May 2, 2017


6 Months of Marriage |

It is so unreal to me that Jay and I have officially been married for six months as of last Saturday. October 29, 2016 was by far one of the most magical and memorable days of my life. I have learned so much over the past six months about Jay, myself, our relationship and what marriage is all about. We have eternity together and I am so thankful for each moment I have to spend with Jay. In honor of six months of marriage, I thought it would be fun to share how our first six months of marriage has been, what we have learned and just share a bit more with you about our relationship!

6 Months of Marriage |

The past several months have been a learning experience and a dream, all in the same lovely, chaotic way. Our lives have changed so much and our relationship has grown more, and more, each day. I have found that Jay and I have grown closer and matured so much in our relationship as a married couple, but our playful love is just as fun as it was when we were dating. Our wedding was the most incredible and memorable day of my life, but that’s just what a wedding is. It’s an event to celebrate your love and one day of your life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the most important days of your life, but it’s only one day that comes and goes. Since that day we have learned so much about each other and about life. Love is such a delicacy and hope that you each experience it, and cherish it, in some way or another.


Put God First

I know, better than anyone, that having faith when things get tough is hard work. Jay continuously reminds me daily of the power in prayer and of what we can accomplish together with Christ. He amazes me in his beauty and strength, both inside and out. Whether you are dating or are married, put Christ at the center of your relationship.  Rejoice in his name when things are good and when things are challenging you. I promise you won’t regret this tip.

Be Patient

Patience is a trait that I work on daily. I struggle with being impatient and understanding that it’s not always the destination, but rather the journey where we learn and grow. I think most newlyweds endure a bit of pressure when it comes to building a life together. The financial burden of purchasing a home, furnishing your home and everything that comes along with that, can be so stressful. For me I have sometimes been so impatient when it comes to buying things for our home. Naturally, I want to buy furniture, decor and the whole nine yards to create a comfortable space for Jay and I, but those things take time. The important thing is we have a beautiful home, food to eat and we a roof over our head. Who cares if we don’t have chairs around our breakfast table? We have each other and everything else will come with time.

Marriage takes a huge effort and it takes a lot of patience. When you add in financial burdens, work stress, families and so many more aspects of a marriage, sometimes things get tense. Those other things do matter, but to some extent they don’t. When you have each other, you can conquer anything. At least that’s how it should be.

It’s Your Job to Uplift Your Spouse

Everyday I am amazed at just how supportive Jay is to everyone around him. Whether he realizes it or not, he is such an amazing example of how to uplift others when they are in need. One thing I have definitely learned over the past six months is how necessary uplifting each other is. If I am having a bad day, Jay always does everything he can to try to pull me out of my funk. Even if it’s a really bad day, he will always remind me just how blessed we are and that we can do anything together. I try to do the same for him. Knowing what relaxes your spouse when they are stressed is key to helping them when they need you. If Jay had a long day at work, or if I am feeling overwhelmed, we love to go outside and play with worm or just hang out on the porch and talk about some of our dreams (like going on vacation hopefully soon).

Destressing isn’t always easy and sometimes after a long day we all have a tendency to be snappy or lash out at others for no reason. Before it get’s to that point, make an effort to do something that makes you laugh together and remind each other that no matter the circumstances-work, family, finances, etc.,– you have each other and that’s all you need.

Date Your Husband

With busy work schedules, lot’s of home to-do’s and just life in general keeping us busy, Jay and I don’t go on the same amount of dates as we used to. It’s easy to let time pass and not make it a point to go on a weekend getaway, or a movie date night, with just you and your husband. But those are the fun little moments that remind you why you fell in love in the first place. Whether you have been married for 20 years, or only two months, I would highly recommend dating your husband!

We Aren’t Like Other Couples + That is Perfectly Fine

Right about now my impostor syndrome is really kicking in big time. But that’s ok, I’m going to keep on going anyway.  Although Jay and I have only been married since October we have been dating since August of 2008. I am so thankful for the fact that we are still obsessed with each other. I don’t mean in a gross, PDA, annoying way-at least hopefully not. PDA is a big no,no in my book. When I say we are obsessed with each other, what I really mean is that we truly still love spending time with each other. We love to go out to eat together but most importantly we love just hanging out at home together. Whether we are watching a Harry Potter marathon (or you know we love “Bad Boys”), working outside or hanging out in the kitchen, we truly still enjoy each other’s company.

This August we will have been together for  9 years. That’s a huge portion of both of our lives! We still continuously text each other throughout the day and have the same nighttime ritual. I say that we aren’t like other couples in the sense that we truly don’t disagree all that often, we don’t have to be going out to dinner, or  a concert or some other event every weekend night and we are just happy hanging out at home with each other. Don’t get me wrong, looking forward to things is exciting, but we know some people that might just fall apart if they didn’t have something going on. We still love to talk to each other and joke with each other. Truthfully, I could go on and on, but the simple fact is that we aren’t always similar to other couples and in my opinion, that’s best.

That is us.

Cling To Your Spouse When Things Get Tough

I wrote this post several months ago and it is still, to this day, one of the posts I am most proud of. It sits so deep with my heart and if you can’t tell by now, I truly love getting to write about life, learning and of course, my husband! This is one of the more important points in this article, so I hope that you will check out this related post. It’s so easy to play the blame game or turn against your spouse when things don’t go the way you had planned. As humans, I feel like it’s natural for us to put the blame on others rather than accepting them ourselves. Over the years, as our relationship has grown with age, Jay and I have endured a number of stressful situations. All of which could have easily caused us to grow apart.  

Jay is so strong in our relationship together and our relationship with God. He always pulls me closer, especially when I am fighting so hard to get away and feel sorry for myself. He helps me cling to him and his goodness, and God’s goodness. Everyone can take a lesson from Jay in this, but most importantly just remember to cling to your spouse when the storms arrive, don’t fight them. Instead, team together to fight everything side by side.

6 Months of Marriage |

I could go on, and on, for days on this topic. I love getting to write about personal aspects of my life, relationships, faith and more. So if you enjoy these lengthy, personal, posts, please let me know so I can incorporate them into my editorial calendar more often! As always, if you have any post requests, please just let me know!

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6 Months of Marriage


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    A wonderful post and so true – keep Christ in the center of marriage – thank you for sharing such wonderful and private moments. x

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    Loved reading your post so true about putting God in your marriage.I have never seen such a greater love afair

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