Butter Smoothie kind of gal, so if I drink anything else it must be good. Real good! During the winter months, I have been wanting something a little richer than peanut butter, if there is such thing!

Rich Chocolate Cherry Smoothie (Dairy Free)

Lately, I have been wanting a little more chocolate than I usually do, so I decided to try my hand at a Cherry Chocolate Smoothie (some of my favorite flavors together) and was extremely pleased with the results. 

I wouldn’t by any means consider myself a healthy eater or one who makes healthy dishes. However, I have been trying my best to make substitutions and try new things! With that said, this smoothie is dairy free. You can absolutely use regular yogurt and milk if you wish. Lately, I have been using Kite Hill almond yogurt and it’s basically the most delicious things ever! I can’t wait to try more products from their brand. I purchase these yogurts at my local Whole Foods Market and I have noticed that they carry several other products that are dairy free as well.

Dairy or not this Chocolate Cherry Smoothie is rich and indulgent, and not so bad for you! I always add greens to my smoothies and found that fresh spinach is perfect in this one. I also buy my frozen cherries at Whole Foods and they have so much more flavor than other frozen fruit.

The maca powder also adds to the richness of this Chocolate Cherry Smoothie. Personally, I like the taste of maca powder, although it is strong. It is high in several minerals and is known to support a help balance hormones. After reading this article, from the Wellness Mama, I will definitely be adding more maca into my diet! I’m always interested in reading about skin health and what to include in my diet to help nourish and repair my skin, from the inside out! This article is also very inciteful. I love The Everygirl!

Rich Chocolate Cherry Smoothie (Dairy Free)


1 Cup Frozen Dark Sweet Cherries

1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

1/2 Cup Plain or Vanilla Almond Milk Yogurt (I love Kite Hill)

1 Cup Fresh Spinach

1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder

1 Teaspoon Maca Powder

4 drops Liquid Stevia



Blend Together


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Decadent Chocolate Cherry Smoothie (Dairy Free)

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