Thanksgiving, and the entire holiday season, completely snuck up on me this year! If you are anything like me, you might be running a tad bit behind and are in need of a few last minute ideas and tips for pulling together the perfect Holiday Tablescape for next week! (Photo above is shoppable! Just hove over the image to click on available items!) Also, my dress is older from Needle and Thread! You must check out their clothing if you haven’t already. It’s seriously incredible.

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape
7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape
7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

You have to add these Maple Glazed Roasted Carrots, from Chloe Mackintosh (Boxwood Avenue), to your holiday menu. They are seriously to die for and so beautiful, if I must say!

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape
7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape
7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape
7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape
7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

It’s easy to get busy with the hustle and bustle and forget that you have responsibilities, like hosting your entire family, work colleagues or friends over, for a holiday gathering! Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. I love putting together a pretty Holiday Tablescape that is full of personality but not too stuffy. As someone who loves making parties, and really everything in life, *extra* I’m also the first person get uncomfortable with a fancy table. Because, who is really comfortable with drinking out of +$100 water glasses?

When planning your Holiday Tablescape, you want your guests to feel comfortable and at home. Don’t get me wrong, I love fine China and would suggest everyone have some. But there is a time and a place for everything and I personally love to mix high and low, to create a Holiday Tablescape that is friendly and welcoming to everyone.

So this year, I thought it would be fun and different to share my tips for pulling together a beautiful and effortless Holiday Tablescape! My goal is to share my best tips for shopping for your holiday table and using what you have to make things beautiful and alot less stressful this holiday season! I hope you enjoy these tips and be srue to check out my Outdoor Thanksgiving Table from a few years ago!

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape

7 Tips for Pulling Together a Last Minute Holiday Tablescape



If there’s one thing I have learned from viewing pretty tables and also seeing one’s that look like the person just bought the entire display, it’s the importance of layers. Layering is crucial to creating texture and mixing price points. It also make things look and feel more curated. For me, I prefer for things to look like I spent some time instead of just going out and buying every single piece that a store has paired together.

Try layering different china, or plate, patterns together to see what you can create. For this table, I used my Open Kitchen Collection dinner plates from Williams Sonoma layered with the gorgeous Chelsea Bird Mottahedeh China pattern from my mom. I love the balance of the detailed china pattern with a simple white plate. I also layered in other natural materials, candlesticks and votives and well as other textures and elements. The placemats are natural woven ones that we use daily. I love that they add a sense of nature and casualness to the layout. They allow the china to pop even more!

Borrow What You Don’t Have

This tip is going off of my never ending need to borrow things from my mom! If you’re just starting out in your home and haven’t had time to acquire as many entertaining pieces as you would like, simply ask one of your relatives if they have what you are looking for and if you could borrow it for your table. Sometimes, we all have something we haven’t used in a while that someone else could borrow. In fact, by borrowing it and using one of their pieces they might be inspired to pull it out more often! Borrowing things isn’t as dreadful as I make it out to be. I hate asking for help or to borrow anything, but people are always happy to help and might even be inspired by your style.

Ask For Help When You Need It

Whether you borrow your mom’s china or ask another family member to bring their favorite dish or wine, including others in the process really makes everyone feel comfortable and happy to participate. Try asking your sister, aunt, mother or mother-in-law for an extra hand in putting your holiday tablescape together. I truly believe anyone would be honored to be a part of your holiday. Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves for no reason. I’m someone who usually refuses to ask for help, however after experiencing the other end of that, I realize that some people enjoy being asked to give a hand in helping out. This not only makes them feel included, but it provides a sense of relief to you and let’s you in on some of their best talents and belongings!

Just because you volunteer to host a holiday party or gathering, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Often times, guests feel more at home when they are allowed to bring a dish! Try letting your family get a little more involved and see what fun you can have.

Buy Candlesticks At The Thrift Store

One of the handiest tips I have found, since moving out on my own and not being able to rely on my mother’s entertaining selection, has been shopping for candlesticks at Goodwill! I was in a time crunch for a styled shoot a while back and was desperate for some gold and brass candlesticks. My mom insisted that I go to the local thrift shop’s, before overpaying online, and I’m happy to report after hitting two Goodwill stores I had 12 assorted brass candlesticks and spent less than $25. Call me crazy, but you can’t buy one online for that price.

If you want a matching set or really nice brass, this probably isn’t for you. But, if you are like me and are going for a more romantic, mis-match look, head to your local thrift shop and I highly doubt you will be disappointed. Plus, you don’t have to pay a fortune or wait for them to be shipped!

Use Organic Materials

This is something I have learned from trial and error, but is also a very personal preference. For me, I have found that I truly think adding in organic materials to your tablescape really helps bring it to life. For this holiday tablescape, I found some fresh chestnuts at the Fresh Market to add in. At first, wasn’t really sure how I was going to use them, but I grabbed them anyway. We decided to pile them in small bowls and add them to the food plating. I love how they add rich color and texture to the table and bring about a holiday feeling!

If you feel that your table is missing something, run out to your yard and snip a few branches to add to your table, garland or flower arrangement. You can also add these to gift baskets and other decor throughout the holiday’s!  Also, keep an eye out when shopping at your local grocery stores or gourmet market. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of all of the pretty produce and flowers that are available. Some of my personal favorites are brussel sprouts on their stalks, chestnuts, mini gourds and pumpkin tree bunches (see here at Trader Joe’s!).   

Pick a Color Palette and Don’t Over Do It

I really am not fond of a serious color theme. But, I do think that a color palette is a good idea to have. For this table, we went with dark burgundy and other red shades, gold accents and soft white tones. Sometimes it’s easy to go overboard with a color scheme. Instead I think it’s best to just pick a few colors and try to tie them together. I know I keep going back to these plates, but I think they just really made the table. Their soft white background pulls out the floral arrangement, the mini gourds (or pumpkins) as well as the table runner.

As for the burgundy, I love this color because it doesn’t scream Thanksgiving or Christmas, instead it say’s elegant holiday season! Or at least, that’s how I feel! The burgundy taper candles add a deep color to the table and pair perfectly with red wine!  This gold flatware is my absolute favorite, especially during the holidays! It adds a subtle glamorous touch while still being modern and functional.

Remember What Counts

At the end of the day, the food is the most important part of any holiday tablescape! If the food isn’t good, no one will even remember the beautiful table. Don’t get too wrapped up in the appearance of everything that you forget what’s important. Family, friends and food! Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too much. If you know a place that makes something better, buy their version. Make your signature items and let others bring something too! We all know that one Betty Crocker wife that shows with piles of dishes that all taste the same. It’s about quality, not quantity. And if you know her, don’t worry, everyone has one of those 😉

During the holiday’s, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose site of the true meaning. As a blogger, I love an Instagram or Pinterest Worthy table just as the next girl. However, it’s easy to let the appearance of something take away from the true moment. Anyone can make a picture look good. But, can they really throw a fun and enjoyable party?

I hope that you have found this post helpful and enjoy this holiday tablescape. I had so much fun putting it together and really enjoy writing these types of posts! The holiday’s are here, whether we are ready or not. I hope that you find comfort in knowing that you aren’t the only one that get’s overwhelmed or holiday stress! We all do! I would love to see pictures of your holiday tablescapes, so be sure to tag me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and send me snaps and emails! If you have any questions, I would love for you to leave a comment and we can chat! Everything featured is linked below as well as dupes for things I couldn’t find online!

Photography by Tiffany Sigmon

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  • Monica

    Gorgeous! Care to come to TX and set my table too??ReplyCancel

Thanksgiving Outfit : The Perfect Plaid Scarf

Thanksgiving Outfit : The Perfect Plaid ScarfThanksgiving Outfit : The Perfect Plaid ScarfThanksgiving Outfit : The Perfect Plaid ScarfThanksgiving Outfit : The Perfect Plaid ScarfThanksgiving Outfit : The Perfect Plaid ScarfThanksgiving Outfit : The Perfect Plaid Scarf

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that in my family we get dressed up and have Thanksgiving dinner at some long stretched, formal dining table. Because we don’t! In my family, Thanksgiving is about family, food, football and laughter. I love spending the holiday’s with my family and Thanksgiving is no exception. With that in mind, we like to keep things pretty casual on Thanksgiving. For me, I like to go with forgiving jeans-hello green bean casserole-and a cute topm, for my Thanksgiving outfit!

I have been wearing this Madewell Bodysuit a ton lately and I really want to grab another one because it just makes life so easy. You know I love statement belts, like this one, and tucking your shirt in can sometimes be a challenge. With these bodysuits all I have to do is throw on and I’m good to go! My tuck looks seamless and my belt looks even better!

If you are like me and plan on eating tons of food on Thanksgiving, you might be concerned about hiding the post dinner bulge and prepping for the food coma that comes shortly after! Enter the perfect, Fall scarf. This season, I have been totally obsessed with this plaid scarf, from Madewell. If you follow me on Snapchat and watch my Insta-Stories, you know just how much I wear it! I love that I can just wrap up in it at my desk or on the sofa. It also works as the perfect cape and is so thick and warm when worn as a scarf!

Lastly, I thought I would throw this in here because finding a good hat is hard, but Nordstrom is by far the best way to go! These hats are so pretty and easy to pair with different outfits. I have worn this one much more than I ever thought I would, but I still want to wear it more. Am I the only one who feels like they draw way too much attention to themselves when they wear a hat out in public? I can WAY too self conscious!

To end this post, I would love to know what you want to see from me in fashion blog post descriptions. You are my audience and I want to make sure I am providing you with valuable and making this a place that you want to visit regularly. So, how can I serve you better? Do you like when I talk about clothes and how they fit? Or would you rather me talk about something more personal and briefly touch on my outfit and use this for inspiration? I would be so happy if you left a comment letting me know what you love most or dislike about fashion posts! 

I’m also getting super personal about my life, and blogging experience, in a three day email series. I would love for you to sign up here to see what I sharing and understand a recent change in perspective I have had!

I hope you enjoyed this Thanksgiving outfit idea! How is is already almost Thanksgiving? #sendhelp!

Photography by Tiffany Sigmon

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It’s time for the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale,  which as a natural beauty lover is one of my favortie things! If you have any beauty lovers on your Christmas shopping list or are looking for the perfect shaving kit or cologne for your hubby, now is the time to just on this sale. This year, the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale is available to all beauty insiders, not just Rouge and VIB. You are able to get 15-20% off of your total sale price, which rarely ever happens in the makeup industry!

Sephora Beauty Insider Sale 

There are so many great things sold at Sephora, so no matter who is on your shopping list, you are sure to find something for everyone. Click here to shop the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale. I shared an entire video, on my favorite products and tools, available at Sephora that are included in the sale on my Youtube channel. I will link that video here and below for you. However, I wanted to share a blogpost rounding up some of my favorite gifting items and essentials from the sale.

Whether you are shopping for yourself (hey, girl, hey!) or you are smarter than me and have started your Christmas shopping, you definitely want to add the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale to your list! I thought I would break this down differently, than I do most posts. So I hope you find this more helpful!

Splurge Products

Splurging is one of my faovrite things to do! Espeically now that we have a house and I do it less, and less, frequently. If you have wanted to try La Mer, Tom Ford or YSL beauty products this is the perfect opportunity. I can’t think of any other sale that you can get these items for 15%-20% off! I know my mom loves La Mer and I do too! YSL lipsticks are my aboslute favorite and you have probably already seen my love for Tom Ford.


Whether you have had this curling wand on your list for years, like me, or maybe you need a new hair dryer you should snag them now! My mom has this hair dryer and y’all, I cannot tell you how amazing it is! I live for my tweezerman tweezers, eyelash curler and have heard great reviews on this product. 


I have already mentioned gifting a ton in this post, so I will try not to over do it for you! I love picking up stocking stuffer gifts from Sephora. You can drop them in your family’s stockings or tie them on gifts for your girl friends. My personal favorites are the BeautyBlender, L’Occitane Hand Creams, and this holiday scented candle ornament


This is probably a given, but with all of the holiday buzz it’s easy to forget to grab our staples. I have quite a few products that I use daily and have repurchased several times this year. In my Youtube video I share all of my essentials. The video is probably my longest video ever, but I wanted to make sure to talk all about my favorites from my makeup and skincare collection. Be sure to watch that for a full list of my favorites!

 Be sure to use the following codes when shopping the sale:

ROUGE: CODE “20FORROUGE” on November 10th through November 15th
VIB: CODE “20FORVIB” on November 10th through November 15th
INSIDER: CODE “INSIDER15” on November 10th through November 15th


J.Crew is currently offering 25% OFF including Full-Priced Items! If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping, now is the time to do so! I created this little J.Crew Sale Guide as an easy way to share some of my favorites with you. There are so mnay great things, so if you are shoppoing for your husband, wife, son or daughter, there is something there for everyone! This J.Crew Sale Guide is for women and is broken down my occasion or gift type. I made sure to include red colors for the holiday’s, as well as a ton of great classic options for your closet.

J.Crew is also a great place to pick up cute pajamas and stocking stuffers like socks and jewelry! These camp socks are my absolute favorites for the winter months. I love getting cute socks that have pretty patterns on them and J.crew is my go-to place to find those! I will be starting to list out my gift guides, so I would love to know what guides you are looking for. You can see some of my gift guides, from years past here. So many of these are still applicable for this year and are a great place to start looking for inspiration!

I definitely need ot start my christmas shopping ASAP! We ordered our new artificial tree the other day and it’s coming tomorrow, as well as our bedside tables! I’m so excited and can’t wait to share!

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Weekend Packing List: Fall Getaway

Last weekend was Jay and I’s first anniversary, which is quite difficult to believe! This year completely flew by but has been so wonderful. We had such an amazing time, I shared all of the details on my newsletter this week, and I thought it would be fun to share a Fall Weekend Getaway Packing List for you! 

In the past, I haven’t shared much travel content, here on the blog.  However, I would like to share more travel content in the future with the hopes that we will get to do some more traveling, over the next few years! Jay kept our travel plans a secret, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to share a pretty generic Fall Weekend Getaway Packing list for you, and me, to reference. This is also the perfect time for me to showcase some of my favorite new pieces for Fall!

Weekend Packing List: Fall GetawayWeekend Packing List: Fall GetawayFall Weekend Packing List


You probably know that all of my outfit posts, generally, revolve around good jeans! There is no denying I’m a denim girl. So this weekend I will be taking my this new pair of high-waisted jeans from Madewell that I am completely obsessed with. I love the button detailing, which separates them from other options this Fall. High-waisted denim is very in right now and I have been a lover of a higher waist for quite a while now. For my body shape, they just feel the best and I think they are more flattering. 

Black denim is also perfect for the Fall and Winter months because it pairs perfectly with deeper, and darker, colors. This pair from J.Brand is my absolute favorite! Not only is this pair black, but it’s also high-waisted and distressed. They are so comfortable too!

Blanket Scarf

This blanket scarf is a new addition to my wardrobe and definitely a favorite. If I had to recommend one thing from this post for you to buy this Fall, it would probably be this plaid blanket scarf. This works great as a scarf, a poncho/cape, or even a blanket! The colors are beautiful and couldn’t be more suitable for Fall. It is a subtle and comfortable way to be fashionable this season. Plus, it’s on sale right now for only $39.50.


I just shared my Fall Boot Guide for this year the other day so I will keep it short on the boots. Depending on your travel destination I would recommend either some cute booties, these riding boots or my absolute favorite rain boots. Rain boots are necessarily only for rainy days. In fact, I wear mine a lot more than just on rainy days. These are by far my favorite rain boots, I have two pairs! Here is how I wear them:

  • rainy days
  • outdoor excursions (apple picking, at the pumpkin patch, hiking, other Fall activities!)
  • yard work
  • even just paired with a cute fall outfit


I pulled my vests out last weekend, just in time for a few chilly mornings this week. I love vests for Fall because they are so up my style alley and also very practical for Fall fashion. J.Crew has a ton of great options as far as vests and I love my Burberry Vest for the cooler months. 


Depending on where you are going, or where you live, the type of jacket you will need to bring will vary. Some of my favorite jackets for fall include my go-to trench coat, an olive colored jacket, and a good blazer. These are all so versatile and can be worn any time of the year. For some reason, jackets just look better during the Fall months!

Sweaters + Shirts

Naturally, I’m a lover of sweaters and t-shirts. To be honest, I have to remind myself not to keep buying more and encourage myself to buy more stylish tops. What can I say? I just love a comfortable look! Lately, I have been on a roll with finding really great t-shirts and sweaters this Fall. Here are my current favorites:


Depending on your plans, you might want to bring a cute cocktail dress for the evening or a cozy sweater dress for the day. I am in love with this dress from Club Monaco. It’s so classic and could easily be dressed up or down, depending on your needs!


I hope that you find this post helpful and even more importantly, I hope you have at least one fun weekend trip planned this Fall! Personally, I need to make travel more of a priority in my life. Travel is about the experience and my soul has been thriving so much from experience and stillness lately. If that makes sense? Small town life is great, but sometimes this girl needs to get out of her shell a bit! I would love to know what trips you have planned and what is on your weekend packing list!

What is your favorite piece from this roundup?

  • Courtney

    Do you ever check your Louis suitcase at the airport? Or is it more carry-on size? I have the keepall and I’m so paranoid I’m going to be the last one on the plane, the overhead bins are full, and I’m going to have to check it! I think it that ever happened I’d have to just take the next flight! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Hi Courntey!! I absolutely have that same fear!! Mine is carry on size and so far I haven’t had any problems with not fitting in the overhead compartment. I don’t think I oculd ever bring myself to check it, lol. I compeletly understand your fear! To be honest, I didn’t think I would use the rolling bag as often as I have. But, I love it! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a comment! I hope your weekend is off to a great start!

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    • Thank you so much, Tamara!! I’m so glad! Thank you for taking the time to vitsit and comment on my blog. I’m so happy to hear you like my Youtube videos too! I hope you have a great weekend!