August 8, 2016


5 Impactful Cleaning Tips in Under 5 Minutes || #clean #organizeMondays are no doubt the least favorable day of the week! Although the negative air of Monday may not be avoidable, I have found that taking on the new week with a clean space, can majorly reduce my stress levels and help me feel more inspired to take on a new week! The beginning of the week should be a clean slate, a new platform and the opportunity to be productive. If last weeks mess and craziness from the weekend are hanging around [aka all over your desk and/or the floor], its nearly impossible to feel motivated. Cleaning isn’t always my strongpoint, however I have made it a point to become better at having an organized space. I’m still not the best, but the one thing I have discovered is taking things, a little at a time, goes a long way! With this new week upon us, and quite a mess around me, I wanted to share with you 5 Impactful Cleaning Tips, that can be done in Under 5 Minutes.


5 Impactful Cleaning Tips in Under 5 Minutes || #clean #organize

5 Impactful Cleaning Tips in Under 5 Minutes || #clean #organize5 Impactful Cleaning Tips in Under 5 Minutes || #clean #organize

1. Make the Bed

If there is one piece of advice I could give anyone that is feeling overwhelmed, by their mess, and needs to feel inspired to tackle a few cleaning tasks, it would be make the bed. I don’t know exactly what it is about a freshly made bed, but it gives a complete facelift to the bed, even if the rest of the room is a mess. It only takes a few short minutes to shake your sheets and remake your bed. I promise you it will do wonders for a messy room and leave you inspired to clean additional spaces. I’m convinced an unmade bed is the root of all evil! It’s a pet peeve. 

2. Tidy & Toss

One of my biggest problems, when it comes to having a clean and organized space, is tossing things I don’t need. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a hoarder, thats way too extreme. I just tend to hold onto things that aren’t necessary. To combat this issue, I like to take 5 minutes or so, [you would be amazed at how much you can get done it 5 short minutes], to run around and tidy& toss! I like to grab miscellaneous items that are laying around and put them in their place. If they don’t have a place, and are just random trash, something that is broken, or are old receipts, I toss them out. There is not need to keep holding onto things you might use one day. Also, just taking a few minutes to pick up random things that are laying around and tidy them up will do wonders for a clear mind

3. Important Spaces: Bedside Table, Desk, Bathroom Vanity

These three spaces are crucial when it comes to my space feeling cleaning. This completely ties in with #2 and #4, but having items put away and tidy in these areas is really necessary to function smoothly. My bedside table, desk and vanity tend to get so messy in an unbelievably quick period of time, it blows my mind! But, these spaces need to be clean for me to be able to sleep well, get ready without hunting for my foundation and knocking my hairspray over every five minutes! Having a clean desk space on Monday morning is hugely helpful in not dreading the day so much. If your desk is welcoming, and motivating, working hard through the day isn’t so difficult! Don’t tackle all of these spaces at one time. Instead, just take 5 minutes of your time to clean one of these spaces every day, or every other day. It can be done on a snack break!

4. Put Away Shoes and Laundry 

Shoes and Clothes, Clothes and Shoes. Our favorite treat, but a nightmare to keep clean! Am I the only one out there that cleans my closet regularly and I still can’t even walk in it on a daily basis? That’s not to mention the ten pairs of hoes scattered throughout the house, that I can never find when I need them! To combat this problem, I like to take a few minutes to gather up all of my shoes off of the floor and put them in the closet! Take the dirty laundry to wash and put the clean away. This can really help to declutter your space. Having shoes everywhere, or dirty laundry on the floor, is just not motivating. So, don’t do anything else but pick it all up, put away and/or take it to wash!

5. Fine Tune, Continuously 

For me, the whole purpose of this post is to share with you that you don’t have to clean your entire home top to bottom. Just taking a few minutes here, and there, can drastically reduce the cleaning stress load and clear your mind! Take it a little at a time and continuously reevaluate what you need to do. I used to do a really deep clean every month, or so. But I found that everything was getting so dirty. Now I just try to continuously, clean small spaces at a time and keep things picked up. Its not a fun task, but if done in small increments, its not nearly as bad!



I hope that you find this post helpful and inspiring! It doesn’t matter if its the beginning of the work week, the middle of the afternoon slump or five o’clock on Friday, taking 5 minutes is not difficult, but can make a huge difference! I promise it will be completely worth it! If you continuously edit your spaces in small increments, it won’t be long until you have a clean and organized space! I would love to know any of your cleaning tips, so please leave them in a comment below so we can all swap tips and share! 

5 Impactful Cleaning Tips in Under 5 Minutes

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