July 31, 2017


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Podcasts have officially become the new kale, which I know is a strange analogy but isn’t it true? Two years ago if you mentioned a podcast people would look at you like you were crazy. Because they just weren’t a thing then, like they are now. No one listened to podcasts. In fact, no one really even cared about podcasts, until lately.


Today, the game has completely changed and podcasts are becoming more, and more, popular everyday. I have been wanting to write this post for almost a year now. However, the problem I have run into is that, like everything else, the podcast world is ever changing. Some podcasts that I listened to a year ago are still thriving today and others aren’t active any more. Fortunately, for us, there are endless podcasts options out there for everyone and more are being launched every single day!

Podcasts cover a wide variety of topics and come in various time lengths and styles. Personally, I love listening to podcasts run by female entrepreneurs that teach me how to run a business and be successful in the creative influencer industry. There are so many ladies out there that are blogging, podcasting and working hard so that you and I can learn to be successful too! My journey has been a long and slow moving process. Some days I want to quit, other days I think my content is worthless, and most of the time I am just wondering what the heck I am doing, by continuing to blog? I have faith that God will see this through, if just keep working hard. Let’s be real, we all need daily inspiration and encouragement. That’s where these podcasts come in for me.

These podcasts are daily, weekly and periodic reminders that I CAN do this. I can be successful,  put in the work and I can see results. Additionally, I have found that podcasts are one of the most informative and inspiring forms of media for me. Not only do I get to see inside the everyday lives and struggles of successful, female entrepreneurs. But I am also able to be motivated by them, learn from them and find comfort in our similarities.  No matter how small my business is compared to theirs. If you are reading this post to find inspiration, which I so hope you are, I promise you these women will inspire you to work harder, smarter and continue working towards the goals you didn’t even know you had in you!

5 Podcasts Every Female Entrepreneur Should Listen To

1. The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

First up is The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon. Prior to finding her podcast, I think I was just about the only person in the world who hadn’t heard of Julie. Let me tell you, I am so glad that I found her! She provides weekly, insightful interviews with some of the industry’s leading influential ladies and gentlemen. What I really love about Julie’s interviews, is that she always dives deeper than most and asks the real, and raw, questions. If you are looking to find out the answers to some of the creative influencer industry’s most sought after questions, you have to subscribe to her podcast! Julie is a New York Times best selling publicist, co-owner of OMG! Publicity, developer of Pitch it Perfect, the voice behind The Influencer Podcast and so much more!

  • Connect with Julie here.

2. The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

When I am in need of a reminder that I am valued, talented and ready to conquer the world, I head to the Goal Digger Podcast. Jenna Kutcher is a photographer, educator, podcaster and mac-n-cheese lover. Jenna’s podcast interviews teach listeners how to navigate life as a creative and entrepreneur, how to put in the work and allows us to learn from the talented guests on her show, by connecting her audience with some of the most inspirational creatvies out there. I love listening to Jenna and watch her journey as she grows in her various fields. She is an expert teacher and I love her real approach to life and business.

  • Connect with Jenna here.

3. Make it Happen with Jen Carrington

The Make it Happen podcast was probably one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, some two years ago. While Jen’s podcast has changed over the past few seasons, I love her approach to business and podcasting. Jen inspires a purposeful lifestyle, for creative business owners, through having intentional seasons and making space for more. I love the emphasis she places on defining success on your own terms and her ability to really connect with her audience and clients.  Jen is a creative business coach and podcaster whose interviews, and solo episodes, are inspiring in both a business and personal way. I would highly recommend following along with the Make it Happen podcast and Jen’s journey!

  • Connect with Jen here.

4. Being Boss

For the longest time, I was on a hardcore Being Boss podcast binge! Show hosts Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, along with their guests, share real advice on how listeners can “be boss” in their daily lives. Whether you are still working 9-5, setting out on your creative endeavour or maybe you haven’t found your creativity yet, these girls are here to push you to the limit and let you know it’s ok to not have everything figured out. That’s what being boss is all about and it’s so comforting to hear, when you are in the trenches trying to figure things out for yourself! I love Being Boss because these girls are raw, hardworking and in it for the long haul! I know you will love them too.

  • Connect with Emily and Kathleen here.

5. Pursuit with Purpose Melyssa Griffin

Pursuit with Purpose is a new podcast that has just been released, within the past month, from Melyssa Griffin. You probably know Melyssa from the  Nectar Collective, which is a wealth of knowledge for bloggers, entrepreneurs and creators who are trying to grow their businesses online. Melyssa is such a kind and genuine person who is not only sharing her expert knowledge through online courses, free blog content and more. But now she is sharing a personal side to her business through her new podcast. With only 8 episodes released so far, I know Melyssa’s podcast is going to be just as valuable and influential as her other businesses!

  • Connect with Melyssa here.

A few other noteworthy business podcasts I love…

I love listening to podcasts and I really think they are so beneficial for my mind and productivity. Like I said before, there is a podcast for everything! I would love to share my favorite podcasts, that extend past creative and female entrepreneurs. Maybe health or food related, let me know if that would interest you! Also, don’t forget to leave a comment letting me and other readers know your favorite podcasts, so we can listen in too!

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5 Podcasts Every Female Entrepreneur Should Listen To | http://timelesstasteblog.com

5 Podcasts Every Female Entrepreneur Should Listen To


  1. Kate

    August 8th, 2017 at 11:38 am

    I am so excited to start listening to these! Thank you!
    I needed a boost today 🙂

    K A T E L A T E L Y

  2. Morgan Reed

    August 8th, 2017 at 3:53 pm

    Absolutely!! I love these gals, they are so inspiring! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Julie Solomon

    January 24th, 2018 at 6:23 pm

    Thank you so much for including me in this beautiful blog post! I’m incredibly flattered! ????

  4. Morgan Reed

    March 13th, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Julie!! I’m so excited about Influencer Insights! So happy to get more content from you! Thank you for being a light and providing insightful tips for us💕

  5. Molly Ronan

    November 10th, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    One you definitely need to add! Unf*ck Your Brain with Kara Loewentheil. I can not recommend it now.

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