August 1, 2016

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Chicken and Waffles Recipe | | #recipe

Chicken n’ Waffles. Waffles n’ Chicken.

This southern pair has moved my heart and transformed my tummy… into my alarm clock, over the past few days! I have become addicted to having Chicken and Waffles for breakfast, and I’m thinking you will love this combo just as much as I do!


 Chicken and Waffles Recipe | | #recipe

After a few trips to the south, seeing Chicken and Waffles everywhere, but never trying them, I finally gave in at a few not so great restaurants. You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you about my bad, not so great Chicken and Waffles experience, and I’m going to tell you exactly why. After having this spectacular dish at a few chain restaurants, I realized that if this perfect pair went so great together, and they were both most likely frozen. Then the homemade combination most be mind blowing! With one week of cravings, one trip to the grocery store and a morning in the kitchen, I was on my way to having the best Saturday morning and a Chicken and Waffles recipe that will last a lifetime in my cookbook!


Now, I have to admit that this is not exactly an authentic recipe, because I used [homemade] chicken tenders, instead of bone in fried chicken. But, for a beginner in the kitchen and my personal preference, this recipe is beyond perfect! Plus, you don’t have to fight to get the chicken off of the bone!

 Chicken and Waffles Recipe | | #recipe

The recipe itself is not very difficult and only takes a few easy steps. I don’t have a secret chicken tender recipe, in fact I use a version this one from Paula Deen, the queen of frying! I also use my favorite Belgian Waffle Mix, by Classique Fare. My family swears by this mix and its definitely the best mix you can buy. A fluffy, and buttery, waffle is the perfect base for these crispy homemade chicken tenders. In my opinion, having homemade chicken tenders is an essential part to this recipe. It makes such a huge difference in the taste, and texture, of the dish. This recipe is so simple and is great beginners in the kitchen! If you don’t have the buttermilk [I didn’t], beat 2 eggs and mix them with 2 cups of regular milk. It works just a as good!

Chicken and Waffles Recipe | | #recipeChicken and Waffles Recipe | | #recipeChicken and Waffles Recipe | | #recipeChicken and Waffles Recipe | | #recipe




Classique Fare Belgian Waffle Mix

Chicken Strips

3 cups self rising flour

1 cup salt

1/4 cup pepper

1/4 cup garlic powder

2 cups buttermilk [or eggs and regular milk]

Chicken and Waffles Recipe | | #recipe


Cook waffles according to directions on box

Mix together salt, pepper and garlic powder in a container. You can use this mixture to season other vegetables and meats with in the future [you won’t need this entire amount]

Sprinkle salt mixture onto clean chicken, that has been patted down with paper towels, to season

Dredge chicken into flour, dip into buttermilk [or milk and egg mixture], and then back into the flour

Preheat oil in a frying pan to 350 degrees and fry until crispy and golden brown

On a plate, place one waffle and 2-3 chicken tenders

Top with hot syrup! 


Chicken and Waffles Recipe | | #recipe


If I had to describe this recipe in one word, it would be addicting! Even Jay admitted to me that Chicken and Waffles didn’t sound very appetizing to him. But, he was a supportive fiancĂ© and ate them anyway! He was pleasantly surprised and really loved them, even though he didn’t really want to try them at the beginning! So, if you are on the fence about the Chicken and Waffles concept, give them try! They are so delicious and even more addicting. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Chicken and Waffles Recipe

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