January 14, 2019


During 2018, Jay and I started working on and thinking of ways that we could live a cleaner lifestyle. In 2019, we started taking action and I thought I would share with you 7 simple ways that you can start living a cleaner lifestyle in 2019, to help you create a home and life that has a little less waste. For some of you, these 7 tips might be very basic and already well ingrained in your daily routine. However, I found that these things were easy actions that we have simply been overlooking the past few years.

For those of you who are looking to simplify and clean up your life in 2019, I hope you find this post helpful and inspiring!

7 Simple Ways That You Can Clean Up Your Everyday Life in 2019

 7 Tips For Living a Cleaner Lifestyle in 2019

Educate Yourself

The first step that really helped me start living a cleaner lifestyle was basically to start educating myself. Personally, I feel like this could have gone back a long way, but here are a few tools that I have used or that have inspired me to start this journey. 

First up, I read the book on Marie Kondo’s method a couple of years ago. It’s officially all the rage, after her new series on Netflix, that I’m dying to see. However, this book really highlighted the importance of living with less clutter and for me less clutter=cleaner living. I’m more inspired and feel more energized when I have less and what I have, I actually love and it’s good for me. You can read more on my thoughts on that book here

Secondly, I honestly think started to shop for our groceries at Whole Foods vs. another grocery store really encouraged me to be more mindful of the food and products we are using. Lastly, I have become quite obsessed with the Goop website, books, and podcast, over the past year. I know there are a ton of resources out there and I definitely have a lot of work to do. However, for the time being, I really love Goop!

Cut Back on Consumption

This one is probably one of my biggest struggles (other than eating healthy). I love to try new things and shopping, well, it’s one of my hobbies. However, this year Jay and I really want to save some money for our future and to do that, I need to personally get better about saving. Now, when I say I love shopping, I want to fully disclose that I do not own a credit card. Everything we purchase, other than our mortgage and our car loans, we pay in full. So, while I do like to shop, I’m not racking up debt which is very important. With that said, you can read more about our 2019 goals here.

I have been clearing out some of our unused items and selling them over on my Instagram shop page.  You can sell old items that you aren’t using anymore, donate unused products and clothing or also swap things with friends and family instead of shopping. As far as food goes, I have been trying to buy less with the hope of wasting less and this also helps with budgeting as well. 

Switch to Glass

I shared this in my recent favorites videos, but I purchased these glass bottles and we are trying not to purchase a ton of cases of water this year. The whole idea actually came from me wanting to drink more water. We drink a ton of bottles of water and then when we run out of bottled water, we stop drinking it out of pure laziness to fill up a glass of water. So, I decided to buy these glass bottles and fill them up myself.  So far, I have been drinking so much more water throughout the day and have been keeping our fridge stocked. If we continue to do well, I will buy another 6 pack!

Also, I have been trying to get rid of our plastic food storage containers. I found these and fell in love, so secretly this might be more about appearance, but I have really also preferred glass over plastic. It looks nice and just feels cleaner. I would definitely recommend switching to more glass if you are aiming to start living a cleaner lifestyle.

Recycle and Reuse

Our county is making it harder to recycle as our trash pick up service no longer offers it and our county is no longer recycling glass. However, over the past 6 months to a year, Jay and I began recycling and it was amazing to see how much of what we are throwing out is actually recyclable. We had more recycling that we did trash. 

Reusing things is also a great way to start living a cleaner lifestyle. I continue to use reusable shopping bags for my groceries and Whole Foods gives you a few cents off for each bag you use. These are so chic! Reusing old candle and food jars is a great way to store things and you don’t have to purchase new containers. Here is how I reuse mine.

Clean Beauty

I just wrote an entire blog post on this topic so I won’t harp on this too much. However, it’s amazing the number of toxic chemicals there are in our skincare and makeup products. I have been doing my best to weed some of these out of my daily routine. While I don’t know if I will ever have a fully clean beauty routine, I have definitely found a ton of great products that I will continue to use. You can read more about those products here.

Go for Organic and Sustainable Raised Foods

While my diet still has quite a bit of junk in it, I do try my best to buy organics meats and produce. Shopping at Whole Foods isn’t cheap, at least not for me. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard multiple people call it “Whole Paycheck” or “Whole Wallet” lol. Still, after indulging in there amazing quality of foods, I can’t bring myself to shop at certain other grocery stores anymore. That doesn’t mean I don’t eat those foods. I just don’t personally buy them for our house on a regular basis. 

With all of that said, buying organic foods that haven’t been raised or treated with chemicals and antibiotics is a great way to ease into living a cleaner lifestyle. You don’t have to eat tofu every day, but simply swap out your ingredients for a cleaner, more wholesome version. 

7 Simple Ways That You Can Clean Up Your Everyday Life in 2019

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it inspires you to start living a cleaner lifestyle this year. As always, I am so inspired and encouraged by you and your feedback. So, if you feel comfortable please leave me your best tips and advice for living a cleaner lifestyle and your favorite reads and places to shop!

Photography by Tiffany Sigmon

7 Simple Ways That You Can Clean Up Your Everyday Life in 2019


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    Thank you so much, Goldie! Thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂

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