May 9, 2018


There is no doubt that I was a “daddy’s girl” growing up. From fishing together, watching The Lion King over, and over, dying Easter eggs, playing outside and so much more, my Dad and I spent all of our hours together. Over the years, our relationship has changed as I have grown older, but although I’m no longer little, in my heart I am still a daddy’s girl!

In honor of my Dads birthday today, (Happy Birthday, Dad!), I wanted to share a few lessons I have learned from my Dad. He has taught me so much about life and about loving and caring for those around us. I can’t explain to you just how incredibly special my Dad is and how thankful I am to have him. He continuously blesses others, pushes us to be our best self and never stops to think about his own wants or needs. 

To the man who taught me how to love others and be kind, even if when it’s hard, thank you for always putting your family first and doing so much for everyone. I don’t say enough just how much I love you and just how much you mean to me, and to everyone around you.

So, I will speak for everyone here… “Happy Birthday, Dad! We love you so much!”

5 Lessons I have Learned From My Dad 5 Lessons I have Learned From My Dad 5 Lessons I have Learned From My Dad 5 Lessons I have Learned From My Dad 5 Lessons I have Learned From My Dad 5 Lessons I have Learned From My Dad 5 Lessons I have Learned From My Dad

5 Lessons I have Learned From My Dad

The Importance of Giving Back

It’s easy to get distracted, and busy with life, and forget to give back or to ask others how you can help them. My Dad has always been someone who gives sacrificially. Without asking or hesitation, he will stop what he is doing to help someone out. Whether he is giving a ride to someone in need (even when it’s a little sketchy), funding a little league baseball team, donating to local charities, buying Christmas presents for those in need, or just lending a hand or funds to someone who could use it, my Dad is always helping other people. 

He always reminds our family how important it is to help others. Even if it seems uncomfortable or if someone has done you wrong. Giving back is so important and my Dad does this better than anyone I know. I hope that one day I can be as half as generous as he is.

Never Compare Yourself to Anyone

Getting caught up in comparison can be a fatal trap. In business, school or just life in general, my dad has always taught me not to compare myself to others. I can still remember multiple occasions, (because I could never learn the first time), bringing home a bad grade and broke the news to my Dad by saying, “Well so and so got a D and they are really smart. So, my D really isn’t that bad!” or “The class average was x so technically this C is really an A! Right?!”


Never, ever, compare yourself to someone else. You aren’t off the hook and that only sets you up for failure. Stay in your own lane, look at your own paper, do your own work and don’t worry about other people.

Now that I’m older, I finally see his point. I was always looking for an explanation as to why I got a bad grade or didn’t follow my own path, which led me in the wrong direction, that didn’t have anything to do with my lack of preparation or bad choices.  It wasn’t always fun being reminded that I’m not “so and so” therefore I wasn’t off the hook. However, I am now so thankful that my Dad always reminded me of that. I’m also thankful that I no longer get a report card. #AmIRight?!👏🏼

No Excuses, Get Straight to The Point

My dad is a no excuses kind of man. You might have a good one, but he doesn’t need to hear it. My mom and I can go around, and around, with good excuses and reasons for something. But at the end of the day that is no interest to my Dad. My dad has taught me not to fumble around, instead, get straight to the point.

Honesty is the best policy, with good news and bad. 

Does the Punishment Fit the Crime

This is by far one of my favorite stories, from my years in Elementary School. Now that I have sat down to write it out for you, I can’t remember what exactly got me in trouble in the first place. Who know’s what the incident was and even more importantly, I’m noticing that this article makes me seem like quite the troublemaker, which wasn’t the case at all. Most important teaching, learning and defining moments come from mistakes or emergencies, for that fact. 

Anyways, let’s go back to Elementary School and little Morgan coming home from school in trouble for some reason, that’s not really quite as important as the lesson I learned from this situation. After sharing the details of my day with my parents, and discussing the punishment for my actions, my Dad decided to sit down and write a note to my teacher. I’m assuming this note was very serious beings the placemat he wrote it on had every letter of that note engraved on it afterward. Obviously, all of the details of that note weren’t discussed, but I vividly remember his famous words asking the teacher, “Does the punishment fit the crime?”

To be frank, I don’t think he was asking (haha)! I think he was simply stating that the punishment, in fact, did not fit the crime and maybe they should rethink their decisions. Either way, that line has stuck with me for years. Not necessarily in regards to myself, but when considering others scenarios in my daily life.

Does the punishment fit the crime?

I think this is an important concept. Often times, people go to extremes when correcting others and more importantly themselves. Occasionally, it’s important to reflect on our own thoughts and actions and ask ourselves, “Does the punishment fit the crime?” Maybe we are beating ourselves up over something or are holding grudges against other people in our life. There is a good chance that the punishment we are putting ourselves, and others through, does not fit the crime.

Go Beyond the Lengths for your Family, Friends, and Employees

It never seems to surprise me to hear stories of things my Dad has done for other people. Giving CPR to strangers, helping those in financial trouble, and just being there for those who need him. It never ceases to amaze me just how generous, and kind, my Dad is. It also never ceases to amaze me just how much people can want to take advantage of generous people like my Dad. 

Over the years, I have seen my Dad do so many things for our family, for his friends and his employees. He will stand up for anyone and fight for them in a heartbeat. He supports others and pushes people to be their best. He has taught me just how important it is to go beyond lengths for those you love and those that work hard every day. 

It’s impossible, to sum up just how incredible my Dad is, in a blog post and that isn’t my intention. I’m so proud to call this man my Dad and thought that I would share with you just how important and kind he is, through sharing a few stories and lessons he has taught me over the years.

Words will never do justice when sharing just how incredible my dad and my family are. But, over the years, I hope to share more of my family with you and just how special they are! 

Happy Birthday, Daddy! We love you!

Did I mention he can sing?

5 Lessons I have Learned From My Dad

I would love to know what lessons you have learned from your Dad! 💕

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5 Lessons I Learned From My Dad

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