January 2, 2020


Hello 2020! I spent Day 1 of 2020 resting, eating soup and trying to kick this little cold I have. Thankfully, I am on the mend (I think) and feeling so much better today! I never got around to sharing a 2019 year in review post with you and while I almost let it slide, I felt like I need to do one, even just a small one, for me to reflect on in the years to come.

While I now write this blog for an audience, I also always write for me too. Looking back on so many memories, how far my relationship has come, and all of the highlighted moments in our lives is something I treasure and hold closely to my heart. This is like my personal, and very public, online diary, that I share with you.

Our Most Special Announcement... April 2020


Phew, that was a big year. Am I right? I feel like 2019 was a pivotal year for so many people I know personally and follow online. The year slipped by me and I didn’t blog very much. I did try to put a decent amount of time into my Youtube channel and that grew quite a bit. It’s incredible to compare yearly statistics from the past few years and see just how much my little platforms have grown! I am a so incredibly thankful four your support, love and encouragement over the years.


Jay and I kicked off 2019 with a birthday trip to Miami to celebrate me turning 25 on January 31, 2019. 25? That’s a reason for a big year all in itself. We had the best time. The Four Seasons Surfside is beautiful and if you are ever in Miami, definitely make it a point to even just stop by. It’s beautiful. Jay treated me to this trip, so I surprised him with a little gift of his own, for the day at least! We rolled around Miami in a Rolls Royce Dawn and were finally able to do a little site seeing after so many trips spent in the back of an Uber. It was probably one of the best trips of my life, little did we know how much we would cherish that time of relaxation as reality hit us hard when we got home.


We spent the first week of February at many doctors appointments, having tests ran and Jay ended up having surgery just two days after finding out some big news. You can read more about that here. I have grown to despise that “c” word even more and usually refuse to even say it. I will keep this short, but God has blessed us me far beyond what I am worthy of. Because truthfully, I’m not worthy of any blessings yet he continues to love me everyday. I spent several hours and days on my knees praying to him during this time, weeping in private and learning how to have a brave face for someone else even when you are falling apart.

We were given the best outcome there is and while I pray we never have to experience that again, and that no one does, I am forever grateful for everything I learned and endured. It has changed me as a person and I pray I can always hold on to those feelings and that mindset. That I will forever praise his name and share our blessing with as many people as I can.

As if I wasn’t obsessed and in love with my husband enough before, I truly am now. I learned how selfish I was and I try to work on that every single day. He is my greatest blessing and I love him more than life itself.

Jay, thank you for loving your family the way you do. For working so hard to provide our home and life and continuous giving to others and your community. You are one of a kind and change so many lives every single day. I love you!

Back to Miami

Honestly, we can’t stay away! We decided to book a trip a few days in advance to Miami again in May to just take a breather after a busy and worrisome Spring Season. We stayed at Faena, did a little shopping and of course ate a ton and drank too! Upon arrival, thank you Amex Platinum, we were upgraded to a Oceanfront Corner Suite room. Honestly, this is the biggest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in. It had TWO bathrooms! It was incredible and you can see our Faena Room Tour here. I love weekend getaways with Jay and that is something we are already prioritizing after the baby comes.

Pool and Garden

We spent many of days at my parents new pool and working on our garden. I never got around to sharing our progress with you, but hopefully I will this year! We built raised beds and planted our crops! Our harvest was bountiful and I realized I don’t need quite so many squash and cucumber plants, but it makes sharing all the more fun.

We drank cocktails by the pool and got the bed suntan we have had in years. We tried to teach Worm to love the pool, but he still has a little ways to go. Maybe Summer 2020 will be the year he learns to love the water! (LOL)

St. Barth’s

The phrase “last minute” is probably the best to use when describing Jay and I. We do most things last minute, but I’m learning the value in planning. Speaking of last minute, we booked a last minute trip to St. Barth’s and had a blast! We celebrate Bastille Day like locals, until about 2:30am at Bagatelle. Le Sereno is one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever stayed at! I will never understand how Heineken comes free in your mini bar but you have to pay extra water?! Either way, we came home rested and thirsty! You cane see our St. Barth’s Travel Guide Here.

Our Most Special Announcement... April 2020

Baby P

On August 5, 2019 we found out that we were expecting a little Baby Parlett in April of 2020! I don’t think anyone can prepare you for that moment! We were both so excited and grateful, and I personally was in major shock. A true blessing this little guy is, but he really took me off guard at how quickly he arrived. I’m so grateful for that. At first, pregnancy was the weirdest thing. I mean, how could a human life be growing in side of me? Quickly, I found out. I spent the entire month of September on the couch or in bed. October was a little better, but then the actually vomiting started. I would say it took to about 16 weeks for me to feel almost back to feeling decent. You can read all about my First Trimester Here.

We are 25 weeks and 1 day pregnant today and it seems nearly impossible that our second little baby boy will be here in about 15 weeks. The amount of love we have received is overwhelming. We can’t wait to become a family of 4 and watch Diesel become the best big brother in the entire world.

2019 Year in Review

New York City

One of our goals for 2019 was to travel more and I think we definitely did that! We headed back to NYC in December to take in the holiday decorations and do a little shopping. There is something so magical about NYC at Christmas. I will say that I’m not sure that I’m cut out for NYC at Christmas while 5 months pregnant. I might skip on that next time!

We stayed at the Four Seasons hotel and ate plenty of room service. We also got to eat at The Polo Bar, Maman, Bergdorf Goodman and a few other great places. You can see all of this on my Instagram Stories NYC 19 highlight! I had no clue that The Polo Bar was so difficult to get into. Thankfully, our sale associate at Tom Ford has a connection and was able to get us a table. She was so amazing! Thank you! I wish we had a Maman because I would be drinking their iced oat milk latte everyday!!

2019 Year in Review


As you know, Diesel is a 9 year old boxer (as on November my baby is 9)! Boxers are ironed to having many health issues and while we had quite a few scares in 2019 and a few things to get straight in 2020, our little baby boy is healthy and his heart is responding good to all of this medicines! We love every single day with this boy and are so grateful God allowed us to be his parents for his time on earth. He is my little miracle baby and the one who made me a mama and brought a new importance to my life that I had never known. I love you, Diesel.

Our Home

In 2019, we checked off several new home updates and basically decorated our entire living room! We also got a new fence for Diesel to run around and play in and we all love it. Each season we updated our landscape and I’m so excited for what all there is to come in 2020. 2019 brought us so many exciting moments and checked off some of my lifetime wishlist items (that would be a Range Rover and a Birkin). Not trying to be too materialistic but those are pretty exciting for me!

Most importantly, 2019 taught me several lessons that I am thankful for. Learning to live in the moment despite my appliance or what others might think was a big one for me. I do think that pregnancy has made me more confident and it has also brought along a lot of aches, pains, nausea and sickness that I will be happy to see go (hopefully) when our little baby boy arrives in April.

2019, you were a wild ride but you were a blessed year and I can say with confidence that my cup does overflow! Thank you, Jesus!

I have my family, food to eat, a roof over my head and I don’t need much more. I’m grateful for every blessing that comes my way but I have learned what is the most important things in life and thankfully all of mine are healthy.

2019 Year in Review

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