January 8, 2018


I’m still playing catch up here, on the blog, and even though it’s a little late, I still want to share my Best of 2017 post! 

Best of 2017

While there are so many things that I truly loved in 2017, for this post I wanted to narrow it down to about one per category. If you want to see more of my favorites and all of my Best of 2017 products, head over to my Youtube channel. I will be posting more of my favorite products from 2017 in the next few days!


Daily Fall Outfit Staples and A Few Fall Trends I'm Loving

Madewell Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt

You know I am such a sucker for a good basic, especially a basic white tee! One of my favorite creators and photographers, Alyssa Rosenheck, shared this beauty on her Instastory several times throughout 2017. I decided to jump on this purchase and there was no looking back! If you are looking for the perfect comfy tee that can be styled any way, this is what you need. 

Romwe Grey Cuff Cardigan

Earlier in 2017, I was contacted by Romwe and they wanted to send me a few products to share on my blog. I kindly accepted and quickly fell in love with this cardigan. You can probably tell that I’m not a fan of fast fashion, and rarely support it. However, this is one exception. For the price, only $12.99 you can’t beat this buy! I have plenty of other more expensive favorites, such as this cardigan from Club Monaco, but if you are looking for an inexpensive staple this one is hard to beat!

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Neverfull

This bag was a purchase I made for myself as a college graduation gift! I have loved it dearly and my review and comparison of it to the GM has by far been my most viewed blog post and Youtube video! that post and video are so in depth, so I will keep this short, but I definitely carried this bag the most last year!

Gucci Marmont Belt

You have seen this belt all over my IG and it has truly been loved. SO much, that I want to get another one! I just added these boots to my closet and I feel like I really need these for our Miami trip at the end of the month. What do you think? Do you love Gucci right now?! I do!!

David Yurman Oval Link Bracelet

David Yurman is definitely one of my favorite brands of jewelry, which you can probably already tell if you read my blog or follow me on Instagram! However, the best of 2017 in the David Yurman category has to go to this oval link cable bracelet. I love how it switches up my usual stack and adds a bit of texture and personality. 

Casual New Year's Eve

Madewell Mockneck Sweater

I debated putting this one in here because unfortunately, it is no longer available from Madewell. However, I have found several similar options so I decided to share anyway. Over the past year, I have fallen in love with Mockneck and Cowlneck styled sweaters. They are so classic and effortlessly chic. I just want them all! This one is my latest favorite!

White Denim

White denim has easily become one of my favorite staples in my wardrobe. I have two pairs that I am extremely loyal to in my closet. You know that I love J.Brand, so this pair is definitely a favorite. They are bright white which is great. If I am feeling like I need something a little more subtle, I will opt for this pair from MOTHER, which I probably do wear more!

Chanel Ballet Flats

These ballet flats from Chanel became my favorite pair of shoes in my closet during 2017. They go with everything, are so comfortable and are so classic! I seriously wear them everywhere, with everything! If you are debating investing in these, I would say YES, YES, YES! They are truly worth every penny. I will link a few similar alternatives below!


Morning Skincare Routine | http://timelesstasteblog.com

Peter Thomas Roth Maximum Complexion Correction Pads

After hearing Makeup By Tiffany D rave about these, I had to see what the hype was about. Y’all, if you have trouble skin, like me, you have to at least give these a try. I get a lot of questions about how I cleared my skin up and while it isn’t 100% clear yet, I owe all fo the positive change to these pads! I use them morning and night, in place of a toner and adore them. They are a little strong but the seriously clear up my acne and the unwanted oil and bumps. If you are hoping to clear up your complexion in 2018, I would at least give these a try!

Tom Ford Cream Shadows

2017 was the year of raving about these Tom Ford Cream Eyeshadows. There is no doubt that I am a lover of designer products and truly believe in investing in good quality skincare and beauty products. These Tom Ford shadows are seriously incredible. In the past, I had given other cream shadows a shot, Chanel, Makeup Forever, etc, but never truly loved those products. They all dried up to quickly and just didn’t have a great color pay off. These from Tom Ford are everything! They provide the most radiant pigmentation, last all day and are so easy to apply. If you are in the market for a new cream shadow, or shadow in general, I say try these! My favorite colors are this bronze shade and this blush shade

L’Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate

It’s embarrassing for me to admit, but I really don’t apply lotion on my skin like I should. I’m too impatient and having oily skin, kind of makes me steer clear of the lotion. However, L’Occitane was definitely a best of 2017 for me. I was introduced to their brand and instantly fell in love. I’m not much on heavy fragrance because my skin gets irritated easily, but L’Occitane does such an amazing job of having a light scent that doesn’t irritate or bother my skin at all. Their products are so hydrating and calming to my skin and I just love using them!



Best of 2017 #vitalproteins

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

I decided to jump on the Collagen Peptides bandwagon and 2017 and I’m really glad that I did. All I do is add one scoop to my Nespresso in the morning (serious fave!) and it gives me a collagen boost for the day! I always feel like my skin is clearer and my nails are stronger when I am using this. You can get it on Amazon or at Whole Foods.

Smart Water

This might seem a little weird I’m including this, but I always find that I drink more water when we have Smart Water on hand. Seriously though, I love the taste and their massive and chich bottles make it easier for me to just carry a big one around all day. I will no joke drink two or three in just one day!


8 Ways to Refresh Your Home For Spring

Fiddle Leaf Fig + Basket

I always get a ton of questions about our Fiddle Leaf Fig tree! It was one of my favorite home purchases of 2017 and I’m so thankful that she is still going strong. To be honest, I was so afraid I was going to kill it, but we have had it for almost a year and it seems to be thriving so I am feeling pretty good and thankful! Because I get so many questions, I definitely want to write an entire post on our Fiddle Leaf Fig, so look for that soon. I will say that I got our basket at Homegoods and found this identical one online. I totally think it makes such a beautiful statement. Our tree wouldn’t look nearly as good without it!

Alice Lane Bed

We, and when I say we I mean  finally made a decision on a bed for our master last year and I’m so happy with our decision. I have always admired Emily Jackson’s bed and never found anything that I loved more so I decided this was the one! After purchasing our bed, I also ended up purchasing these bedside tables as well! I love how everything is coming together! Now… for the perfect bedroom mirror!


Palm Beach Recap: Palm Beach Travel Guide

Palm Beach

Last year we were able to do a little bit of traveling, which I am so thankful for! I love to travel, but I seriously hate leaving our pup at home! I wish we could just bring him everywhere with us. For me, the best of 2017 travel edition was definitely Palm Beach! It had been on my list for a little while and it just felt right at the moment. Needless to say, after one trip I have already added it to my go back soon list, so it’s definitely a “best of 2017”. Have you ever been to Palm Beach?!

I hope that you enjoyed my Best of 2017 post! Be sure to visit my Youtube Channel here, to see more of my favorites from last year in the next few days! Also, I would love to know some of your favorites from 2017. I am always on the lookout for a good product, let me know in a comment below!

Some photos by Tiffany Sigmon. Others by me!

Best of 2017

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