March 6, 2015


Happy Friday!!
I have two classes that stand between me and SPRING BREAK!! I don’t have any special plans for SB2015 other than getting lot’s of sleep, be lazy and hopefully go shopping! Today I wanted to share 5 of my favorite things of the moment! 
Here they are:
Trader Joes in general, but this Pineapple Salsa is to die for! If you don’t like cilantro or spicy things, give this a go-it’s amazing!
I broke my “no-coffee” rule and had some. Then it was over. I basically go to start bucks every day or every other day-I know that bad, but it’s life. I always get their Iced green tea unsweetened or an iced vanilla latte. What’s your favorite drink from Starbucks?
White Nails and my new handbag! I love my new Saint Laurent Sac de Jour! She is such a beauty!
Shopbop Sale is heavenly! Be sure to check out my picks: here & use the code “BIGEVENT15” for 25% OFF at checkout!
You know I love Pinterest all the time. But this is my favorite pin from this week! #addtohomewishlist
P.S. Be sure to follow my new Instagram account to shop my closet!
What are you loving this week? 

5 Friday Favorites!

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