October 24, 2018


Having a good morning, or being a morning person, has never really been my thing! Growing up, my mom always had to drag me out of bed and if we are being fully transparent, my husband has taken on her role these days. Mornings are such a wonderful part of the day and having a good morning, that starts early, is a concept that I have always loved. The topic of “how to have a good morning” is something that I have been working on lately and I thought I would share with you 7 ways that you can have a good morning, that I have been practicing daily! I have also been stocking my bedside table well. See what I keep in my bedside table, here, to help improve my morning routine!

7 Ways to Have a Good Morning

I recently got around to reading The Miracle Morning and I have to admit that I truly think this book is life-changing. This has been on my list to read for probably over a year, after hearing Marianna Hewitt talk about it. To be honest, I didn’t really take the book seriously because I hadn’t heard much about it and it’s pretty short, but boy was that a mistake! This book is a basic, down to earth, guide on how to have a good morning. It also pretty much calls me out on all the things I do every day that do not set me up for success.

After reading this book, my morning mindset, and how I think about my day, has completely shifted and changed for the best. I have noticed all of the things that I do that hinder my ability to have a good morning. Since I have been working on making a few changes, I have noticed a drastic change in both my mornings and my days. Not to mention a huge improvement in my mental state and outlook on the future. I thought that I would share with you a few takeaways and what I’m doing each day to ensure that I have a productive and enriching morning each day!

How to Have a Good Morning


One of my biggest takeaways from The Miracle Morning was the concept of having the right mindset for waking up early. I have never been an early riser or someone who would just spring out of bed each morning. Jay, on the other hand, is incredible with routines and wakes up early each morning. I think that somewhere down the line, I had this mindset that I’m not a morning person, I don’t like mornings and that I’m always too tired to wake up early. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in a phase of struggling to wake-up and thankfully I have Jay to give me that extra push, but having the right mindset truly makes a huge difference.

These days, I try to think positively, about my morning, the night before and plan how excited I will be to wake up on a new day. By thinking ahead, planning your morning and thinking positively, you will automatically have a better outlook on life when you wake up. This has been a gamechanger for me and something that I am seriously working on!

Early Wake-Up

As I mentioned before, I am very thankful to have Jay here to pull me out of bed every morning. Becoming a morning person isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it. I have been working my way to 6am and hopefully one day I will make it 5am. There is something about waking up before the sun and getting a few extra tasks completed, without feeling rushed, that sets the tone for a very productive day. When I’m up before the sun, there is a very good chance of me having an awesome day. This is mostly because I have the time to do a few things that I enjoy and ease into the day, without feeling like I’m already behind and receiving emails!

Drinking Water

I’m a coffee gal through and through. Probably always will be, which is fine by me! However, I have been trying to down a glass of water each morning after brushing my teeth and before pouring myself a cup of coffee. Not only is this extremely good for your digestive system, it really helps wake my body up and clear my mind. If you usually go straight for the coffee, try to have a glass of water first. You might be surprised at how good you feel after. I have found that drinking my water from this cup helps me get in more ounces each day, plus it stays nice and cold!

Journaling and Prayer/Meditation

Over the Summer, I had fallen off of my daily journaling in my Write The Word journal and it feels sooo good to be back in the word daily. Whether you are meditating, hopefully, I will figure that out one day, reading a book, reading the Bible, journaling your thoughts, or whatever it might be, reading and writing have proven to be important in my life. All of which, easily get pushed to the back burner, when I don’t have time to fit them into my day because I didn’t wake up early enough. It’s a process, a real routine. (haha) But in all seriousness, I do love my Write The Word journal and I will try to squeeze in a chapter of the book that I am currently reading. You can see my recent reads here.

Morning Walk

In the spring, I completed a round of BBG and have never felt better about my body or a workout! I seriously loved it and when the round was over I just stopped. Having a 12-week program to work towards was really great, but once it was over, after knowing how difficult it actually was, I was afraid to start it up again! I quickly became lazy and out of shape, so I decided to start walking a small distance each morning, mostly to get Diesel a little exercise (since he doesn’t have a fence). Our morning walks together as a family, Jay included, have become something we all look forward to doing each morning. We like to go early, when it’s still quiet out, and get in a little walk before breakfast. This is not only great exercise, but it’s quality time spent together before the work day starts, that helps us get into a good mental state! Plus, we are all getting a little healthier, Diesel too!


Throwing Stress and Worry Away

Each morning, on our walk, we walk to the end of our road to the beach. A couple of months ago, my aunt told me that she does this each morning and finds a rock to throw into the water. Before tossing the rock away, she puts all of her worries and stress into that rock. When she casts it into the water, it’s like letting go of all of our negative energy. Jay and I have been doing this for about a couple of months and I have felt so much better. It’s such a relief to have a ritual each morning that let’s go of negativity, stress, and worry. For me, sometimes a mindset isn’t enough, I need something physical. This practice has completely transformed our day.

Thank you, Aunt Jackie, for sharing your wisdom with me! I’m forever grateful for you!

No Cell Phone

Prior to the past few weeks, the first thing I would do every morning was check my phone. I would check my email, Instagram, Facebook, and everything else. Beings that this was the first thing I would do each morning, it naturally set the tone for my day. If you are on social media, then you know how easy it is for us to compare ourselves to others. It’s definitely not the best way to start the day. With that said, I have been doing my best to not pick up my phone, other than turning off my alarm, until I am completely done with my morning routine. This practice has made such a difference in my morning. I no longer spend 15-20 minutes each morning scrolling through Instagram!

While I’m still working hard on learning how to have a good morning, and become a morning person, I have at least recognized how well I thrive on a morning routine. I hope that this post inspires you to rethink your morning routine and maybe implement a few of these strategies to help you have a good morning too! Be sure to leave me your tips on how to have a good morning, in a comment below! Don’t forget to check out this post on what I keep in my bedside table, to help you stock yours for morning success!

7 Ways to Have a Good Morning

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