January 13, 2017



If you follow me on Snapchat or watch my Instagram stories you would know about the series of unfortunate internet, and cable, events! I wish I could be more optimistic, but my emotions have been taken for quite the ride and blogging with no internet is a real struggle. Actually in the year 2017 life, with no internet is a real struggle. haha

However, to bring things into a more positive note, it would be the perfect time to share my goals and resolutions for 2017! I decided to break these up into Personal Resolutions and Business Goals. I did the same thing last year and so I just thought I would continue with the same trend, on my journey of attempting to integrate and still separate these two aspects of my life!



Personal Resolutions


2016 was a huge year for me on a personal level. Jay and I got married, built our first home, and I graduated college all in the same year, Phew! I’m glad we got that out of our system. I owe a lot of thanks and credibility to 2016, because it taught me so much about myself and about my husband. We both grew individually and as a couple, which I truly feel is great for our relationship entering a new marriage. After reflecting on 2016, which you should totally do too, I am left with some personal goals to tackle in 2017!

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Over the years I have really learned to enjoy reading. It relaxes me, and clears my mind, so well. I just recently mentioned in this post, that I love to read at night before bed! It does wonders for distracting my mind and puts me right to sleep. As for self-help book/business books, I generally save those for day time reading. I will pick them up during the afternoon or sometimes in the morning, with my coffee, to get my mind motivated for the day. I just ordered these three books:1,2,3 and I can’t wait to start reading them!

Respond Efficiently

Holy moly, I sure am terrible at this! I like to think that I am getting better, because in 2015 I was just became flat out bad at responding in efficient timing. I had this as a goal for last year, but I’m tacking it onto this year too, because I still need improvement in this area of my life. I am usually pretty good about responding to emails. It is mostly just texts and phone calls that I am bad at returning.

Spend Less Time on Social Media

I could be mistaken, but I think that we could all use a little improvement in this area. Social media is taking over everything and we are often more consumed in our Instagram, or Facebook, account than we are our actual lives. For me, taking more time to be present and not glued to my cell phone is high on my list of things to change in 2017.


Along with an amazing year in 2016, came lot of money spent. In 2017 I want to take the time to budget out for things, think about what I really do need to purchase, and what I really don’t need to purchase. Some things can wait and some things can’t. Taking the time to recognize the difference, is truly important. I would like to rebuild my bank accounts and try to really focus on saving more money.

Moderate, Simplify and Celebrate Everyday Life

In this category, I am basically combining my need for a healthier lifestyle in 2017. I worked a lot on this in 2016, but there is always more work to be done in the area of a healthy lifestyle. For this my goal is to exercise in moderation. Don’t take things to extremes, instead find something I enjoy doing, and do it often. For me, that looks like trying new workouts, walking with my pup, exploring a new area with Jay, going to the beach or going for a bike ride. I want to simply and moderate my budget and our home. My goal is to really evaluate what we do and do not need, in attempts of not cluttering up our new home. I have realized that the clutter comes quickly and you have to stay on top of it at all times! I just started reading this book and I think it is really going to help with that. With simplicity and a clean slate, I find myself more organized and therefore more inspired, and motivated! Lastly, I want to celebrate everyday, imperfect life. We are given this beautiful life, with endless possibilities, why not take advantage of them? Why sit indoors of Facebook, when you can walk amongst nature outdoors? Why call your family on the phone, when you can get in the car and go visit them? Why hide our pride, and feel indebted to people, when we can be honest with them and value our real relationship? It think deep down we all want more clarity, and the ability to be honest with one another. Whether you feel that you need time to rest, and feel bad about saying not to going out with them, or you just need to talk about something and are afraid to bring it up. No matter the circumstances, I truly think that everyone respects and deserves honesty. Celebrate the good and the bad, the tough and the easy, and the pretty and the ugly of life. That’s true life and true relationships. I want more of that in my life in 2017.



Business Goals + Resolutions

As you know, I do truly love blogging, however a lot of hard work gets poured into this site, with very little left at the end of the day for me. When I started Timeless Taste, I was just a girl making YouTube videos who bought way too much makeup! These days, I am a married woman with dreams, goals and real life bills! When you work so hard on something, and get so little of what you are working for, discourage, fear and anxiety begin to creep in. In 2017, I hope to reach new levels in this little business of mine and expand in different ways. Over the pat year I realized just how much I love interior design, the home building process and so much more. I have always dreamed of owning my own store, or business, and I want 2017 the year that I finally start taking actionable steps to make that dream a reality. That is terrifying for me. Not only with a small income, and large fear of failure, taking the plunge into entrepreneurship is scary (not mention dangerous). but, admitting to others what you dream of and what you are afraid of failing at, is horrific for me!! I can’t believe I just published that on the internet! So what do you think? How often do you shop for home décor and furniture online? I would love to know if there is an interest out there? In order to make my dreams a reality, I have to set specific and actually obtainable goals. At this point I am starting small with the hopes to reevaluate this list in 6 months, or so. 

What is your goal, or dream, for 2017 that you are terrified to tell anyone about?! Tell me. Leave me a comment, or send me an email, and let’s do this thing together!

Obtain a Business License + Open a Business Bank Account

In order to get the ball rolling on improving, and moving forward with, my business, and whatever that may included down the road, I need to actually become official. At this point, Timeless Taste is beginning to become profitable enough to become a business and therefore I need to obtain my business license and open a business bank account! I am excited for both, but especially the business bank account, as I know it will help me separate my personal money from business money.

Expand My Media Platforms (Podcast/YouTube)

As you probably already know, I started my whole “blogging” career on YouTube, when I was in high school. When I made the decision to take my blog more seriously, with hopes of turning it into something profitable, I let my YouTube channel take the backseat. I stopped posting on it, and just truly lost all interest. Lately, I have made the decision to become more active on Youtube again. My heart truly remains with making videos for my channel. I have also realized that I get a lot more traction and interaction, with my channel, than what I get with my blog. It is more profitable and my audience seems to prefer it more! My goal for 2017 is to really step up my YouTube channel and see where that will go. I love listening to podcasts, so I have toyed with the idea of starting my own, but I’m just not sure about that yet. Do you listen to podcasts frequently?

Work with 5 New Companies + Work With More Local Companies

Working with brands that I believe in, or that I am excited to try out, is something that I love doing. Being a smaller blog, I don’t always get the opportunity to work with larger brands, however 2016 was such a great year for working with new brands. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies, that I truly love. In 2017 I would like to work with 5 new brands, and hopefully some home design and décor brands that I love! I would also like to start working with local business, based in my area of Virginia! I would love to support local small business in my area and share their story here on the blog, with hopes of reaching a large clientele for them. If you are a local business, I would love to collaborate with you!

 Prepare Content for Future Purposes

Often times, I find myself in a rut of creating content that is unplanned and don’t properly refer to it later. It’s so important for me to link prior posts that are helpful, and relevant, to new content in that new post. I also want to create content hat can be useful in the future, whether it is a draft of a podcast episode, a new blog series, video content, or maybe it could even be complied into an eBook, or something of that nature! Either way, I want my writing to have purpose and be a reference source for people that need it.

Simplify + Strategize

When building our home, one of my goals was to create a bright, fresh, and open space. I wanted our home feel light and airy, but still comfortable and relaxing. I think that so far I have done that, so I really want to continue that theme into all areas of my life. My goal is to strategically plan and organized everything. I know that seems a little extreme, but since moving out onto my own, I have realized just how well I preform when things are organized and clean. I love with things are simple, chic and functional. I want to unclutter and simplify everything from my blog, to my inbox, all the way down to my pantry and utensils drawer (boy does that get out of hand fast!) I think that simplifying my business structure and the content product for my blog, will really help me to reach my resolutions in 2017. I also want to strategically posts, as I previous mentioned, and create content that will serve a purpose in them sure of Timeless Taste, or whatever this business may become!



What are your goals and resolutions for 2017? What are the dreams your heart desires, that you are scared to admit to anyone else? It’s ok, we all have those goals that we are truly afraid to talk about, because we are afraid at not behind successful in them. Whether you reach your goals or not, admitting that you have them is the first step in making them happen. I am so thankful that you are a reader of Timeless Taste and participate in the journey with on making things happen in my life. I would love for you to sign up for my newsletter and to fill out my Timeless Taste reader survey, if you have already done so here. Thank you again!

Happy Friday Friends!




  1. Karolina

    January 16th, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    Wow what a great post Morgan! You have a perfect vision of 2017 and I hope you achive your goals and dreams without problems. Remember that sometimes the journey is as valuable as getting to the top of your wish list 🙂

    2016 was huge for me as well and beat 2014 (it’s when I got married 😉
    My husband and I welcomed our baby boy :)) This year I have high hopes that we find a perfect plot to built our house on. My Pinterest boards are slowly getting hot ! lol
    2016 I also found your blog and channel and I happily added it to my staple reads.


  2. Morgan Reed

    January 24th, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Thank you so much! Wow, you have had a lot going on! Congratulations on your baby boy, I bet he is just wonderful! I’m so happy for you! Please keep me update on your process and if you find land to build on. We had such a crazy, but amazing run, and I learned so much. If you have any questions or just need someone to talk about home building with, I am always here! I am hoping to share more post on our build in the future. I’m so glad that you like my blog! I look forward to chatting in the future!

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