March 8, 2019


I jumped on the train and started listening to podcasts a couple of years ago when they became unseemingly popular. There’s no doubt that these days podcasts are one of the most highly selected forms of media. And while I haven’t started one of my own, I have definitely been tempted, I wanted to update you on the podcasts I’m listening to, right now, at the beginning of 2019.

It’s really hard to believe that after looking back, I wrote my first post recommending to you my favorite podcasts of the moment in July of 2017! That seems unbelievable, I honestly felt like I just wrote that post yesterday. Either way, I’m still listening to those same podcasts, which you can see here, along with a few new treasures I have found over the past few months!

These 7 podcasts I have recently discovered and I find myself listening to at least one show from this list per day. I listen to podcasts when I’m driving in the car, taking a shower, doing my makeup and doing how chores. Something extremely amazing always comes from each one of these podcasts. The founders of each one are knowledgeable on life and business and usually bring in some of the best guests you can imagine. 

I will do my best to give a brief description to each one, but I’m sure you have heard of many of these incredible people before. Personally, I would encourage you to check out each one. I often discover new podcasts when some of my favorite leaders are featured on one. They usually reference their interview on xyz podcast and then I will give it a listen and most of the time subscribe. Each person is different and these are all podcasts that are dedicated to personal development and business growth. 

7 Podcasts I’m Listening To Right Now

7 Podcasts I'm Listening To Right Now

Ed Mylett Show

Ed Mylett is one of my newer discoveries and obsessions, you could say. I just purchased his book Max Out and I really love Ed’s straight forward approach about life and business. He worked extremely hard to get to where he is today and I love the content and practical advice he brings to his podcast. 

Long Story Short with Bobbi Brown

All my ladies have probably heard of Bobbi Brown before, but what you might not know about is her new endeavor in JustBobbi. JustBobbi is a lifestyle destination where Bobbi Brown is sharing her passions and knowledge with us. I find Bobbi Brown so interesting and love her story and passion, with building businesses. I know she is about to make big things happen and I can’t wait to listen to her journey.

Rise and Rise Together with Rachel and Dave Hollis

A few months ago, I talked about Girl, Wash Your Face and naturally, most peoples love for Rachel Hollis continues. I love the Rise podcast where Rachel interviews business leaders and speaks on personal growth. The Rise Together podcast is geared more towards relationships and marriage advice. I love this one too and always find the relationship content relatable and informative in helping me foster my marriage. Rachel just released her new book, “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and you can bet it’s already in my cart!

The GaryVee Audio Experience

GaryVee is just a category of his own. His content probably isn’t for everyone but I love his “No BS” approach to life and business. He calls people out and pushes them to do their best and be their best or simply get out of the game. If you like it straightforward and much more casual, GaryVee will definitely whip you into shape! 

The Goop Podcast

The Goop Podcast is much more lifestyle and a little less business. Interviews on this podcast are run by GP herself or her Chief Content Officer, who you will definitely hear more frequently. The Goop Podcast always brings thinkers, doctors, and industry professionals who are doing interesting and innovated work in the Goop related field. This podcast generally focuses on personal health (physical and mental), women in business, individuals leading movements, and so on. I always find Goop content interesting and it usually gets me thinking deeper about my daily life. 

The Tony Robbins Podcast

I love listening to Tony Robbins, as do most people. I find this podcast interest and informative. Although, it does seem that the content isn’t posted regularly so I haven’t been hearing too much from it lately. However, there is a ton of great content from the prior year, or so, on the podcast.

Skimm’d from The Couch

This is my latest find after hearing an interview Arielle Charnas’ interview a couple of weeks. I love following Arielle and found her even more inspiring after listening to this conversation. Now, I’m going back through episodes and hearing real conversations from inspiring women like Tory Burch and Martha Stewart! I love how simple and to the point these podcast interviews are. If you aren’t into the filler, you will love this podcast!

What are your favorite podcasts to listen to? I am always listening to podcasts in the car or while I am getting ready for the day. Don’t forget to check out some of my other favorite podcasts here.


7 Podcasts I’m Listening To Right Now

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