January 4, 2019


Looking back on last years goals and resolutions really makes me laugh a little. I took the goal setting thing ton an extreme. This year, while I’m feeling more motivated, I’m hoping to be a little less intense. While I believe that you need to be specific in setting your goals, I also now believe that the goals need to be sustainable and looking at things long term, really helps. Today, I want to share my 2019 goals with you.

I have had the book Rich Habits on my Amazon wishlist for quite some time now and thankfully, a kind relative purchased it for me for Christmas. Jay read it first and then I read it. It’s such a quick read but is packed full with good information. There is no doubt in my mind that this book came into our lives at the perfect moment. While I want to talk about this book more in-depth one day soon. I want to quickly mention how the first two “rich habits,” discussed in the book, shaped my goals setting this year.

Rich Habits

The first “Rich Habit” to implement is I will form good daily habits and follow these good daily habits every day. That seems simple enough. Right? For me, I think learning to have good habits would change my life and this is something I’m really leaning in to in 2019. Most of my goals, or resolutions, are really just simple habits that I need to change. The book encourages you to write down all of your bad habits and then, in a separate column, make those bad habits into good habits. After that, you just need to look at the good habits three times a day and start out by doing them for thirty days. Simple enough? It’s ok I’m a little intimidated too. But I can tell you how relieving and inspiring, it is to simply turn a bad habit into a good one. It seems so much more attainable to do something positive, rather than stop doing something negative. 

The second “Rich Habit” is I will set goals for each day, for each month, for each year and for the long term. I will focus on my goals each and every day. When we set out into a new year, it’s easy to just make goals for that year. This year, I want to make daily goals, monthly goals, yearly goals, and long-term goals. I want to make sure the good habits, and daily goals, I set for each day to help me reach my monthly goals, which in turn lead to yearly and long-term goals. 

While these seem like simple things that everyone knows when goal setting, for me it wasn’t so intuitional. With that said, one of my biggest goals of the year is to work on good daily habits. 

2019 Goals and Resolutions

2019 Goals and Resolutions

Work on Our Marriage and Plan For Our Future

Jay and I did a lot of this in 2018 and I want to continue doing this practice in 2019. I want to do some more serious financial planning and actually map out what we want our future to look like. I want us to talk about our family even more and dream of our children, before actually having them. In 2019, I want us to put our marriage before our families and maybe say no to a few things and choose us, over them. For me, I want 2019 to be the year of depth. I believe that this journey began for me in 2017 and 2018. I hope we spend our mornings, and nights, snuggling with Diesel, riding our bikes to the beach, traveling, swimming in my parent’s new pool, working on our home, gardening, cooking together and so much more!

Grow and Expand Timeless Taste

2018 was such a big year for Timeless Taste. Our site got a massive facelift, I expanded my revenue avenues (is that what they’re called?) and our audience nearly doubled. We are almost to 7,000 subscribers on Youtube and I have so many exciting ideas for 2019. My 2019 Goals for Timeless Taste include gaining additional branding photography clients, posting more on Youtube and growing my channel, be published more (we have been published twice here and here), and bringing on guest writers. Obviously, I have a few financial goals associated with this too!

Work on My Health Together With Jay

Last year, I began buying more and more organic groceries. This year I would like to work on continuing to limit the “unhealthy” things we bring into our home and use wholesome ingredients. I personally, would like to work on the portion size of my meals and drink a little less alcohol. Jay and I started taking tennis lessons last year and I would like to continue doing that this year as well. Hopefully, we will get to a point that we can actually play together! 

Although BBG was only a 12-week program for me last year, this year I would like to pick up some equipment and put together a little at home gym that Jay and I can use together. Neither one of us love working out, but we love spending time together and this would be something we could do together. My goal is to start out by exercising at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time.

Travel to Europe

I put this on my goals for last year, but I really want this to be the year that we travel to Europe together. Last year, we traveled more than we have in years, probably even ever. We got a little bite from the travel bug. I pretty sure he is still latched on. Which is fine by me! We are also making it a goal to travel somewhere once a quarter this year, even if it’s just a small weekend trip!

Continue Decorating Our Home

We made major progress on our home last year and I hope to continue working hard on it this year. I promise I will be revealing our closet soon, we need just a few details to finish it up! in 2019, I want to decorate our living/family room, dining room, and get our kitchen backsplash.

I could go on, and on, but I tried to summarize my 2019 Goals and Resolutions for you. I have more specific goals in each category but this kind of covers the broad items. If that makes sense?

2019 Goals and Resolutions

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