August 14, 2017


Because I’m a blogger you might think, “There is no way you are against your iPhone, don’t give me that crap!” and you’re right. I’m not completely anit-technology, or my against iPhone, in fact I need those things to do my job. However, I do have a tendency to be extra conservative when it comes to trying new apps and ways to use my phone.

5 New Tools I Have Been Using On My iPhone

Coming from a small town, I really didn’t feel like there was much need for a ton of apps, or technology, because the truth is most restaurants, stores, etc., don’t use them around here. Or chances are, you might not even have good service or internet connection. However, I have to say that lately I have experimented a little bit with using different apps, plugins, (and let’s just say a little more technology), and I have been pleased with the result!

I’m going to be completely open and honest with you, and vulnerable to criticism if I might add, when I say I haven’t always loved technology. In fact, most of the time I get easily frustrated with it and think why in the heck would I want to put my personal information out there, just to use a give app or what have you?! The truth is, I recently read this article and it inspired me to take a different approach to some of the technology options in my life. 

Now that I have been trying to use my iPhone for something more than just making a phone call, sending a text, or checking my Instagram. I thought I would share with you what apps, and tools, I have been loving and what has made each day easier and more positive. 

5 New Tools I Have Been Using On My iPhone

iPhone Airdrop

Right now you are probably wondering which rock I have been living under. Yes, I have been living under a rock, because I never used airdrop up until a few weeks ago when Tiffany showed me how to! Thank you girl, thank you! If you are a blogger, you definitely need to use this. I am able to move photos, videos and more, directly from my computer to my phone and vice versa! This makes life SO much easier when I want to share photos on Instagram and other apps on my phone. It also helps if I took a photo on my iPhone and I want to move it onto my computer, to edit it. Airdrop is a must have and a complete life saver!

Bible App

Making time to read the Bible, or really read anything, is hard for me when life gets busy. But that is no excuse, I need scripture in my everyday life, my soul craves it, but it’s easy to let days slip by without opening the book. Recently, I set my Bible App to send a daily notification of the scripture of the day! I set it to send every morning when I wake up, so that way it will be the first thing I see and I make time for that in my morning routine. This has truly made a difference in my day. Not only is it right there, but it’s effortless. You set the notification and you get the scripture everyday! I really love this. 

Delta App

The Delta App has definitely been a groundbreaking discovery for me, recently. This app made our trip to Chicago so much less stressful and so much easier. We did not have to print a physical copy of our ticket, we simply added our tickets to our wallet on our phone. The app kept me up to speed with all of our flight details. It also tracked our bags and notified me know when they made it onto the planes. All of our gate information was included on the app and it even provided us with a map, and directions, on how to navigate our way from one gate to the next! Seriously, this was absolutely amazing. To be quite honest, Jay and I have basically decided to only fly Delta for a while. We may experiment with other airlines in the future, but other than that no American Airlines for me! Delta is a much better flight, but more on that another time.

Apple Wallet

If Airdrop didn’t trip you up, Apple Wallet definitely will. No, I never used the “wallet” feature on my iPhone either! I totally thought that was only for Apple Pay. Now, I am going to be using all of the coupons! I am still working on figuring this one out, but I know one thing for sure, I love it!

Ebates App

Lastly, this app makes me chuckle a bit, but if you don’t use Ebates you must! I was turned on to Ebates a few years ago and I have to tell you, it truly is amazing. I purchased my wedding shoes online and got major cash back. Whenever I shop online, I always use Ebates. Even more so around Christmas, it’s kind of like the gift that keeps on giving! Recently, I downloaded the Ebates app and found that you can get cash back in store! You heard that right, IN STORE! Not every single store offers cash back in store, however many do and I love using this app now!  If you are looking to sign up for Ebates, to get no strings attached, instant cash back, you can use my referral code here!

Although this post could potentially be a reiteration of apps that you use daily. I hope that you find it helpful and inspiring if you don’t use these apps. Now, I am little bit more curious, as to how I can use my cell iPhone in a productive way. I think in today’s society, we rely too much on the need for more followers and more engagement. When really not all technology is social media and can be used for our benefit. If you have any apps that you use daily, be sure to let me know so I can give them try! You can check out my favorite Podcasts That Every Female Entrepreneur Should Listen to Here!

Photos by Tiffany Sigmon

5 New Tools I Have Been Using On My iPhone

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