December 4, 2019

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Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things to do each year! Jay and I always turn on our favorite Christmas music, pour some warm coffee and decorate in our Pj’s! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. This year, I’m so excited to be teaming up with my dear friends at Merry Maids of the Peninsula to declutter as I decorate and donate the pieces that I’m not using anymore.

As you know, we hired Merry Maids of the Peninsula this past January to help me get a handle on cleaning our house. Truthfully, I couldn’t stay on top of our cleaning and always felt that I was falling behind. This year has been incredible and I’ve felt so confident in our home and how clean it is. I no longer fear entertaining and having to deal with major clean ups in advance, in addition to prepping for parties, gatherings or last minute drop ins.

I was honored when they wanted to work together on a collaboration and help me share some of their exclusive tips to declutter, organize and get your home in tip top condition this holiday and new year season!

3 Ways to Declutter As You Decorate with Merry Maids
3 Ways to Declutter As You Decorate with Merry Maids

Declutter as You Decorate

I love pulling out my favorite decor pieces and cherishing those with such special memories. I’m also notorious for picking up new pieces each year to add to our home. The best part about decorating is savoring traditions and refreshing your collection every few years! However, things like decor pile up quickly. Before you know it, your attic is filled to the brim with clutter, something I try so hardly to avoid! But, the truth is, it happens!

First up, we are sharing three ways to declutter as you decorate. Each year, I pack away pieces that I’m most likely never going to use again, but never stop to think, “Will I want to use this next year?” Decluttering as you decorate is much easier than putting it off until after the holiday or even worse next year! Here are a few tips, from Merry Maids of the Peninsula, for how you can declutter as you decorate.

Keep an Extra Bin Close By When Pulling Out Decor That You Can Donate Locally

Grab a bin to keep close by when you are pulling out all of your holiday decor. As you go to decorate, add any multiples that aren’t being used or any items that no longer spark joy to this bin. Even better, consider using an old basket or container that you are no longer using. Once you have filled your container, you can take this straight to your local charity shop to donate on your next run out of the house. You are doing so much good and bringing joy to someone else life by decluttering as you decorate!

Consider Rehoming Your Special and Meaningful Pieces to Family

If there are any special pieces that you don’t want to part with, first consider this carefully. Secondly, reserve these pieces for a special place in your home or consider keeping them within your family! One of your relatives may enjoy it for a few years and then return it to you. It might be something you want to display in a few years. Just be sure to ask for them to return it to you, if they ever decided to part with it. This is a great way to declutter as you decorate and inspire your family to do the same. Who knows, they might have something meaningful that they want to part with that you will love!

Take Inventory of What You Have While Decorating

If you are anything like me, you don’t usually want to organize your decor storage area as you are decorating AND your husband probably packs up Christmas quicker than The Grinch after the holiday is over. Take a quick inventory of what you have, ornaments, tree skirts, stockings, small decorative items, cookie plates, etc. and get a quick plan for vamping up your storage solution after the holiday.

You can then add any new pieces you might need, or want, to your Christmas list. I love Amazon wish lists because they are so easy to create and shop. This will help you declutter as you decorate and give those that want to gift you something a gift idea! You could even request Amazon or The Container Store gift cards. I don’t know about you, but I’m always more motivated to organize when I have a new storage solution! Then, you can donate any of your old storage solutions that you are no longer using.

I hope that these tips have inspired you to declutter as you decorate and really consider the pieces that you have in your home. Personally, I feel so much happier and less stressed when my home is free of clutter. The holidays go by in a flash and you don’t want to spend the entire time sorting your way through piles of decor that you don’t love any more.

Be sure to follow Merry Maids of the Peninsula for weekly cleaning and organization tips this holiday season and throughout the year! Don’t forget to tell them that I sent you!

This blog post is in collaboration with Merry Maids of the Peninsula. All opinions are my own.

Image via Merry Maids of the Peninsula

3 Ways to Declutter As You Decorate

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