December 28, 2019


It seems unreal that I’m here to share with you the my favorites and the Best of 2019! How did this year go by so fast? 2019 has been a true blessing but rollercoaster of a year. My New Year blog posts are some of my favorite to share, so I will keep things short, from a personal standpoint, and share that later. But, I’m so thankful and excited to share with you the Best of 2019!

Honestly, I have been debating how I break this up and share everything and I think I will share big categories with small to subheadings for each product or brand. This year has definitely been a brand discovery year, I feel like. In some ways I have tried new things and in other areas I have really cut back on my purchases.


Skincare is a category that I’m most excited about, particularly for one reason, Dr. Barbara Sturm! Her products have really changed my skin but I have also found a few other favorites too! At the end of 2018, my skin was the worst it has ever looked. I made it a point to not only clear up my skin but to try to clear up my life a bit too. Fast forward to the end of 2019, I’m not doing the best with my eating (because, well, pregnancy) but I’m still trying to keep a more minimal mindset.

Best of 2019

Dr. Barbara Sturm

There is no confusion as to why Dr. Barbara Sturm’s products are raved about the way they are. They are gentle, clean and effective. I love the chic packaging and how effective each product is. In 2019, I have tried several of her products. I have found a place for each of them in my skincare routine, even if it isn’t everyday. The biggest downfall of this brand is the price point. The serums are the most expensive, but everything has a higher price point. I would recommend giving some of the less expensive items a try first to see how they react with your skin.


Enzyme Cleanser

Balancing Toner

Eye Cream

Lip Balm

Clarifying Serum

Calming Serum

Hyaluronic Serum

Sun Drops

Farmacy Green Clean

As I have tried to opt for cleaner products this year, the Farmacy Green Clean makeup remover came highly recommended from you and let me tell you, you were so right! This product is amazing. I have read the benefits of double cleansing specifically with an oil based cleanser first to breakdown SPF, but never have been able to find one that didn’t irritate or break my skin out. The Farmacy Green Clean is not irritating and breaks down everything easily, without needing to continuously rub my makeup off. Such a great product!


While this isn’t a product, it is a treatment that has drastically changed my skin and my acne scarring. Over the first half to the year, I had four microneedling treatments. While these were painful during the healing, they tremendously improved the texture of my skin. You can see my experience here and read my review here.


I really kind of skimmed by in the makeup department this year as I wanted to focus as much as possible on skincare! However, there were a few standout products and brands for me this year.


I dabbled into Chantecaille a bit this year and while it is not completely clean, it’s a step in the right direction and they are cruelty free which I love. The Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer is one of my favorite products. It’s a thicker tinted moisturizer and provides good buildable coverage. I also really love their brow pencil and brow gel, both of which have lasted me six months so far! Literally, the longest lasting brown pencil! I’m sure it will run out next week now that I said that! (haha) However, I will mention that I gave the mascara a try and did not love that. I will leave it open for a month or so and give it another try once it dries up a bit!

Bare Minerals Warmth

I have talked about this bronzer for years and for good reason. If you are looking for a great natural bronzer, I couldn’t recommend this one more. I use it for both contouring and bronzing and even as eyeshadow sometimes!

Best of 2019

Aerin Amber Musk

If I had to give this year a favorite fragrance, it would definitely be Aerin’s Amber Musk. I am a huge fan of Aerin Lauder and her brand and this perfume captures it all in a bottle for me.


As with skincare and makeup products, this year I really simplified my haircare routine. I’ve never been one to really have too many products in my haircare routine, but I just wanted to clean it up and focus on using products with better ingredients, for the most part!


Rahua is a brand that has changed the way I look at hair care! Before I became pregnant, I started using Rahua and now Jay uses it too. We always joke that we are both very oily people-oily skin, oily hair, you name it,we got it! This shampoo has changed my hair for the best. Not only do I feel like my hair has never been stronger or thicker (also, thank you pregnancy), but I noticed that my hair is shinier and truly just healthier overall.

Because the ingredients are so clean, I was worried it wouldn’t do much for my hair. However, I have been completely impressed by the shampoo and conditioner and now I’m completely ombsessed with the dry shampoo. I’ve never been one that has been able to use dry shampoo. Remember how I said we are oily? haha. But, in all seriousness, this dry shampoo is unlike any other product I have ever tried. It’s consistency is extremely interesting, it actually works, it gives my hair volume and one of my biggest pet peeves for dry shampoo is that it isn’t really scented. It has a mild scent but definitely no fragrance which is huge for me. For some reason, over time, I begin to associate the smell of my dry shampoo with dirty hair and then can’t stand it all together! I don’t know, I’m weird, but it’s a thing!


Obviously, the second half of the year I have had to adapt my style a bit to fit this growing bump! However, I have definitely found some great clothing pieces and accessories this year.

Shop these looks here: one, two, three

Manolo Blahnik BB Pump

My obsession with this shoe started last year, but has continued well throughout 2019. If you are looking for a great classic, luxury, pump I think this is one of the best options out there!

Mother White Denim

You know I am a huge fan of white denim and this year, I found this pair that absolutely stole the show! These are super comfortable and I love the cut. They look beautiful in the Spring and Summer and even cuter with a chunky sweater and ballet flats in the Fall.

Skin Pajamas

I discovered Skin back in January when I ordered this comfy set for our trip to Miami. These pajamas have been a staple in my wardrobe all year long and I just added a few more pieces to my collection this Christmas! They are beautiful and comfortable, and I love them so much!

Le Spec Sunnies

You know that I am a die hard Celine sunglasses girl, however in Summer 2019 I fell in love with this pair from Le Spec. I love how chic they are and how durable they are. They are luxury without the price and perfect for beach/pool days!

Commando Undies

I know, I know, I’m highlighting my undies, but y’all these are soo good! They are comfortable and flattering. Think Christmas Vacation, “Look Russ! No lines!” Seriously, though these are my new favorites and I have repurchased several more pairs since my very first purchase back in May!


This year was a big home year for us. Since building our home, I have had an ever pressing todo/to-buy list that continues to grow with Baby P on the way! Our home is a huge source of joy for me as I require a lot of down time and enjoy spending my days here. Spending time in our home with our family is what excites me the most! However, it can also be a source of anxiety, enter a major meltdown this morning. Either way, its my labour of love.

Living Room

In 2019, we did a lot of work on our living room. A new sofa, two chairs, a coffee table, rug, and an accent table! Holy moly, we really did accomplish a ton in this room this year. It’s all coming together so beautifully and brings me so much joy to enjoy this space.

We also added some new light sconces in our breakfast nook and I am soo in love with these! As well as a runner in our master bathroom.


Fencing in our backyard for Diesel to play has been a huge stressor for me the past few years. We wanted him to be able to run and play but to also keep our yard looking beautiful and manicured. Balancing all of that with a budget was difficult but we finally came up with a good solution and I’m so happy with how it all turned out!

Best of 2019: Dr. Barbara Sturm, Manolo Blahnik, Home Decor and More!


  1. Jean

    December 29th, 2019 at 6:53 pm

    Thanks for sharing all your great picks!!! I would love to see how the fence turned out, I have a similar dilemma. All the best in the New Year and look forward to all future posts!!!

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