May 4, 2021


Photo by David and Tiffany Photography | Dress linked here

The truth is, I have been working on a life update blog post for a little while now and it kind of just keeps dragging on and needs more editing. So, let’s just pretend I already posted that and I will share it soon! Anyways, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things right now because well, I just miss writing for my blog!

Lately, less has really felt like more and I feel like I have been spending less, but on things that will really bring me special moments and value over a longer period of time. In my little life update post, that has yet to go live, I shared that I want to try to blogging again. Nothing scheduled, just what feels natural and organic. I miss reading the blogs of 2010. You know? When things were far simpler and everyone’s life wasn’t broadcasted on Instagram 24/7. That’s my goal for this space for a while. I won’t be posting as often but it also won’t be required.

I think it would be fun to start sharing a few of my favorite things maybe once a month or more often, if it sticks? Maybe we could include a small Q&A section? I will ask on Instagram and you can also leave questions in the comments for my next “A Few of My Favorite Things” post.

During my absence, I have found some fun things that I want to share with you. This will just be a list of things that I feel like deserve a little attention, things that may have received questions on Instagram and hopefully it will make a frivolous, fun read for you! Shall we?

Also, before we start, if you are a local friend, Fleming Lane is offering our local delivery option again this week and free gift wrap with the code FORMOM! See all fo the details in this post or in our banner on our website!

My Favorite Things

  1. The dress I wore to Beau’s 1st Birthday Party (love it! So great for the summer months). Found that the bust runs a little small, so I would size up if you think that might be an issue. It was for me!
  2. A must follow business and instagram account for interior design lovers @hagemanhomesinteriors. I’m obsessed!
  3. This swimsuit (top and bottom). I never thought I would be able to wear a two piece swimsuit again, after having Beau. But, this one hits my stretch marks and is still flattering! It’s bit cheeky, but covers the front extra well! I’m around a US size 6/medium and I took a large in the top and bottom.
  4. Noticed that Target is carrying these sweet little beach towels again this year! I purchased a few last year and think they are so cute! Only $6 each.
  5. This quilt that we have been using for picnics and for the beach. I want to buy another, in a different print, just to have multiples. We have the queen size.
  6. A book for my island loving friends. Spending my weekend reading this and organizing things in our bonus room!
  7. Celery Juice every morning. I’m giving this a try and feel like I can really feel a difference in my body. It’s just a little on the $$$ side and takes up so much room in our fridge! Any tips?
  8. This busy mat might just be the best gift we have received! If you have a baby or toddler I would highly recommend this! You can put your little one’s food on it while dining out and it really stays put, unlike other options! Also, you can connect all different kinds of toys to it. Seriously, SUCH a lifesaver!
  9. Fleming Lane. I have been spending a lot of time working on my new e-commerce home decor store. I hope you will check it out!
  10. A must watch movie, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Steve Martin and Michael Caine are a funny duo in this movie. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before this week! Also, the French Riviera setting has me dreaming of the South fo France!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that maybe we can do this again soon! What do you think?

A Few of My Favorite Things: May 2021 Edition

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