January 20, 2017



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Finally my life has finally started to slow down a bit and I am now having the time to really take a few minutes to relax, read a book, enjoy my coffee and think about my life. I am beginning to feel more like myself again and I’m just so thankful for everything that Jay and I have accomplished, and been through, in the past few years. We are slowly getting our weekends back, or at least we are now able to spend them in our house and work on our home, which is so amazing! With my new lifestyle, I have found myself gravitating more towards Athleisure wear, which  has been huge thing in 2016 and 2017. I have never been one to wear leggings out in public other than to the gym, but after discovering these, I basically live in leggings

Now that I am wearing these leggings more, I find myself always opting for Athleisure wear. It’s comfortable, easy and really effortless, all of which makes it perfect for weekend wear and casual days off. I had planned this post a couple of weeks ago, and have been sneaking this look onto my Instagram account this week, because I just truly love it. When doing my research on Athleisure clothing, I found this article from Vogue, which I really love! Now I definitely don’t look like Kendall Jenner, but I wanted to highlight my favorite points of the article, to help explain why I love Athleisure clothing so much and how to make it work for you! I obviously don’t have to state that wearing leggings to a formal event, or anything of that nature that isn’t appropriate, because you know that! So we are good. Right? Let’s go!

Tips For Perfecting Your Athleisure Look

Athleisure Good Leggings

Starting the look with a quality pair of leggings is essential in my opinion. This might sound snobby, but I have to say that good athletic leggings truly make a difference.  My favorite are these from LuLu Lemon. They don’t have to necessarily be the same pair, or expensive for that matter, but look for something that is made from a good thick fabric,  that will help with providing a good shape. You don’t want the leggings to be too thin, as they will show all the little details that we prefer to hide! I love this pair because they are high waisted and hold me in. 

Athleisure Athleisure


Whenever I decide to wear my athletic wear out, I always like to accessorize! Of course, I generally accessorize anyway, because accessories are my favorite, but this is when you really want to think about adding a cute hat, scarf or big sunglasses to your outfit. This will help bring fashion into your athletic wear and make it more appropriate for various daily activities and outings.


Stick With Neutrals 

You could probably guess that this tip is my favorite, obviously, however I really do love to stick with neutral colors when it comes to Athleisure attire. All black leggings with a neutral colored top and some great black or white sneakers, or espadrilles, is a great way to pull of this look. Keeping things neutral definitely creates a more put together look, even if you are wearing your workout gear! If you just came from yoga, add a great hat, a beautiful neutral colored sweater and some chic shoes. This will definitely up your game and ensure that your are pulling off an Athleisure look, rather than a post gym sweaty outfit!




Shoes are the one thing that will make it or break it. Beautiful clean sneakers really help enhance the look of your outfit. It is important to ensure that your shoes are a neutral color like black, white or tan. I love my espadrilles and think they are the perfect shoe to pair with an Athleisure look. They are comfortable, stylish, a neutral color and are easy to walk it. They aren’t overly feminine and resemble and beach sneaker. Hello, Gorgeous!

 I hope that you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. I’m curious to know how you put together your version of errand running, Athleisure wear? I recently found so fascinating and look forward to a productive Saturday morning, followed by a coffee date with my hubby and getting to wear this fun outfit for the day! If you found this post helpful, please share it with you friends. You can also pin the images and come back to the post later!
Happy Weekend!


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