The GLAMboard

For the past few years now, you have heard me continuously brag on my Glambox and share how I just can’t live without it! I always get so many questions about my Glambox. The most popular question I get by far, is from my friends wanting to know if I think the Glambox will fit on their small countertop or what they should do if they don’t think the box will fit in their bathroom. Let me just tell you that all of these problems and concerns of whether the Glambox is too large are officially solved! Say hello to the Glamboard! The Glamboard is the end to all of your concerns, and potential worries, of the Glambox being too big for smaller counter space.

In my opinion, it’s also the perfect addition to your Glambox, if you already own one. There are so many different ways that you can use the Glamboard and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share with you how I use my Glamboard!

Be sure to visit the bottom of this post for a coupon code for 15% OFF + a FREE makeup bag, with your Glamboard purchase!
The GLAMboard

The GLAMboard

There are so many reasons I love the Glamboard that it’s hard to know where to start! The Glamboard is an expandable and portable, beauty board that is perfect for organizing all of your beauty essentials. You can use it for organizing your makeup, skincare, haircare and even your bathroom vanity essentials. The board comes with two main compartments that easily fit all of your makeup compacts, eyeshadow palettes and even a hair comb if you need it! Each side expands to reveal an additional compartment on the left, and right, end of the board. You can collapse the sides in and the Glamboard fits perfectly on top of your Glambox or you can tuck it away under your bed or in the closet!

The GLAMboard

How to use the GLAMboard

There are so many ways that you can use your Glamboard, but these are just a few of my favorite ways!

The GLAMboard

Over the Sink

Whether you have a pedestal sink, or just prefer to keep your sink close by when applying your makeup, the Glamboard is a must have! Simply pull each end of the Glamboard outward to extend the board to is full length, place it over your sink and turn on your water. The Glamboard was designed to fit over your sink, while still allowing you to run your faucet at the same time. I love this concept because I can’t live without my beauty blender, which requires wetting before use. Also, I have to openly admit that I make a mess when I put on my makeup, so I love that the Glamboard keeps me organized, clean and fits perfectly over my sink.  

The GLAMboard

The GLAMboard

The GLAMboard

In Your Bed

Let’s be real. Sometimes we don’t feel like getting out of bed to do our makeup. Whether you are having a lazy Saturday morning before heading out to brunch with friends, or you are so sore from your morning workout that you can’t barely move, sometimes doing your makeup in bed is a must have luxury.  I love sitting in my robe, on my bed, to do my makeup but sometimes that can be too messy. The Glamboard solves that problem by keeping all of your makeup organized and off of your sheets! This might just be my new favorite way to use my board.

The GLAMboard

On The Floor

Maybe you have a large #ootd mirror that you love to spend hours in front of getting ready, or you need to sit by the fireplace on a cold winter morning, bring your Glamboard and a fuzzy blanket over and get your glam on! 

The GLAMboardThe GLAMboard

Organize Your Hair Products

My hair drawer always turns into a mess of ruined bobby pins, hair tie galore, brushes with too much hair caught in them and empty hairspray bottles that need to be tossed out. An easy way to cut all of those problems is to minimize what I need and just keep the hair products I’m actually using. The Glamboard stores my hair products, combs, bobby pins and ties perfectly. I display it beside my Glambox on my vanity.

The GLAMboardThe GLAMboard

Display Your Perfume Bottles

I am always looking for a fun way to display and organize my perfume bottles. The Glamboard is the perfect way to display them, while still keeping them organized. If you have just a few perfume bottle you can set some of your most used jewelry pieces, hair ties or lip balm in the front compartment. Then just line up your prettiest perfume bottles in the back. It’s almost like shopping at your own private boutique! Who doesn’t want that?!


Use As A Supplement To Your Glambox

The GLAMboard

There are just so many ways to use the Glamboard, your options are limitless! My favorite way to use the board is as a supplement to my Glambox. I am able to organize my most used skincare, and makeup, items in my Glamboard on top of my Glambox. Then I have an extra drawer in the box for additional storage!

Glamboxes has been so kind and provided Timeless Taste readers with our very own coupon code! Be sure to use the CODE “timelesstaste” to receive 15% OFF of your Glamboard + a FREE pink makeup bag (se how I use mine here) ! Now is the perfect time to make your purchase and get the discount! The code ends March 3rd, so act fast! 

I know you will love the Glamboard just as much as I do and please let me know if you have any questions. I am always happy to answer your questions. I really hope you will check out the videos I made for this video, as they provide a ton of visual content and you can really see the board and how to use it! 



  • Dine

    This is very convenient, especially if you do a lot over the sink. My daughter wears contact lens, I will purchase one for her to place all her eye stuff in. when she is ready to use it, she just have to move the tray to the sink. As always, great presentation on Youtube and here.


5 Tips For Assembling the Perfect Bracelet StackWhen it comes to jewelry, I never leave the house without a bracelet stack and my pearl stud earrings! Curating the perfect combination of bracelets can be challenging. You want it to be eye catching, but still subtle. Intriguing with an elegant flare, and something that you can depend on everyday but still mix up from time, to time. If you have noticed in all of my fashion posts, and pretty much any time I show my hands, I always have on a stack of a few of my favorite bracelets. I don’t wear many necklaces, so adding a little something extra to my arms is important. Plus, what southern gal doesn’t love a good arm party?

  Creating the perfect arm stack is very simple and can be so much fun, so don’t stress! I have created a list of five of my best tips to help you when assembling your perfect arm stack. Following these tips can allow for your stack to be recreated differently, to constantly update your outfit.

5 Tips For Assembling the Perfect Bracelet Stack

5 Tips For Assembling the Perfect Bracelet Stack


5 Tips For Assembling the Perfect Bracelet Stack


Texture + Materials

To ensure that your stack has personality, and isn’t too matchy-matchy, you want to vary your textures and materials. Try adding in different materials like yellow gold, silver, glass beads and different metals. By alternating different materials, you will be incorporating a variation in size and color, which ultimately creates more texture.  


Having contrasting thicknesses will bring a unique touch to your stack. It also adds texture, which will attract peoples eye. Having the same width, or thickness, of each band is too repetitive and will give the appearance that all of the bracelets came together in a set, or that they are attached somewhere. You want people to know just how stylish you are and that you spent time picking out each piece, so alternate those bands!  


My favorite way to make each arm stack unique is by incorporating color. I love to keep my outfits neutral, wearing lots of white, navy, beige, grey and blush. The best way to spice up an outfit, and my arm stack, is by adding a touch of color. Start by choosing a color, or theme, and go from there. I always add Lily and Laura bracelets to my stack to bring in color, texture and quality. The best thing about using Lily and Laura bracelets to add color is that they come in so many different shades of color. They are also available in different patterns and prints, which is perfect for integrating both color and texture to your stack. All Lily and Laura bracelets are hand made in Nepal by female artisans that are paid more than fair trade wages. They are each made carefully by hand and are each unique and different. I love that the mission of Lily and Laura is to empower women on each end of their product, through its creation and its end purpose. Read more about the Lily and Laura story here.  


I haven’t always been a watch girl but as I have gotten a little older, I find that I can’t function without my watch! Whether you have invested in an expensive watch or love switching up different styles, don’t forget to add your watch to your stack. Watches bring personality, purpose and functionality to your look. Having a watch face with changeable bands is a great way to get more out of a look for less money. I never leave the house without my watch and my stack isn’t complete without it either!  


You know that I am a firm believer in investing in good quality products. Just because something expensive doesn’t mean it is good quality. The same goes for things that are inexpensive, you and get high quality products that are good to your wallet. The best thing about varying price is it makes your stack more interesting and affordable. Try mixing your more expensive piece in with ones that don’t quite cost as much, by varying price points you can make your high quality pieces more approachable and your less expensive pieces look more high end.

5 Tips For Assembling the Perfect Bracelet Stack5 Tips For Assembling the Perfect Bracelet Stack5 Tips For Assembling the Perfect Bracelet Stack5 Tips For Assembling the Perfect Bracelet Stack5 Tips For Assembling the Perfect Bracelet Stack

I hope that you find these tips helpful when creating your own bracelet stack. Truthfully the most important thing to keep in mind is variety. Vary everything from price, texture, materials and thickness of your bracelets. Don’t be afraid to try new brands and styles. Switching up your bracelets is a great way to dry new trend, brands and styles.   Another thing to keep in mind is meaning. What does each bracelet mean to you? Was it a gift? Did you purchase it after reaching a goal, or earning a specific amount of money from your hard work? Was it made with love, skill and reason? Does it have a meaning? Each Lily and Laura bracelet is hand made with a purpose.   I fell in love with Lily and Laura bracelets a few years ago when my mom brought me home a few from one of her trips. They mean so much to me because they are a gift from my mom and they are just so fabulous. My appreciation for Lily and Laura has grown so much over time and through my exploration of the company. I love what they do and what they stand fornot mention that have an amazing product! Lily and Laura was kind enough offer a 20% OFF coupon code for Timeless Taste readers. Use the code “TimelesstasteL+L” for 20% OFF your purchase!    

5 Tips For Assembling the Perfect Bracelet Stack5 Tips For Assembling the Perfect Bracelet Stack5 Tips For Assembling the Perfect Bracelet Stack


Lastly, I had to mention that Lily and Laura bracelets are unisex! How handsome is my hubby?! I would love to see which bracelets you pick up with the code “TimelesstasteL+L”?! So be sure to tag me in all of your social media posts or send me an email with your picks! I partial to the pink shades, but who isn’t?!


  • Dine

    I truly love that you did this blog post with your bracelet combinations. I always admire the way your wrist looks. I love jewelry and I have a lot of it, but sometimes I can’t decide what to put together. This was great, love the arm party.

    Thanks Morgan…..ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Dine! I just love putting together fun bracelet combinations! It’s so easy to get in the habit of wearing the same pieces and neglecting the majority of my jewelry collection. I have to remind myself to switch it up a bit!

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

The Saint Laurent Sac de Jour bag is a hot item on the market these days. Over the past few years, the Sac de Jour has become more popular, with many women choosing to purchase one for their own collection. I have found myself as a member of the Sac de Jour group! My thoughts on this bag are extensive and after receiving both questions, and compliments on this bag, I thought it would be best to share an in depth review. This bag is powerful and sharp, while still remaining luxurious and classic. Below you will find an in depth review of the bag including specific details of the bag itself, what I love about this bag and a few regards I have about the Sac de Jour.

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Review

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

The Saint Laurent Sac de Jour is available in 4 different bag sizes, ranging from the smallest, the Nano, to the Largest, Large. The size shown in this post is the Small, also known as the second largest of the bags (you can see a comparison of sizes here). The bag comes in a variety of different materials, leather, suede, exotic skins and hair, as well as studded. You can also find the bag in many different colors, from neutrals, to brights and metallics. As you can see there are many different options and combinations for this bag. For me, when making this investment. The choice was simple. I wanted black grained leather with gold hardware. A classic, and in my opinions, safe and wearable combination. That Small Sac de Jour measures 12 ½ “ W x 9 ¾” H x 6 ½” D, with a top handle drop of 3 ¾”. The bag is quite roomy and can fit a variety of different items ranging from small leather goods, a medium size agenda, and even a small Macbook. The bag also features compression snap straps that allow for the bags accordion-pleated sides to be expanded. 

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour ReviewSaint Laurent Sac de Jour Review

As for the hardware on the bag, I love the many gold details found on and around the bag. You will find that the Saint Laurent brand has a subtle but continuous presence on the bag, as it is found on all of the hardware detailing. Everything from the button closures on the compression snaps, to the zippers and lock, contain the Saint Laurent logo. The bag comes with 5 metal feet on the bottom, to protect the leather from any damage that may occur when placing theban on a given surface. This is one of my favorite features of the bag. That bag also comes with a removable strap that allows fora 19″ shoulder drop, if you desire to carry the bag as a shoulder, or cross body, bag. As for the interior, the bag comes with basically three main compartments, one of which is the center zip pouch. There is also a smaller additional zip ouch at the back of the bag and two small pockets on the front of the interior,which could be used fora small amount of cash, or maybe a credit card. 

Sac de Jour Overview

  • Size Small 
  • Black grained calfskin leather with gold hardware
  • Retail Price $2890.00
  • Bag size: 12 ½ “W x 9 ¾”H x 6 ½” D
  • Top handle drop 3 ¾”
  • Compression snap straps allow for expandable accordion-pleated sides
  • Removable strap for shoulder carrying option with a  19” shoulder strap drop
  • Minimalistic branding “Saint Laurent”
  • Made it Italy
  • Gold hardware consisting of:
    • Two zippers on interior zip compartment
      • Optional lock closure
    • Lock and keys
      • Removable leather case
    • Half rings for strap connection on opposing sides of the back
    • 5 metal protective feet on the bottom of the bag
  • Interior pockets
    • Medium size zip pouch on back of bag
    • Two small pockets for cash, or credit card,on front of bag

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour ReviewSaint Laurent Sac de Jour Review

What I Love About This Bag

Truthfully, there are so many things I love about this bag. I love how its structure is simple and timeless, but that Saint Laurent has infused their branding and personal flare to the bag. The accordion-pleated sides add so much character and a fierceness to the bag. The gold hardware is absolutely beautiful and I love how it is shown in pops throughout the bag, but it doesn’t overtake the overall appearance of the bag. The Small size is perfect for me because it is large enough to fit everything that I need to carry, but it isn’t bulky at all. Rather it is convenient in every way! The grained calfskin leather is one of my favorite parts about this bag. It is rich and luxurious, while still being durable. It does not scratch easily and ages so well!

Overall I love the appearance, quality and structure of the bag. It is such a GirlBoss bag and is fashionable, without being trendy. In my opinion, it’s definitely a must have in any girls bag collection.

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour ReviewSaint Laurent Sac de Jour ReviewSaint Laurent Sac de Jour Review

What I Don’t Love About This Bag

In my associated Youtube Video, I explained one of my biggest disappointments with this bag. If you watch that video, I go more into depth about my issue with this specific bag. However, I will say that another one of my disappointments with this bag is just how the front of the bag lays. I love the overall structure however I wish the leather on the front of the bag was straightened structured. For some reason, the front of my bag has all kinds of lumps and bumps on it, and it drives me crazy! You can see more of that in the video as well!


I hope that you have found this review of the Saint Laurent Sac de jour helpful. If you have, please let me know and be sure to share this post with someone that is interested in Sac de Jour also!



It has been quite a while since I shared a Friday Five post, simply because I decided to cut them out of my  content schedule. I wanted to bring resourceful content three days a week and I really strive to do so. The Friday Five post always seemed very on the fly, because it really is. Just because this isn’t a ground breaking, (it could be) life changing post, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of making an appearance every so often. I love sitting down, during my heart out and getting personal in posts, especially like this one. It’s what I love to do. Even though every post doesn’t need to be that way, there is definitely a place for these Friday Five posts in Timeless Taste newsfeed. I am hoping to work these back in more often. what do you think? 

Today I am sharing an Instagram Roundup and talking about a few more behind these scenes details of each picture! I hope you enjoy this personal post and find it interesting! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram here!

Instagram Roundup @TimelessTasteBlog

The Welcome Mat

Target seems to just be the place for me to find the estate size door mats! I struggle finding the longer ones that fit our double door in the front. The door itself is a double making it wider than normal door, so it makes shopping for welcome mats a bit challenging! A few weeks ago, I went shopping with my dear friend and of course we went to Target! I found this one and love it, plus it fits perfectly. I was shocked to see that it’s actually cheaper online! It’s only $19.99!!

Where do you get your favorite welcome mats from?

Instagram Roundup @TimelessTasteBlog

The Vitamins

Lately I have been trying out a new set of vitamins and when I say set, I mean a whole slew of vitamins! After many months of contemplating on making this purchase, I finally decided to pick up the Perricone MD Skin Clear Dietary Supplements. The set comes with a package of vitamins to take each day. Hopefully, I will be able to do a review on the one day, but for right now I am still testing them out. What I can say is that they give me an incredible amount of energy. It must be the B vitamin, or something, because I get such a long lasting kick of energy after taking them, On the contrary, I have to have a full stomach when taking them. If not, I feel deathly ill, which is pretty common for me and vitamins. So far I really love them, but I would recommend taking them on a full stomach. I love that it comes with all of the recommended vitamins one package, it just makes thing easier on me! They have a ton of supplement options and I really want to try this!

Instagram Roundup @TimelessTasteBlog

The Weekend

Things are finally beginning to settle down for Jay and I, which means that we have actually been enjoying our weekends! Saturday mornings, and really Saturdays in general, have become time of the week. The past few weeks we have spent our Saturday mornings lounging around the house, making a yummy breakfast (follow me on snapchat “timelesstaste”  to see more) and planning our home and future. We love snuggling our pup, spending time in the kitchen and drinking lot’s of coffee! I don’t think Jay and I could survive without our Nespresso machine, our lives basically revolve around it. I can’t wait to share my kitchen registry items soon, but for now have you visited the “Shop my Kitchen” tab? Here are a few of my favorites from it!

Instagram Roundup @TimelessTasteBlog

The Motivational Struggle

Basically the past two weeks have been highly unproductive. In some ways I have taken huge steps towards my goals for the year, but in other ways I have been struggling to GSD. I haven’t been planning like I should, I haven’t been writing to-do lists like I should and I have just been struggling o keep it together. Do you go through ruts where you just can’t find motivation, encouragement or the ability to get things done? It seems like I have taken 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. I’m hoping to pull it together and get to work today! I need to start by writing out all of my to-dos and just doing them. I have been loving my new planner from Target.

The Youtube Channel

You have probably seen that I have been posting more regularly on my Youtube Channel! I’m really excited to have started making videos again on my channel. I hope that you will go check it out and subscribe to see more personal videos, tutorials and vlogs! VLOG | GROCERY SHOPPING


If you like these kinds of posts, be sure to let me know! I have just cut them out because I wasn’t sure if anyone wanted these more personal and open blog posts. If you do like them and want more, let me know and I will rate them back into the blog calendar! Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram here, I’m always posting new pictures!



To be completely honest with you, I have never been one to really gush over Valentine’s Day. I’m not really into the candy or all of the awkwardness that surrounds the holiday. However, I will say that I can completely jump on the blush pink, Valentine’s Day, bandwagon! For some reason, I am still addicted to that beautiful light, blush pink color. I want all of my sweaters, shoes, accessories and obviously lipsticks to fall into that shade. Before long my entered closet might end up being one color and to be honest, putting together this post did not help that situation!

How cute are these earrings? And let’s be real, Gucci is all the rage right now and these? Well they just speak for themselves (insert clapping emoji here!) I decided to divide up the one huge widget I had for this post, into a few different categories like shoes, clothing, beauty and accessories. I am basically dying for all of these pieces, that are perfect for Valentine’s Day but I will probably jusy have to settle on one. These shoes have been on my list recently and I don’t feel so guilty about purchasing them because they are pretty inexpensive!