August 24, 2016


4 Must Have Light Pink Nail Polish Colors |

Finding the perfect shade of light pink nail polish, is quite like finding a buried treasure. Something, deep down in your heart, tells you that it exists. But, its rare qualities lead you to believe that you will search forever, without finding the perfect shade of light pink. For years, and years, I have searched to find the all around perfect shade of light pink nail polish. Something that didn’t take a million coats, something that was opaque, the right shade of light pink with out being too neutral, or too pink. Just that color. The one that couldn’t be found. Until… the Hello Kitty OPI collection. Until, “Let’s Be Friends!”


4 Must Have Light Pink Nail Polish Colors |
4 Must Have Light Pink Nail Polish Colors | http://timelesstasteblog.com4 Must Have Light Pink Nail Polish Colors |

The road to the perfect shade was was long, but not lonely. I discovered many polishes that I like, but just weren’t the quite one I was looking for, along the way. Just because they weren’t the one for me, doesn’t mean they might not be the one for you! Finding a good post, on the best shades of light pink nail polish, is hard to find. So I thought that it would be a good idea for me to share one that can be used as a references for ladies in search of their perfect shade of pink polish! I love each one of these polishes and they are all perfect light pink polish colors. They each serve a different purpose in my opinion and I hope you find this helpful in finding the perfect shade for yourself!

4 Must Have Light Pink Nail Polish Colors | http://timelesstasteblog.com4 Must Have Light Pink Nail Polish Colors |

From thumb to pinky finger… OPI Let’s Be Friends, Essie Fiji, OPI Ballet Slippers, OPI Let’s Be Friends, Let’s Be Friends


OPI Let’s Be Friends 

This color is by far number one at the top of my pink nail polish list! It is a very light shade, that is opaque and like no other. It brings the vibrance of a white polish, without the the painting hassle, and really makes a statement as the perfect pink shade. 

Essie Fiji

My second favorite light pink nail polish color goes to Essie Fiji, which I feel should probably be awarded the top favorite blogger nail polish award [if there was such a thing!]  After hearing review, after review, raving about this polish I had to take the plunge. I purchased it last summer and have been loving it since. I wore this polish on our trip to Charleston, when Jay and I go engaged. He did really well, and made certain that I had a pretty manicure with the perfect color!  #teamjay does it again. But seriously, this is a great shade. It has a more powerful pink color and is perfect for the summer months, because it is a little brighter, and a little less white. As with other polishes, unfortunately this one has the tendency to be streaky!

Essie Ballet Slippers

The signature Essie Ballet Slippers is the perfect natural pink. This is a “my nails, but better” polish, that every lady should have in her collection. If if I had to describe this polish, I would say that it is barely pink, not exactly white, just natural. Very sophisticated and perfect for the work place that doesn’t allow polish, or colored nails. It doesn’t make a statement, but it gives the appearance of perfectly manicured fingers, without any fuss. One of my all time favorites, as well!

OPI Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath is right up the same alley as Ballet Slippers. It is very natural pink that is absolutely stunning. I would say that it is very comparable to Ballet Slippers and maybe a little easier to paint. They are both beautiful and probably equally my favorites. They are must have colors if you love a natural look!




 4 Must Have Light Pink Nail Polish Colors |

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4 Must Have Light Pink Nail Polish Colors

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