April 25, 2018


The past month or so has been quite a transformational period for me. I could probably say that all the moments between 2015 and now have been transformational, but especially this year. I have been doing my best to make healthier choices and really be open to trying new things, and ways of life. Making changes and being different is never easy, but there are ways that I have been pushing the limits in a gentle way. I am happy to report that I have been reaching some of my goals and becoming more confident in myself and this business of mine!

You have probably heard the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” That couldn’t be more than true, especially for me. With that said, I want to take that one step further but saying you can’t pour from someone else’s cup. Obviously taking from others or stealing their ideas is not ok, but what I’m trying to say here is that trying to reach for someone else success, or thinking this path will work for you, will get you nowhere.

Understanding who you are and what works for you takes time and effort. Both of which I tend to be impatient with. As the days pass, I have been learning to try new things and work on my patience and ability to put my faith in God and continue to work for what I want. To take chances and be scared of new opportunities. To put myself out there and believe that I can do it, but it isn’t just going to happen. I have to make the things happen in my life that I want to see come to pass.

With that said, I have been trying a few new and different things! I thought I would round up what I have been loving and the new things I have been trying for you!

5 Lifestyle Changes I Have Made to Be More Present

5 Lifestyle Changes I Have Made to Be More Present

Jay and Diesel

While there are many things that are important in this post, I wanted to quickly share the most important thing. That is my husband, Jay, and our pup, Diesel. These two boys are the most important things in my life. They come first and that is something that I have learned can easily slip through the cracks. Between housework, work-work and just life in general, I have realized how quickly and easily we can forget to show those close to us, just how important they are. 

Even though life can be hectic sometimes, my goal is to show Jay and Diesel just how much I love them each day. The endless scrolling on Instagram, the “late night work” that is not productive and everything else in between, has to stop. I am doing my best to recognize those moments and put down my phone, or laptop, and talk to my boys! Whether it’s talking about our future with Jay or taking Diesel outside to play, these are the best moments of my life, that will easily slip by if I allow them to.

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize just how much time we are wasting on things that don’t matter and missing moments with those that mean the most to us. I look forward to spending less time on social media and the internet and more time with my guys.


Over the years, I have heard several people talk about BBG and the chatter around this workout has heightened in the past year, or so. I decided to be a follower and jump on the BBG bandwagon and let me start about by saying, this sh*t is hard! Like, really hard. I joined a new gym, that is very close to my house at the end of February/beginning of March. With little knowledge or faith, of what I should be doing, I found myself researching several different workouts to do each day. After completely the Pre-BBG workouts, basically the beginner training, I decided to download the Sweat App and give the real deal a try.

I am now on Week 3, today is Arms and Abs! To be completely honest, I wouldn’t say that I have fallen in love with BBG just yet. I can say that I have gotten stronger, but the workouts are still hard. Getting in 3 strength training session per week isn’t difficult and I just have to remind myself that I can do it! I haven’t been doing any of the cardio, which I know is kind of cheating, but I plan on adding that in soon after the weather warms up a bit.

Have you tried BBG? I would love to know your thoughts and more about your experience!

Iced Matcha Latte

Because I have been working out, I quickly realized just how dehydrated I was and that the amount of coffee I was drinking, just wasn’t going to cut it. As my obsession with this book grew, more on this below, and I decided to give Matcha a try. At first, it took a little getting used to and I still haven’t had Matcha Latte other than the one I make and the one at Starbucks. Personally, I’m not a fan of the Starbucks version. Instead, I have been making a similar recipe to one in this book and I love it! I’m actually drinking one as we speak!

After drinking just about only Matcha for the past month, or so, I have really come to love it. I feel so much better and honestly would choose it over coffee just about every day and you know how much I love my Nespresso! There are a ton of options out there and I’m not exactly a Matcha expert, I’m still working my way in. But, I love this one that I pick up at Whole Foods. It’s so delicious and doesn’t dehydrate me like coffee does. Not to mention it tastes good too!

I found these straws which have made my latte experience so much better. I would highly recommend them if you like drinking out of straws at home!

Goop Clean Beauty Book 

I have to say that I probably should have listed this book second as it has really inspired me to take the leap into trying new things and questioning my daily lifestyle, habits, and diet. This book is full of inspiration and information. It is in depth and I love how each section explains the science behind what the Goop team is telling us. I also loved the interviews and found this so helpful in understanding my body and why it reacts differently to foods, and products, that I consume and use each day. The Goop website also has a ton of interesting articles and great recipes. I have found their podcast informative as well!

Write the Word

My morning routine is something that I hope to share with you very soon, however, for now, I will give you a quick peek into what it’s usually like. Gym, Matcha, Write the Word, shower then work. BAM!

In all seriousness, incorporating Lara Casey’s Write the Word has been incredibly beneficial to my morning routine and sets me up to have a great day. I purchased this set while it was on sale, but they also sell these individually. This really makes it easy to break down the scripture and help in really soak in. It also inspires me to live in the moment, each day and be thankful for everything that is happening in my life. I can already see a transformation in myself and I look forward to this time each morning. I know that completing these journals will be so rewarding and I can’t wait to flip back to them one day, just to see how far I have come. For now, I am working my way through the gratitude journal. 

5 Lifestyle Changes I Have Made to Be More Present

Forgiveness, Preparation, and Patience 

In addition to all of these amazing resources, that have inspired and fueled my urge to change the way I was living my daily life. I have also spent quite a bit of time working on the three following principles, in my daily life: Forgiveness, Preparation, and Patience. Each one of these is an area of weakness, for me, that ultimately leads to destruction and distraction in my daily life.


As embarrassing as it is to admit, forgiveness is not a strong place for me. In the past, I have been so bad for holding grudges and remaining angry over senseless acts. But, forgiveness is just as important for me as it is to the person I am forgiving. Most importantly, I have been working on forgiveness for myself. For not being enough, for not being prepared, patient or perfect. No one is perfect and although it makes look that way form the outside, it is simply untrue. Maybe you are holding onto a grudge or Facebook creeping on someone that is toxic. LET IT GO. Make the choice today to forgive and move on. If we are holding onto others or to our sins or disappointments, we can never be free to pursue our purpose, dreams, and goals. 


One of my biggest struggles is with preparation. I have never been one to start early or be on time. The further I get into creating this business, the more I find the need for structure, schedule, and preparation. I have to be the one to hold myself accountable, to set deadlines and most importantly to prepare. No-one else is going to do it for me. I have to do the due diligence and work through things in a timely manner. Preparation begins with having a plan, setting aside the appropriate amount of time to complete a task and following through with that plan. Not just saying to yourself, “Oh, I’ll do x,y, and z tomorrow.”  that might work for you, but I have found it doesn’t work for me. I have to come prepared and with a plan. That includes scheduling out my workouts and doing my grocery shopping on Sunday! 


Lastly, but most importantly is patience. Patience is something I have never been good at. If someone else is taking too long, I often take the thing into my own hands. Which we I’m pretty sure we can agree is never a good thing! Being patient is important in doing things properly. Trusting God’s timing is something I have personally been working on. I often push too hard on a subject or issue. Instead of trusting Him to see things through, I spend my days worrying and stressing about outcomes and time schedules. Being patient is a daily struggle. But, is so freeing when we allow ourselves to step back and put things in His hands.

I hope that enjoyed this post and that it inspired you to make a few changes in your daily life to be more present. I would love to know what you do each day to be more present and less distracted! 

Photography by Tiffany Sigmon


5 Lifestyle Changes I Have Made to Be More Present

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