October 17, 2018


I recently shared a photo, on Instagram, of our bedside table and shared what I always keep on my bedside table. I was excited to see the response I received from that photo and wanted to dedicate an entire blog post to discuss what I keep on my bedside table, as it has recently  become one of my favorite little spots and I’m a bit obsessed with stocking it well. Now, I think it’s important to note that when I say on my bedside table, I also mean IN my bedside table. No one wants all of that clutter, so I wanted to make that quick distinction, although you probably didn’t exactly need it.Bedside Table Essentials | What's On My Bedside Table

As I have shared before that I recently read Girl, Wash Your Face and if you haven’t read this one yet, I would HIGHLY recommend it.  One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “Hope is not a strategy. You have to have a plan.” When I read this, it was like something deep inside of me instantly connected with this concept. I always use hope as my strategy. I’m terrible at committing to anything and don’t truly set my self up for success. My mindset basically just relies on everything lining up perfectly for something to happen. I have been working on shifting this characteristic of mine, lately, starting with my morning and nightly routines. This can also be attributed to recently reading The Miracle Morning (more on that soon) but between this book and that quote, I quickly realized the importance of my bedside table serving as a beautiful, sacred space. Hear me out…

For most of us, life somehow swirls around us and we can sometimes find ourselves sitting on the sidelines. This is undeniably true for me and I have decided to start little, by little, making changes in my life. I realized that while my bedside table is one of my favorite spaces in my home because I love how beautiful it turned out, it is also highly significant in my daily routines. The first thing I do in the morning is roll over to my bedside table to turn off my alarm, turn on the lamp, grab my journal pick and/or pick up my cell phone. I have been trying to eliminate the latter. Additionally, the last thing I do each day is, turn to my bedside table to turn off that same lamp.

With that said, I realized how important it is to create routines in this area of my life and also stock my bedside table well, with the essential items I need to keep myself healthy and happy. With that in mind, I thought I would dive a little deeper than that Instagram photo and share all of What is On My Bedside Table! 

Bedside Table Essentials | What's On My Bedside Table

Bedside Table

First, before we jump into what is on my bedside table, I thought we would quickly discuss my actual bedside table. If you have followed me for a while, you know that I am slow to act and I like to make investments, rather than impulse buying something. These bedside tables are just that. An investment. 

I found these on Alice Lane’s website and instantly fell in love with them. McGee and Co, another one of my favorite online shops, sells them also. I love how large these are and that they have three huge drawers to store things in! The top is strictly my bedside essentials and I use the other two drawers to store my pretty lingerie and undergarments. These chests are so versatile, you could really use them anywhere. If we ever replace them, they will definitely be relocated somewhere else in the house.

Bedside Table Essentials | What's On My Bedside Table Bedside Table Essentials | What's On My Bedside Table

The Decor

The Lamp

These lamps are a new addition to this little area in our bedroom. It took me quite a while to decided on lamps for this space and figure out what shape, size, and coloring we wanted to go with. I searched high, and low, for lamps and had narrowed it down to a few, which I was still quite uncertain of and then I found these. It was pretty much love at first sight, although there is always the question of “Did I make the right decision?” Either way, these were definitely the right choice for us and I’m so glad we chose these. They truly complete our bedside tables!

You can watch our unboxing vlog here.

Framed Photo

It was hard to pick a category for this item because it is truthfully an essential and a piece of decor. Framed photos, really any photos, are very sentimental to me. I held off on placing them in our home for a bit because, honestly, we just didn’t have a ton of surfaces to work with. Since adding the photos, especially this one of Jay and I on our wedding day, our house truly feels like home. This is the special item that I will always have on my bedside table and I adore this frame. It’s just so beautiful!

Tray For Miscellaneous Items

I kind of had to file this under decor, beings that my tray is from Herm├Ęs. That’s a little extra, I know, but y’all is this not just beautiful? I think every home needs one and personally, I think I need another one! (LOL) But truthfully, keeping a small tray on my nightstand has made a huge difference in the amount of clutter that’s visible. Whether it’s earrings I forgot to remove, my cuticle cream, a pen or really just whatever, having a small tray to house miscellaneous items is a lifesaver!

Bedside Table Essentials | What's On My Bedside Table Bedside Table Essentials | What's On My Bedside Table

The Essentials

Finally, the essentials. These are my ride or die pieces that travel with me and keep me in my routine. I have used all of these beauty products, for years, and find when I use them consistently, I notice a huge difference in my hands, lips, and quality of sleep!


Sleep Mask

Lip Balm

Hand Lotion + Cuticle Cream

Current Book + Notebook

I’m currently reading “Younger Skin Starts in the Gut”

Write the Word + My Bible

Pillow Spray


What do you keep on/in your bedside table? Hopefully, I’m not the only one who finds this interesting! You will have to share with me all of your essentials in a comment! I’m excited to hear what your necessities are!

What’s On My Bedside Table

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