May 16, 2020


I honestly can’t believe we have already spent an entire month with our little Beau. It has been the best month of my life and also so challenging at time. Parenting is a whole new level of learning and I have to say that although it can be difficult, it is the best and most rewarding feeling I have ever experienced. I’m so grateful for this sweet little boy and life with the quad squad is the best!

During my entire pregnancy, and these early days of motherhood, I have spent so much time reading and researching baby and mama essentials! So many other mamas who have shared their favorite things have helped me so much. I wanted to share with you the baby products we have loved during the first month with Beau. Of course, every baby and parent is different, but these are the things that have really been working for us.

I know as time goes by, things will change but I want to share some of our favorites thus far!

Baby Products We Have Loved During The First Month With Beau
Baby Products We Have Loved During The First Month With Beau
Baby Products We Have Loved During The First Month With Beau
Baby Products We Have Loved During The First Month With Beau

Pampers Swaddlers and Water Wipes

After reading several reviews, we decided to go with Pampers Swaddlers for our little guy and so far we have no complaints! I also knew that I wanted to try Water Wipes because I have heard great things about them and really like that they are water based. The hospital provided us with Pampers Sensitive Wipes and we used those up during his first week and then switched to Water Wipes. So far, we really love them. I love that they don’t have any fragrance and I can wipe down really anything with them. I use them to wipe his face and hands and love them. Some people complain that they are too wet, which they are definitely very moist, but we haven’t had any trouble with them so far!

Pehr Changing Pad

Because Beau is sleeping in our room we have been using this portable chaining pad which we love for him! We also use this on the go, which is why I purchased it, but now we use it basically all day, everyday! He has a full size changing pad and these covers, but that just got to be a bit too much for our bedroom, so we switched to using this full time and moved his changing pad back up to his room. I love how this changing pad has a little compartment for diapers and wipes. It’s beautiful and functional!

Bibs Pacifier

When Beau went to the NICU, after birth, they gave him a pacifier shortly after his arrival. We aren’t against pacifiers in the least, I loved my Binki for many years! However, he is highly addicted, LOL, and loves his Paci! We have found that these are so beautiful and he loves them. They are also really lightweight so they stay in his mouth better than the Avent pacifiers. We are nursing and haven’t had any trouble with him refusing to nurse. He does really well taking to a bottle, a paci and nursing.

Kissy Kissy Everything

Mittens, booties and outfits, you name it, we love it! Seriously though, I fell in love with Kissy Kissy before I was even pregnant and knew that I would love dressing our little one in their outfits very often! I know they are only in one size for so long, but for me, investing in high quality, soft fabric clothing is important. Also, Beau was on the bigger side and he is just now, almost five weeks, growing out of his Kissy Kissy newborn outfits. When we came home from the hospital he wasn’t able to fit in barely any of the newborn outfits from other companies (Target, Carters, Etc.,) I was even more grateful for our Kissy Kissy outfits then!

He loves scratching his face which I absolutely hate to see, so he lives in these mittens. Most of the Kissy Kissy onesies come with fold over sleeves which is amazing! We also have really loved the converter gowns at nighttime. They make diaper changes so easy and are even easier than those zip up outfits! These gowns can be buttoned into a onesie too, which is so versatile!

Lastly, these booties! I love them so much. Socks fall right off of him, usually with his help, but these will stay on for hours! A huge win in my book!

Also, this bib which matches most o this outfits and is soft for newborns.

Pehr Swaddles

One of my favorite things to do is swaddle our little baby up at night and for naps! He is a pro at wiggling his way out, but I have found these Pehr Swaddles to be the absolute best! They stretch so that I can swaddle him tight, but are also big enough that he can’t squirm his way out of. So many of the other swaddles we have purchased shrink up in the dryer and then barely wrap around him. These are great for the early days or if you have a smaller baby, but overall the Pehr swaddles are 100% worst the splurge in my opinion.

I just ordered the Ollie Swaddle, now that he is getting bigger and more squirmy, and can’t wait to try it on him tonight! I will report back and let you know my thoughts soon!

Burp Cloths

I always forget to grab these, whenever I go to feed him, but they are amazing! I use them for everything, not just burping. They are a soft, all purpose cloth, that I would recommend having a stash of. They have been so handy for!

Mamaroo and BabyBjorn Bouncer

We have the MamaRoo and we all love it! However, this BabyBjorn bouncer is so portable that I would consider it, or something similar, a must have! We carry it to our parents houses when we go for dinner, put it between us when we are eating and I always set him in this bouncer outside of the shower so I can keep an eye on him and also clean myself! lol. This is so versatile and chic too! I also love it because it’s a little bit bigger than most newborn seats. At first, it was a little bit big for him but now he loves it and it will continue to grow with him for much longer than other seats!

Caddy for Diapers, Etc.

You already know that I love this collection of baskets, caddy’s and more. However, these little bins have been so handy in the early days. We have a pile of them in our bedroom linen closet and they store all of Beau’s things perfectly! We keep backup diapers in them, have one for personal hygiene and one devoted specifically to his diapers, wipes and Aquaphor. All I have to do is grab it, and the changing pad, and we are ready for a diaper change!


I found this sterilizer through Taylor-Rae, from Style SoufflĂ©, and it has been such a great addition to our baby collection! We added it to our registry and use it everyday! From pump parts, to bottles, pacifiers and more, we loved using this sterilizer. It’s beautiful and effective. I love that it has a drying feature so I just move everything for the dishwasher to this, most of the time, and everything gets sterilized and dried which I love!

Dr. Brown’s Bottles

Feeding Beau has been something I have loved and also very challenging for me at times. I can share more, if your are interested or would find it helpful, however being in the NICU Beau was given formula on his first day of life. I knew that breastfeeding was something that I wanted to try, however it wasn’t easy, especially being separated from my baby at birth. However, we have all worked really hard at making it work and he hasn’t had formula for a few weeks now.

I always knew that if I was able to breastfeed, I definitely wanted Jay or any of our family to give him a bottle if they wanted too. It would also make date nights easier, if this virus ever goes away! This set has been so helpful for feeding him breastmilk from a bottle. I love that it has a slow flow for him right now and that they are easy to travel with. I have beautiful glass bottles that we will use when we can use a faster flow, too. However, these have been so helpful in preventing gas, whenever he has a bottle.

Diaper Pail

There are a few diaper pail options out there and some that are definitely less expensive than this option, however I loved the way this one looks compare to the other options. This is really handy to have! It keeps all smells locked away and is user friendly! I also love that it doesn’t require special bags, although they are great to have. So in the long run, probably actually save money by being able to use regular trash bags with this diaper pail!

Also, this is probably TMI but this is especially great during the first few weeks! We put this in our bathroom for both of our diapers. Yes, my diapers went in this too! (lol)

A Few Other Favorites Worth Mentioning

Dreft Laundry Detergent and Stain Remover, Pacifier Clips, Aquaphor, Baby Bath, Hair Brush (if your baby has hair, this set comes with the softest brush!) Bugaboo Fox and Bugaboo/Nuna Turtle Car Seat (these are truly amazing!)

Of course, there are so many products we have loved during this first month these are just some of our top favorites! Obviously, the best part of it all is soaking in time with your sweet little baby boy! I hope to share our month recap and his birth story soon! I am spending all of my time with him, and only take small bits to write for my blog. But, I want to take this time to write and share my feelings and thoughts during this time.

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All beautiful photos are from Tiffany Sigmon.

Baby Products We Have Loved During The First Month With Beau


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