November 29, 2016


Beauty Gift Guide

Lip Gloss | Lip Balm | Glambox 

Hair Gift Set | Perfume

 Nail Polish Gift Set | Soaking Salts | La Mer | Beauty Blender

Curling WandMakeup Bag | Tom Ford Palette

One of my favorite thing to receive around the holidays is some of my favorite luxury beauty items, that I might not usually buy myself! Although I love lipstick, and jump at the opportunity to pick up a new shade of pink, when it comes to buying for others around the holidays, its the little things like that, that get kicked to the curb. Beauty blenders, skincare, and the perfect highlighting palette are great ideas for your gals that you know love beauty and have been working so hard to make everyone else’s holiday special!


Sometimes, people give you things and your like really? I would have loved to have had one of my favorite lip glosses over the pile of stuff, that I will probably never use, that you just gave me. Am I right? I can’t be the only one? So don’t do the same thing! I love going into Sephora and browsing their mini gift section, while I’m in the check out line. I always have to let the person behind me go, when it’s my turn because I may, or may not, still be shopping! It’s the perfect spot to pick up little bits to throw in your friends, and relatives, stockings or Christmas gift! So today I have rounded up my beauty gift guide for this holiday season! A couple of these are my personal favorites, and some things I have on my list! I hope you will use this gift guide to help you when shopping, for the best beauty gifts this season!


What is your favorite beauty item at the moment?



Beauty Gift Guide

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