June 2, 2017

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Nespresso Machine | http://timelesstasteblog.com

This post has been on my list for so long now and I’m happy to finally be sharing with you a quick little review, and overview, of our Nespresso machine! Our love affair with Nespresso began about a year ago when we were planning our wedding at Montage Palmetto Bluff. On our first stay at “The Bluff” (what Jay started calling it, so naturally it stuck) we decided to give the little Nespresso Pixie machine in our room ago. Low and behold the Nespresso machine instantly took over our life. Even my mother was lovestruck and came straight home and ordered one for herself! A few months later my parents gifted Jay, and I, a Nespresso machine for our new home, because we loved theirs so much. After that, the rest is history. We are Nespresso converts and won’t be changing anytime soon. By now, Nespresso has made it’s way through our family-including everyone who comes and stays at my mom’s house.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Nespresso Machine | http://timelesstasteblog.com

I am going to be completely honest when I tell you that, like anything else in life, my coffee drinking pattern has been an ever changing journey of the past several years! From the days of wanting a Starbucks drink, simply because that was the thing to do, even when I could barely stomach the taste of coffee. To being basically addicted to Starbucks and stopping there every morning on the way to school. Don’t get me wrong, I still indulge in Starbucks often as a fun treat or coffee date with friends or my hubby! To drinking way too much coffee, of any sort because I was stressed out and lacking sleep (hello college senior year, wedding planning and building a house). To adding copious amounts of sugar and creamer. All the way down to my coffee drinking today, which is a glorious, glorious thing. I am overly in love with our Nespresso machine and I think it’s ok to share my love for it, with you!

3 Reasons Why You Need a Nespresso Machine | http://timelesstasteblog.com

These days I don’t add any sugar at all to my coffee (crazy, right?) which is a huge difference from how I used to drink my coffee. The taste, convenience and ritual of using my Nespresso machine in the morning to make espresso or lungo, (which we still just call coffee at our house), is such a beautiful thing. We have the Nespresso Pixie which is the perfect size and has such chic style! Get all of the dimensions and specific details on our machine, here.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Nespresso Machine | http://timelesstasteblog.com

3 Why Reasons You Need a Nespresso Machine


Nespresso offers a variety of pods and I really haven’t met one I didn’t like! It’s only fair to say that I’m really not a coffee snob at all. At the end of the day, I just want it to be full of caffeine and taste yummy. As crazy as it sounds, drinking espresso from our Nespresso machine has made me more open to trying new coffee and espresso recipes. I love the taste so much that I rarely ever use milk, cream or sugar. If I’m feeling extra fancy I will froth up some milk in my Aeroccino and add a little sugar. But usually I don’t add either and it’s delicious as is!


I have to say that compared to our Keurig, the Nespresso machine is much faster and more convenient. It only takes a few seconds to brew up my morning cup and with only three buttons and a lever, it is unbelievably easy to work. It is small, compact and the design is sleek and minimal. I love how it looks pretty but doesn’t occupy half of my kitchen countertop space.


From the luxurious taste to its sophisticated design, each Nespresso machine offers a decadent lifestyle. With each sip my mornings, or afternoons, come to life. I love reading my devotional while sipping my espresso or taking a few minutes to plan out my day or write down my goals while enjoying coffee. I love how simple yet impactful our Nespresso Pixie machine looks on my counter, as I have created a nice little coffee space that I head straight to every morning.  Everything about Nespresso machines are decadent and Timeless which is obviously why I am so drawn to them!

A Few Helpful Insights Before You Purchase Your Nespresso Machine

3 Reasons Why You Need a Nespresso Machine | http://timelesstasteblog.com

  • Unfortunately, you really have to stay on top of how many pods you have, because you have to order them online.
    • However, Nespresso does offer auto refills
  • If you want the frothy milk, buy the set that comes with the Aeroccino. Or if you are only buying the Nespresso for the frothy milk, just buy the aeroccino by itself!
  • The Nespresso machine is much louder than your average coffee maker. So just keep that in mind when you are using it early in the morning!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you have a Nespresso machine, be sure to let me know what your favorite part about it is! Don’t forget to shop this widget below to get my favorite heart spoons, coffee mugs, Nespresso machine, pod holder and more!

Photography by Tiffany Sigmon

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Nespresso Machine


  1. Laura Harrison

    June 3rd, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    Hi Morgan! I have looked into these on Williams-Sonoma in the past, after hearing you rave about them. There are so many different styles and features it was almost intimidating! We have used a keurig for years, do you really notice a significant difference between the two types of coffee makers?

  2. Laura

    June 4th, 2017 at 9:26 pm

    Disregard my previous question, I’m so thrilled! My husband and I went to Williams-Sonoma today and got a demonstration, as well as walking out with a Nespresso! Thank you!

  3. Morgan Reed

    June 5th, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    Yay!!! So happy to hear that! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on your new machine! Please keep me updated! 🙂
    Happy Monday!!

  4. Rosita Hieb

    May 15th, 2019 at 11:35 pm

    Just got Nespresso Bteville with Aeroccino3 and milk didn’t froth, just heated. I tried almond milk, isn’t it supposed to work with any type of milk?

  5. Morgan Parlett

    June 24th, 2019 at 7:15 am

    Hi Rosita,

    Mine usually doesn’t have any problem frothing. I do notice however, almond, coconut and oat milk do not get quite as frothy as regular dairy milk. It should still have a bit of frothing to it.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!


  6. Clorinda Cotrone

    June 23rd, 2019 at 6:45 pm

    I’m having a hard time ordering pods do I have to order them online. I would like a assortment of flavors

  7. Morgan Parlett

    June 24th, 2019 at 7:13 am

    Hi Clorinda,

    Yes, I order my pods on the Neapresso website and they have an assortment of flavors. They usually arrive within a few days. I have heard you can order them on Amazon, but I haven’t tried that yet. I might give that a go on my next order.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    💗 Morgan

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