January 2, 2017


7 Different Tips for Getting Healthy in the New Year
7 Different Tips for Getting Healthy in the New Year
New Year, New You. That’s what we all promise ourselves each year, right? Last year I made it a point to make realistic goals. Goals that I had to work hard on, but goals that I could reach. Goals that pushed me to become healthier and happier, on my own terms. This year I want to take getting healthier to a new level. I’m not talk extreme weightless, I’m talking about actually health. Mental health, physical health and emotional health. 
I’m going to be completely honest with you. I eat a lot of junk, spend too much time on social media, and sometimes care more about what others think about me than I should. The last oneI have been making extreme progress on, over the past few years, but there is always room for improvement. In 2017 I want to push harder to be more of myself. To care less about what others think of me and work harder on my health, personal development and my spiritual development. I want to clear the clutter and take some time to work hard and rest. 2016 was a huge year for Jay and I, we had a wedding, built a our first home, and I graduated college. We had ups, and downs, good times and bad times, but through it all we made it. I’m so glad we did, but it wasn’t easy. The past year took a lot out of us, but we also learned a lot. I am want to take everything we learned in 2016 and apply it to our life in 2017. I want us to both be able to work efficiently, and rest more, than we did in 2016, in 2017. 
In order to be the best I can, I have to feel the best I can. I have to take care of my body and you do too. Sometimes we forget about taking care of ourselves, because we are so focused on our work, our schooling and our families. But in order to take care of everything, and be successful, we have to take care of ourselves first. Today I want to share with you my best tips for getting healthy in the new year. I’m not an expert, a doctor, or someone that is a complete health know it all.  Just consider this advice from a good friend, that has seen results. Let’s get to it, shall we!
7 Different Tips for Getting Healthy in the New Year

1. Set Realistic, Specific, Goals

This past year, my goal was to shed a few pounds for our wedding but to not go completely crazy, because honestly weight loss isn’t my thing. I will be the first person to tell you that I love to eat. And when I mean eat, I mean eat casseroles, gravy, roasts, potatoes and let’s not forget dessert! However, going into 2016 I decided I wanted to simplify my life out, and my diet, by steering clear of extremes. In order to do that I needed to be specific and realistic with want I wanted to achieve. The same goes for your health, keep it simple and within reach, but also push yourself into uncomfortable areas, so see better results. Take everything a little at a time, moderation is the goal here. I always tried to attempt every diet out there, at the same time. I was left eating nothing but lettuce (without dressing #ewww) and grumpier than you can even imagine. Everything always failed. However, when I decided to start taking things a little at a time, I saw much better results and became more successful, in reaching my goals. 
7 Different Tips for Getting Healthy in the New Year

2. Drink More Water

I know you are tired of hearing this and it’s basically stating the obvious, but its so true. I’m not asking you to drink only water, I’m just asking you to drink more water. If you can down a glass first thing in the morning, before coffee, thats great! Good for you. If not, try getting in a glass after your coffee. I always like to have my coffee, then shower. After my shower I am ready for a nice cold glass of water, while I am putting on my makeup in the morning. Try to have a few glasses water throughout throughout the day. If you’re reading a book, at your desk, after or before a meal, while you are doing your hair or makeup, or if you are just sitting down for a few minutes, pour yourself a cold glass of water and drink it. I promise you, you won’t regret it. I love adding some lemon to mine, or a variety of fresh fruit. This recipe is my favorite for creating a spa like water mixture! Lastly, I always like to pour myself a glass of water before bed. I don’t usually finish the whole glass, but I like to have a few sips before I hit the sheets! Throughout the night I will grab for it and first thing when I wake up in the morning. Water is truly the center of my health and ability to create a healthier life for myself. I feel so much better and I’, much more inclined to make healthier decision, when I am hydrated. Add some more water into your life, I promise your skin will thank you! 
 7 Different Tips for Getting Healthy in the New Year

3. Take a Multivitamin 

I think at this point in life we know the importance of eating healthy foods to feed our body good nutrients, and vitamins, I don’t have to remind you to do that! However, I think the biggest tip that I can give, that is often over looked, is to take a good multivitamin. I feel like a new gal when I am taking my vitamins and it feels so good! If you aren’t in to taking horse pill vitamins, or chalky, nasty ones, try giving the gummy vitamins a go. They are my favorite, and yes they make them for adults too! I know, I probably just rocked your world, but really, give them a go. They probably aren’t the healthiest vitamins, but they are tasty and they remind me to take all of my vitamins (I like to take a few different ones!) I have even gotten Jay to start taking them too.
 7 Different Tips for Getting Healthy in the New Year

4.Get on a Sleep Schedule 

I realize life sometimes get the best of us. College calls,y your puppy wants to go in and out, that last load of laundry that you are dying to get done because you want to wake up with an empty laundry basket (I hear ya girl!) All of these life tasks can come between us and a full nights rest, so I know that it can be difficult. On the contrary, it’s worth a try to get on a sleep schedule. This isn’t too hard for me, because honestly I love to sleep. Don’t we all? And so does my hubby! If you know him personally, you know he definitely wins the best sleeper ever award, because he is a professional when it comes to catching the zzz’s. 
According to this article from The Wall Street Journal we should be getting around 7 hours of sleep per night. Chances are, you won’t always get that much sleep, but getting into a good sleeping routine, will help you reach your goal of 7 hours per night more frequently. Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to your health and your everyday life performance. Whether its keeping up with your Instagram account, getting that promotion or being the best student, there is. Getting sleep is important and having a routine makes getting in those hours of sleep much easier. The iPhone even has a bedtime alarm, yes I use it, and yes it works! Give it a go!
7 Different Tips for Getting Healthy in the New Year

5. Don’t Force Exercise-Find Something You Love and Do It Often

Working out for me is often like pulling teeth. Painful and pointless. I’m not a runner and I realized again just the other day, that no matter how hard I try, I don’t think I will ever love running. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s just not my thing. In 2016, I set a goal to become more active, and although I didn’t lose 30 pounds, I do believe that I did become more active. I tried not to push myself beyond my limits, but to still work hard. I found that I actually love the step mill (#thankyoukoko), despite the rest of the world hating it, and that if I just do what feels good, progress will come. Try not to over do it, take things slow. When you feel like pushing your limits, push them, and when you don’t feel like pushing that hard, don’t. I have found that finding something simple like taking Worm for a walk, going on a bike ride, or just spending some time outdoors, makes me more active than trying to push myself like a hamster running at the gym. Take a little time to explore what you enjoy best, you might find that you will be more active than you think!
7 Different Tips for Getting Healthy in the New Year

6. Read 

This is one tip that I definitely struggle with. I’m not the best when it comes to reading. I was also that girl that never, ever, did her summer reading, college reading, or any kind of reading. It just wasn’t me. These days, if you give me a good book, I will stay up until 4am to finish it the same day. I’m not good at pacing myself and if I don’t spark interest in the first 20 pages, we are done-haha. Reading something that doesn’t interest me, is not possible for me, I have to be totally engaged. In order to do that, I have to find books that I truly love. Reading everyday is really important. it keeps us sharp, expands our knowledge and vocabulary, and has so many other great benefits. Also, I always find myself so much more relaxed, and tired, if I read at night before bed. I sleep so much better which ties in wit tip #4! Win, win!
7 Different Tips for Getting Healthy in the New Year

7. Keep a Clean and Organized Space

No matter your space, whether it be your bedroom, bathroom, office or car, try to keep it clean and organized. I know, I know, this is not what you were expecting to hear in a ‘Tips for Getting Healthy in the New Year,’ post. But, I have to say that keeping a clean and organized space is crucial to keeping a clutter free, healthy life. My mental space is so much clearer, and I personally feel so much better, when I have a clean space. Try giving your space a clean and do a little organizing, I am sure that you will feel much more energized and in the mood to keep those healthy tips on going! If you love organization please,  do yourself a favor and check out The Home Edit! You will love them and feel so inspired!
I am so excited for the new year, as I always see it is as an opportunity to improve myself and set new goals. This year in particular though, I feel the need to savor the last bits of 2016 and really reflect on what worked well, what I can learn from and how to improve and be thankful for each things that comes in the new year. If you are looking to really analyze and reflect on 2016 see this post to participate with me!

7 Different Tips for Getting Healthy in the New Year


  1. Shauni

    January 2nd, 2017 at 6:43 pm

    We are on the same page with goals for the new year. You’ve outlined some great points! Hope you have a great 2017!

  2. Morgan Reed

    January 24th, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    Thank you Sahuni! I hope you are having a great year so far!


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