January 9, 2020

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Last year, right around this time, Jay and I decided to hire Merry Maids of the Peninsula to take care of cleaning our home every other week to help me out with managing the common cleaning necessities. Prior to hiring them, I was never really able to keep our house in presentable condition and was constantly feeling guilty and discouraged by my inability to keep up. Over the past year, I have become so passionate about how hiring Merry Maids of the Peninsula has changed our daily lives and home, that I want to share with you 5 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Company in 2020. Also, be sure to check out the end of this post for a special bonus from Merry Maids of the Peninsula for my local friends. They are giving you a FREE coupon to use!

The past year has really been so eye opening for me and I can’t believe we didn’t hire them sooner. As you know, I have shared two posts (here and here) in collaboration with Merry Maids of the Peninsula and I’m excited to bring you the last post in our collaboration together. It has been an honor to work with them and share with you their business after already being a loyal customer!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out their Instagram page where they share endless cleaning tips and free hacks you can use in your home right now! Today, I wanted to share how hiring them to maintain our home cleanings has changed our lives over the past year! Also, I’m here to answer any questions you might have!

5 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Company in 2020
5 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Company in 2020

5 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Company in 2020

A Cleaner Home

This one is pretty obvious, but the first advantage to hiring a cleaning company is a cleaner home that you don’t personally have to clean. I love that Merry Maids of the Peninsula does such a beautiful and thorough job cleaning our home. They are professionals, unlike me, so naturally they do a better job!

Less Guilt + More Free Time

Other than having a clean house, that I don’t have to clean (just pick up), this is one of my favorite things about hiring a cleaning company. Spending my weekends and evenings free of worrying about all of the cleaning I need to get done is a huge stress relief! I used to spend so much time feeling guilty about not getting housework done on the weekends, especially when the weather is nice or you have something fun planned. Now, I don’t have to feel guilty because I know everything is going to look nice and get done! I can enjoy more guilt free time.

Freedom to Have Company Stop by *almost* Whenever

Jay and I love spending time with our family. However, I quickly learned that frantic feeling when you want to have people over for dinner but feel like you have to clean the toilets and vacuum and do all the things before they come. Now, I’m not embarrassed for people to stop by the house on short notice. Obviously, it’s nice to be respectful and give notice, but most of the time, our home is pretty clean despite my random clutter and things I need to pick up so I feel comfortable with people stopping by. It’s so much easier to grab a few pairs of shoes and put them away rather than having to do that plus vacuum and do other random cleaning tasks before they arrive.

Ability to Organize Smaller Spaces

One of my goals for the past few years, really since moving into our house, has been to cut down on clutter and waste. Efficiency is something that I struggle with and the more clutter I have around, the less efficient and focused I am. With a baby on the way, this is feeling even more and more amplified on the daily! Hiring a cleaning company has enabled me to use my free time to organize smaller spaces. I can declutter our pantry and bathroom cabinets frequently, because I don’t have to spend my time doing other tasks. This has been huge for us. In the winter, Jay and I like to spend Saturday and Sunday mornings decluttering certain areas of our house!

It feels like, slowly over time, we are becoming more clutter free!

Flexibility to Work On Fun Projects

In addition to having time to organize smaller spaces, we also now have more free time and flexibility to work on fun home projects. Things like planting a garden or working in our flower bed. Decorating and looking for furniture is fun too! I feel like now that our home is maintained better, I stay inspired more often and get things done. An untidy space leaves me feeling drained and stressed. Now, I’m better able to manage my clutter and keep things more tidy on a daily basis!

5 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Company in 2020

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5 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Company in 2020

The Cleaning Company You Need to Hire in 2020: Merry Maids of the Peninsula

Before hiring Merry Maids of the Peninsula, I had a lot of questions and fear about hiring a cleaning company. For example, wouldn’t it cost a fortune? No. How could I trust someone in my home when I’m not there? By hiring the right company. How would they treat Diesel? They treat him with so much love and spoil him while we are gone! Don’t I basically have to clean before they come? No, just picking up anything laying around helps them out! And truly just so many more questions that were generally the wrong impression of hiring a cleaning company.

After calling, I was so surprised at how quickly they were able to come give me an estimate and how helpful Stacey is at helping you find exactly what fits your lifestyle. I knew I wanted our house cleaned frequently, but I wasn’t sure what would work for my budget. I knew once a month wouldn’t be frequent enough, but I thought once a week would be too much. She helped me settle on once every other week and the price was just right for us! I had imagine it costing several hundreds of dollars and boy was I wrong!

Getting a free quote helped me understand exactly what we needed to have cleaned and that their basic coverage covers so much more than I had imagined. We were able to customize our plan and add in extras whenever we feel like we need it. Our house stays cleaner than I had ever imagined and I’m not going to lie, I don’t miss scrubbing the bathtub, shower and toilets one bit! Did I mention they will clean the inside of your fridge? This is next on my list to try!

I’m so happy with how much free time we have had over the past year and not feeling guilty for being behind on my cleaning. We now have a clean home and I’m able to spend my free time organizing, declutter, or just doing what I love to do, rather than scrubbing and mopping! I wanted to share my personal experience with Merry Maids of the Peninsula and why we love them so much. If you have any questions, please just send them my way and don’t hesitate to call them (757) 394-9289 for your free quote. Let them know that I sent you to receive a coupon for a FREE FRIDGE CLEANING with your scheduled service.

5 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Company in 2020

5 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Company in 2020

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