August 26, 2015

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Although it is back to school for me today [insert a few tears here],  I am dreaming of summer break and this delicious salad!

First off I just wanted to say that I hope that you are loving my new site as much as I am! I am currently living and breathing Timeless Taste and feel like my life is revolving around this new site and Jay and I’s engagement [my brain is full of way too many to-do list’s] but the stress has definitely been happy stress! If there is such a thing as happy stress?

Anyways, I have many goals for Timeless Taste, one of which is to incorporate more recipes, because [let’s face it] I LOVE FOOD! This post will be the first of many and it is definitely a staple in my recipe collection.

I don’t discriminate when it comes to my food, the more the merrier, however I will say two things:

[1] I love a good savory dish and

[2] I’m not a fan of salads

I love indulgent foods and I prefer my vegetables sautéed with garlic! However, this Bleu Cheese Wedge salad is completely indulgent and you wouldn’t even guess you are eating a salad, which could be why I love it so much! If you are looking to incorporate more salads into your diet [like me], without having to sacrifice flavor, give this wedge a try!

The recipe is very simple, quick and can be tailored to your liking.


What you will need

Head of Iceberg Lettuce



Bacon [Fried]

Bleu Cheese [good quality for crumble]

Bleu Cheese Dressing [I used store bought bleu cheese dressing, but this recipe is my favorite]



Slice the head of lettuce into quarters [cut the head in half and then cut each half in half again]. Add the freshly slice iceberg into a big bowl filled with cold water and add a few ice cubs to help child the water even more. Place in fridge to allow the lettuce to soak up some cold water, this allows gives the lettuce a nice crunch!  Cut the tomatoes and cucumbers into small bite size pieces. Fry and drain bacon [as much as you would like, but about 1 to 2 slices per wedge] and chop it up.


Once all of the ingredients are prepped and ready to go, drain each slice of iceberg for a few minutes on a paper towel, then place each one on a plate. There is just something about simple white plates that I love, these sets are gorgeous [1,2]. I like to pour the dressing on the salad first, that way the rest of the small ingredients will stick to the top! Then just top the salad with the chopped tomatoes, cucumber and bacon and crumble a little bleu cheese on top and your done! My favorite addition to any recipe is my favorite Gold West Elm Flatware!

I love this salad because it is so easy to make and takes little to know time to prepare! This is perfect for all times of the year and can be served as a main course or a side salad to go with another entree. It is super rich and the texture is so wonderful. The Iceberg is crunchy, the bleu cheese is soft, the bacon adds a bit of saltiness and crunch, and the fresh vegetables at a freshness to the salad!

I hope that you try out this recipe and I would love to know what your favorite salad is! If you have an requests for future recipes, or anything else you would like to see, just let me know!



Bleu Cheese Wedge Salad-Easy and Delicious! YUM!

Bleu Cheese Wedge


  1. Sara Kate

    August 27th, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    Love this post! Great pics. I always get overwhelmed by trying to cut wedge salads because, honestly, I normally make a mess when I try, but they always taste so good!

    Sara Kate Styling

  2. Morgan Reed

    August 28th, 2015 at 1:38 am

    Thank you Sara Kate!! I am still learning to use my new DSLR, but I absolutely love it. I know exactly what you mean, wedge salads can definitely be messy!

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