August 31, 2015

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Cheesy, Bacon Potatoes

Cheesy, Bacon Potatoes


Cheesy, Bacon Potatoes


Cheesy, Bacon Potatoes


Cheesy, Bacon Potatoes


If you know me personally, then you probably already know that cheese fries, or just cheese in general, is high up basically at the top of my favorite foods list! Although it isn’t as good for your health, as I wish it were, it’s still nice to add some here, and there, every now, and then.

Recently there has been quite a bit of party planning going on around the Reed household with wedding research, and such. With all of this party[ing] on my mind, I have been brainstorming all of my favorite foods and trying to recreate them into easy hor d’eourves recipe! Since cheese fries aren’t exactly gourmet [nor are they fit for a happy hour party] I decided to enhance one of my favorite foods into a perfect little party appetizer!

This is one finger food that isn’t short on flavor and is guaranteed to be a hit at your party, or just a favorite side dish amongst your family! I promise your guests will love it and there is no need to stress because this recipe requires little prep and assembly time!


Little Red Potatoes



Dried Parsley [optional]

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Bacon [Fried and Chopped]

Chives [chopped]

Sour Cream or Ranch Dressing [or both]



Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Start by rinsing all of the potatoes and drying them well. Add the potatoes to a baking sheet and lightly coat them in olive oil. [I just pour a little oil on top of each potato and use my hands to rub the oil into each potato.] I then sprinkle them with salt, I like things salty so at any point you can omit the salt, however I like to sprinkle a small amount before the go into the oven. Bake potatoes for about 20-25 minutes until they are soft. Remove potatoes from oven and gently smash each potato with a fork. They may fall a part a little but that is just fine because they are going back into the oven to crisp up! Once the potatoes have been smashed, add a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper, parsley if you wish, a sprinkle of cheese and your chipped bacon to each potato. Finish baking for about another 1o minutes. Top each potato with a small amount of chopped chives for a decadent taste and beautiful color!

The baking times may very depending on your oven, but as long as your potatoes are soft enough to smash and are crunchy enough for your liking at the end, it doesn’t matter! Serve these with sour cream, ranch or whatever your favorite dressing may be.

These are SO delicious and I promise you won’t be disappointed! If you do decide to try out this recipe, please tag me in a picture that you post I would LOVE to see it!!


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Cheesy, Bacon Potatoes

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