February 24, 2016


5 Steps to Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring | http://timelesstasteblog.com #TimelessTaste5 Steps to Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring | http://timelesstasteblog.com #TimelessTaste5 Steps to Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring 75 Steps to Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring 65 Steps to Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring 55 Steps to Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring | http://timelesstasteblog.com #TimelessTaste


When the weather begins to slowly change, and the high temperature for the day reaches the mid 5os, I find myself eager to dress for the warmer seasons. However, I have to remember that, although is may be sunny and look like spring, it is still cold outside, so I have to dress for that chilly wind! When Spring is insight, it’s difficult to fight back the urge to dress for warmer days, especially when all of the spring trends are in full swing in California [us VA girls can only wish it was the mid 70s in March here.] Today I am sharing 5 Steps to Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring to help prepare you for the new season and get you on the right track to dressing fashionably and comfortably! Let’s get started!
White Jeans
After seasons of searching, I was finally able to find my “dream” pair of white jeans, at the end of last summer. It took me a while to find that perfect pair, that were comfortable, fashionable, and still fell into the “classic” category. But let me tell you, the wait was worth it! This pair from J.Brand are everything!  Their distressed detail adds a unique flare and a more casual feel, that makes them perfect for pair with various outfits. Adding white denim to your spring wardrobe is an easy way bring that light feel, while still keeping your legs covered, and warm, from that chilly breeze!
Pastel Sweaters
Sweaters are another one of the most treasured pieces in my wardrobe. Good quality, soft, and stylish sweaters are a must have in every woman’s closet! After experiencing a few warm sunny days, that make me forget that it’s still winter, I am naturally ready to hop right into some pastels for spring. However, reality [or should I say mother nature?] tends to slap right after that, with those near freezing temperatures! This is not fun, when you  may, or may not, be wearing a t-shirt, distressed jeans and ballet flats before walking outside to realize, that’s just not happening today! Not to worry! When the weather is still cold, but the skies are clear, a pastel colored sweater is the best way to add a little spring feeling to your outfit, while still dressing for the temperature! I really need this one!
Lightweight Scarves 
From a young[er] age, I have always been drawn to accessories! Sunnies, shoes, handbags, scarves, you name, I love it! Fortunately, my love for accessories comes in handy at the change of the season. Accessories are a great way to make that transition fun, inexpensive, and weather appropriate. Try adding a lightweight, pastel spring scarf to your outfit to keep your neck warm, while adding a touch of color! I always find that LOFT and J.Crew have the best selections!
Choosing the correct shoes for your surroundings is SO important, and can easily be neglected. Trust me when I tell you that finding appropriate and comfortable shoes are key to pulling your outfit off, looking confident, and feeling good. I have had too many bad experiences with wearing the wrong shoes. Coming from a girl who loves her Rockstuds and Louboutins, but attends college in Colonial Williamsburg, the struggle is real and sometimes you have to search to find the correct shoes! Spring time often brings quite a bit of rain, so finding the perfect boots, or rain flats are essential in building your wardrobe! I have a pair of shoes similar to these from the J. Crew Outlet store that I have probably worn more than any other shoe in my closet! Being prepared for spring weather, and still looking cute can be a challenge but these two pairs of shoes [1,2] are guaranteed to help you out!
Making a few simple changes to your daily makeup routine, can make a large impact on your overall appearance. In the warmer months, and colder months, I make a few changes to my everyday routine to fit my surroundings! As spring is approaching, I have began to add in my favorite ysl lipstick a little more often, to brighten up my look for the day! I like to go for a more light pink flush for my cheeks as well as a lighter and brighter eye look. I am a huge fan of liquid liner, I just love the clean look it gives. Try adding a thin line to your upper lashes, to create a fuller lash, and star clear of dark shadows. Instead, go for a shimmery champagne colored shadow to brighten your eye area! Also, a touch of highlighter always brings a healthy glow to the skin that is perfect for spring time!
 These 5 Steps to Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring are easy, and tangible, and will hopefully help you to achieve a fashionable and comfortable look as we move into the Spring months! What are your must have items for transitioning into the spring months? I would love for you to share!
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you are having a great week!


5 Steps to Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring

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