April 27, 2015

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Cleaning is not always my thing

However, I can promise you nothing feels better than coming home to a clean space/room. Over time, I have found that by cleaning small spaces, more often, I am able to keep my entire room clean. Nothing feels better then a clean space. So, I am trying to get better about cleaning small spaces more often. While cleaning isn’t always fun, I wanted to share a few of my tips on quickly cleaning small spaces, to help make life a little easier and happier!

1. Remove All Items From the Area The best way to really clean the area is to remove everything. Wipe down all of the items from the area and discard anything that is no longer being used. 
2. Wipe Down/Sanitize Everything Depending on the area, use the best cleaner that suits the type. Wipe down and dust all surface areas. Return everything to where it belongs or try rearranging your decor/ necessary items.
3. Add Some Fresh Flowers I am a firm believer in flowers = happiness. Try adding some fresh flowers or a new piece of decor to your area to spruce things up a bit. Plants and flowers give things a clean feeling, adding some green can help refresh your area. 
4. Clean This Area Once a Week Repeat this process once a week or as often as possible. Cleaning more frequently helps to make the time you have to clean, much quicker and less painful! I have found that by simply cleaning small necessary spaces more frequently, I ma able to keep erecting clean much easier. 
5. Pick Different Spaces Have a small space that you will clean everyday of the week. Clean these spaces on their designated day and you will be on your way to keeping all of your spaces cleaner! 
Small Spaces to Clean!
A few examples of some of my favorite small spaces to clean in under 5min!
Desk/Work Space 
Bedside Table
Other Small Tables
Bathroom Vanity 
Jewelry Box
I hope that you enjoyed this post! Please let me know if you would like more cleaning/organization posts like this!

5 Tips That Help Making Cleaning Easier {Small Spaces}

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