February 19, 2016



5 Worthy Finds | Timeless Taste http://timelesstasteblog.comI wish I could say that this week was absolutely wonderful, and that I accomplished so many things, but the fact of the matter is that is just not true! I don’t like to harp on the negatives in life, and really just want to bring positive thoughts to my blog, but I think it is necessary to reflect on life and share when things aren’t so great too! Because, let’s face it, I am human, and have bad days! 


This week was just not my jam. Nothing devastating occurred, I just didn’t feel right. Do you eve have those days, where are just tired and don’t feel like yourself? Everyday this week seemed to be one of those for me. So while taking this moment to reflect on that, and understand the downs, so I can appreciate the ups, I am determined to make this weekend much happier, positive and productive! 


Starting with this post, where I am sharing 5 Worthy Finds this week! I always love reading weekly roundups, or weekend readings, or 5 things, posts, so I have decided to tweak mine a little from what I used to share. I’m not setting boundaries for myself, for what I share, so I hope that you enjoy these finds! I promise they are worthy of your time! 


The Cross Design especially The Monika Dream Bed

I am absolutely obsessed with this bed from The Cross Design! I am also in love with everything on their site! It appears as if you are sleeping on a cloud and has entered itself into the running of our bed for our future home! Speaking of which, I will have a small update next week so be sure stop in next week to get he details. I have been collecting a few furniture pieces, decor items, and other bits for our house in my mind and have began designing/pairing things up. So, if you wold like to see an inspiration board, I would love to share! Just let me know…

The Fashionable Hostess’ Dinner Party Spotlight with Cassie Kelley

Theres no hiding that I am a huge fan of The Fashionable Hostess, I mean, who isn’t? When she shared this Dinner Party from Cassie Kelley of  Womanista.com, I fell in love! It’s chic, traditional, and glam all in one tablescape, and clearly right up my alley! This post is a must see, I am just sure you will love it!

Season 2 of the Make it Happen Podcast with Jen Carrington

Lately, I have found myself pouring my heart and soul into listening to podcasts. They are my new thing and I am addicted [there, I said it]. I usually just listen to them in the car, but last night I found my self falling asleep in bed, listening to Jen’s podcast! I love her honesty, drive, and curiosity in success. I have myself more curious about business, after listening to Make it Happen. If you are a businesswoman, a creative, blogger, artist, or just a girl trying to make her place in this world, you will love Jen! You can also catch Season 1, here. New episodes are every Thursday and a mini episode airs every Monday, because waiting for Thursday will seem like an eternity!

Creative Ways to Use Snapchat for Business

This post, form My Domaine, really grabbed my attention yesterday. A couple of years ago I had a personal snapchat account myself, and just never seemed to really grasp the concept. I am now relapsing and deciding if I should create one for Timeless Taste! Would you like to see some BTS footage? I am also dying to see some other popular bloggers accounts like Pink Peonies, The Fashionable Hostess and more! This post is helpful in providing different approaches company leaders take, in using snapchat for there business.  Who would have thought?!

She Is Magazine is officially Graham & Co.

Some of you may already know, but I am officially a contributor for Graham & Co (previously She Is Magazine) and their new site has launched! The ladies are absolutely wonderful, and I feel so proud to be a part of such an inspiring collection of women! Their new brand is a must see and I know you will find lot’s of creative and useful content, so head on over this Saturday morning!


If you enjoyed this post, and these links, be sure to let time know so I can continue to share inspiring things, pictures, link, etc., from throughout my week in the future! Just remember that your are worthy, and no matter how your day went, you are loved.


Happy Weekend!


5 Worthy Finds

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