January 23, 2018

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This post has been a long time coming, beings that one of my number one asked questions, since sharing this beauty,  is about our Fiddle Leaf Fig. While we were building our home, and before ever even moving out of my parents’ house, I was already planning where I would put this tree in our home. With the beauty of Pinterest, Instagram and following other bloggers, my heart grew so fond of the Fiddle Leaf Fig, I knew we had to have one.

3 Care Tips Keeping Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Healthy

I remember heading over to Anderson’s Gardens Showplace (a local nursery) with my mom to find the perfect Fiddle Leaf Fig. They have a reputation for being temperamental and I have definitely prayed over mine a bit, throughout the past year. Thankfully, this little beauty has survived a year in our house, which I feel like is a pretty good threshold for me to share just what I do to keep her looking good!

Now, I am not claiming to be an expert on the Fiddle Leaf Fig, so please leave any of your tips in a comment below! I would love for this post to be a guide for all of us to help us keep our Fiddle Leaf Figs healthy and beautiful!

Keeping Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Healthy

3 Care Tips Keeping Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Healthy


 For most people watering is the tricky part. I have heard time, and time, again do not over water your Fiddle Leaf Fig. I generally do not water my tree a ton and have a go-to glass in my kitchen that I use to measure how much water I give my plant. About once per week, I will water it. In the warmer months, I might water it more frequently like every five days. During the winter, I will only water it every seven or eight days. Sometimes it might not take the entire glass. When I do water my plant, I try to water it in a ring around the plant, that is not too close to the base. I usually water about 3-4 inches out from the base. 

Now, I have heard many people say that they take their plant to the kitchen and water it in the sink and allow it to sit and drain. I have always been way too terrified to do this and it’s just easier for me to leave mine where it is. Like I mentioned before, sometimes it needs more water and will water it more frequently or give it a glass and a have or two glasses full. However, I do my best not to over water it.


Lighting is just as important as watering. The Fiddle Leaf Fig loves lot’s of light, however having direct, direct light, might not be the best option. I always keep mine in our keeping room, as you can see here, which gets a ton of light all throughout the year. That might just be why it’s one of my favorite rooms in the house! Right now, it is sitting in front of this window which it is loving during the winter time. Depending on how direct the sunlight is in the summer, I may have to move it back to the other corner. 

Occasionally, the Fiddle Leaf Fig will lose a leaf or two, which is normal. However, during the holidays I moved it out of this room so that we could put our Christmas tree up.  It must have not been getting enough light in our dining room because I noticed that it began losing many more leaves more frequently. I have also heard they don’t like to be moved a ton, so that could explain the change as well. After moving the tree back to its normal room, it has been thriving again which makes me extremely happy. I will probably always keep the Fiddle Leaf Fig in our keeping room or at least on the back side of our house, as that gets more light!


Lighting is a huge factor in placement as I just discussed, so finding a room with lot’s of warm sunlight is important in keeping your Fiddle Leaf Fig healthy and growing. 

Other than getting a ton of questions on how I don’t kill my Fiddle Leaf Fig, the second runner-up is about this basket. I’m going to be completely honest and tell you that I purchased mine at Homegoods and they usually have a ton of great options. I just happened to stumble upon one that was big enough for my Fiddle Leaf Fig. So if you are looking for something similar you might be able to check that out.

However, I found this one shortly after from Pottery Barn because I kept getting so many questions about it and I needed to find on that I could share the link for. So click here! Mine is comparable to the Extra Large size, which is perfect for my Fiddle Leaf Fig and allows me to fit a plastic pot in the basket, which is so important! Mine is planted in a plastic pot with a saucer under it. Then the plastic pot is placed in the basket! To this day, this basket is my second top-selling item on Rewardstyle.


The last thing to think about when caring for your Fiddle Leaf Fig is feeding it. I can’t speak to this part because I have never fertilized my plant. However, any article online will tell you that it’s important to feed your Fiddle Leaf Fig during the warmer months. As with the watering, you don’t want to overdo it. Landyn, from Living with Landyn swears by this fertilizer which I will probably be buying soon. I just didn’t want to fertilize mine without doing some research. And to be completely honest, mine has been doing pretty well without fertilizing it so I just didn’t feel rushed to run out and buy something. 

3 Care Tips Keeping Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Healthy

Our Fiddle Leaf Fig is definitely one of my favorite pieces in our home. It brings so much life, color and happiness to the room. This basket definitely completes the look. I just love snapping photos of this little corner. Real plants aren’t for everyone and there are so many faux alternatives out there. If you are interested in purchasing a live one online, I did find these two options Williams Sonoma (1,2). They look absolutely beautiful and full. I purchased this pot from them last year and want another one so bad! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. If you have any questions or tips, please leave them in a comment!

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3 Care Tips Keeping Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Healthy

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