Louis Vuitton Key Pouch Giveaway

Louis Vuitton Key Pouch GiveawayLouis Vuitton Key Pouch GiveawayLouis Vuitton Key Pouch GiveawayLouis Vuitton Key Pouch Giveaway

Louis Vuitton Key Pouch Giveaway

It’s finally the weekend and what’s better than starting it off with a Louis Vuitton Giveaway!! Malia and I have been putting this together for a few weeks now and we could be more excited to gift one of you, one of our favorite items. After brainstorming what to giveaway we both thought it would be perfect to give away a Louis Vuitton Key Pouch, since we both never leave home without ours! It’s perfect for storing your ID, credit cards and a little cash, not to mention it holds all of your keys! The giveaway is live from today, June 23, 2017, at 5pm EST until Monday, June 26, 2017, at 12 pm EST.

Don’t forget to visit Malia’s post here and go give her some love on her blog! I know that if you enjoy my posts you will absolutely love her! She has the best style and so kind hearted and down to earth. I know you will love her, just as I do!! Plus, how amazing are the photos she took for this post?!

To Enter

  • Follow both of our Instagram accounts Blonde Boss Babe and Timeless Taste
  • “Like” the Giveaway photo on Instagram
  • Tag 3 friends in a comment on the Giveaway photo on Instagram
  • BONUS ENTRY: Repost the photo on your Instagram account and be sure to tag both of us! Just make sure your profile isn’t set to private, so that we can see your repost! 🙂

Thank you so much of supporting us both!! If you have any questions, just let the know

Good Luck!



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3 Ways to Have More Joy This Summer3 Ways to Have More Joy This Summer3 Ways to Have More Joy This Summer3 Ways to Have More Joy This SummerDress is by SheIn only $18 (c/o)

Having joy that radiants from within is something that I crave. Jay is so resilient and joyful on the daily basis. He is always understanding to others that cross his path and these are just a few of the things that I admire about him. In the world we live in today, that revolves and thrives off of social media, and more specifically if you are a part of the online creative industry, comparison so often steals our joy from us. Today I wanted to just quickly talk about 3 ways that you can be more joyful this summer, just to get thinking about this topic and tell you that if you already feel this way, you are not alone! Comparison and the struggle to be joyful, have been laying so heavily on my heart lately, that I knew I just had to share these thoughts. 

Before we dive into this topic, I wanted to mention this beautiful botanical dress from SheIn! It’s only $18 and you can pick it up here! They have so many beautiful and affordable options on their website, so be sure to go check it out and see some of their blue summer picks (for 4th of July) here!

3 Ways to Have More Joy This Summer

Comparison is the thief of joy

Chances are, if you’re living your life in the world today, comparison has stolen your joy before. Better yet, if you are like me and rely heavily on social media to create an income, it steals your joy more often then you want it to. The truth is, whether or not you’re actually aware of it, you probably compare yourself to others more than you think. I know I do. Just because you compare yourself, doesn’t mean you wish anything less than good vibes for that other people. Rather, we find ourselves not feeling good enough or we don’t have enough followers, make enough money or maybe our GPA isn’t good enough. Whatever it is, comparison can steal your joy without you even knowing that it has and so often we reflect that negativity onto ourselves or onto other people who don’t deserve it. 


The difference in happiness and joy

I had this conversation recently with a friend of mine, about the difference in happiness and joy, and why it’s so important that we seek joy rather than happiness. Being happy is a wonderful thing, but being joyful is even better. What makes you happy vs. having a joy? Are you relying on external sources to bring about happiness in your life. Finances, your home or other material items? Or are you simply happy with where you are and what you have. Happiness is something that I have battled with for a long time. You could say that it’s something that didn’t come easy for me, because I was constantly allowing my circumstances, income and so many other material factors dictate my happiness. While the goal is still to be a happy and kind person, I now try to shift my focus to joy. Pure joy that cannot be challenged, dictated or destroyed by any earthly circumstance. Joy that comes from being at peace with myself, my belongings and my surroundings, not matter what they are or how they change. This is not easy.  Or should I say, it’s not easy for me.


Practice Mindfulness

Lately I have been obsessed with Julie Solomon’s new podcast, The Influencer Podcast. If you haven’t subscribed to it yet, I would highly recommend that you do so, it’s awesome! This week she was interviewing, Melyssa Griffin and they were discussing Melyssa’s new meditation practice. I have personally not really researched too far into meditation, probably just because my first encounter was misunderstood and undoubtedly a failure. However, after listening to Melyssa share her experience, and how she herself had misinterpreted meditation, I have a better understanding of the purpose and the need for meditation in my life. I feel that being mindful plays a huge role in living a joyful everyday life. Being able to mindfully recognize different thoughts and experiences, can drastically change how you live daily. What do you allow to matter, what do you recognize and dismiss, and what do you give permission to effect how you live your life each day.  


Practices I am Incorporating to my Daily Life

  • Daily Devotional

Jay I have been reading this devotional together every morning, or afternoon if we miss the morning, and I have really been loving it. It isn’t exactly a couples devotional and knowing Jay he is just being supportive of me, but I think that it’s a great way to start the day. I started a little late in the year, but it would be great to start now or save for next year!

  • No Phone at Dinner

Although it doesn’t end up happening every night, I have been making an effort to leave my phone away from me while Jay and I eat dinner together. I know this is terrible, but I am a mindless Instagram scroller. I will find myself checking IG while eating dinner, so this is a huge one for me. It also helps Jay and I both, disconnect, de-stress and have a few undivided minutes together after work. I love our dinner time!

  • Taking Frequent Walks Outside

Whenever I notice myself feeling anxious, or if I have been sitting at my laptop for too long, I try to get up a take a quick walk outside. Whether I throw a stick around with Worm, water my plants, check on my roses or just drink a glasses of water, taking a few minutes to step outside and get some fresh air and sunshine does wonders for my clarity! Now that it’s summer, I like to take my lunch outside and eat that there too!

  • Trying My Best Not to Compare Myself to Others

I know that this is hard. Sometimes we are comparing ourselves to others and we don’t even know it. We might not even consider it comparing ourselves, but somehow we feel a little bit emptier, a little less capable, than we did before. For me it is sometimes impossible to see other bloggers success and not wonder am I doing wrong? Why am I not creating a sustainable income, after all of the time I pour into this. I would never think negatively about someone else’s success. I am so happy for all of my blogger friends that are making a full time living from their website or Youtube channel. Never in a million years would I think badly of them, rather I directly that feeling onto myself. I feel as though I am clearly not doing enough, not connecting like I should or I just rack my brain for hours trying to figure out what I could possibly be doing wrong.

When these feelings come creeping in, I try to combat them by finding out how I can best serve others. How can I support their blog and business? What can I do to support their business to the best of my ability? As challenging, but still simple, as this sounds. It works. I feel better, I feel inspired and I do more good with that challenging thought than what self doubt used to do to me with it.

I feel as if I could write endlessly about this topic, but for today I will leave it with this. If you feel lost in comparison, stress or anxiety that is created by social media and this industry, just know that you aren’t alone. It’s easy to fall victim to that and continuously want more or feel like you aren’t working hard enough. As repetitive as this sounds, stay in your own lane. You have worked so hard to get where you are right now. Even though you might not be exactly where you want to be, you aren’t where your were when you first began your journey. You have already come so far. Keep going, keep being kind and supportive and keep working hard. I promise it will start to pay off!

Photography by Tiffany Sigmon

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I can’t believe that the 4th of July is just around the corner and with the holiday upon us, what better way to prepare than with a roundup of things all red, white and blue! I am usually a pretty neutral personal, but recently I have been attempting to add a bit more color into my wardrobe. I personally think the best way to add color into your wardrobe is gently through pastels. If you want to add a pop of color, red is always a classic, which makes red, white and navy blue the perfect combination!

After putting this together I am coming to the realization that I definitely went a little overboard with the accessories! But hey, who doesn’t love a good handbag or tassel earrings? Also, these shorts are so perfect for summer. So chic!

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Beach Bag Essentials

After almost a week at The Breakers, you could say my beach bag easily became my everyday bag – for a few days, at the least! A vacation was long over due, for several months now, and there is not a doubt in my mind that this trip was truly life altering in so many ways. I am thankful to have made my beach bag, my everyday bag, and have had the opportunity to spend endless days in the sun, at the pool or on our bikes riding around Palm Beach.

As each day passed by, the products and accessories that found themselves in my beach bag over, and over, again, truly began to prove themselves as necessities for me! I thought that now would be the perfect time to share my beach bag essentials for this year, while they are fresh in my mind.


First off, let’s start with the bag itself. Give me a straw bag with pink pom pom’s and I’m in beach bag heaven! There are so many cute bag options out there, so I will link some of my favorites below. I also really like carrying my Louis Vuitton Neverfull. I know it’s not the first bag that you would think of when going to the pool. But I really think it makes pretty beach bag at a nice resort! (However, I don’t carry it to the beach!)


Beach Bag EssentialsBeach Bag Essentials


No matter the circumstances sunscreen is always in my beach bag! In all honesty, to make things easier on myself and give it time to really soak in, I always apply my sunscreen after I shower in the morning when I’m going to the beach or pool. It’s much easier to just slather it on prior to putting on your swimsuit. This way it has time to really soak in and you don’t get burnt right away, while you are still settling in and haven’t had a chance to put on your sunscreen yet! Sun Bum is a fave in this little Parlett family of mine. 

Body Spray + Freshening Spray

This body spray is simply a luxury and a good luxury at that. I don’t know about you, but I tend to sweat a lot when out in the sun for the day. It’s nice to have a lightweight fragrance to cut out any unwanted smells, caused by the summer heat. Give yourself a quick spray and you smell better than ever. I have also been using this as my summer fragrance anyway! Also, we cannot forget the freshening spray. It is definitely a summer must!

Facial Spray

I spoke quite a bit about this spray in my summer makeup bag post, and I still love it just as much.

Wave Spray

This wave spray from Ouai has also been a major game changer for me this Spring/Summer so far. To save me a little time and keep my hair from being overly washed, whiledon vacation, I like to spritz my hair with this spray after getting out of the pool or ocean. With a natural breeze and this spray, your hair will become the most perfect effortless beach style. Which is basically perfect for vacation and then there is less of a time lapse between pool/beach time and dinner time!

Magazine & Beach Read

Whether you are a book gal or a magazine gal, I’ve got you covered this Summer! I brought two magazines and two books on our trip and thoroughly enjoyed flipping through each of them. My new magazine discovery is The Magnolia Journal from Joanna and Chip Gaines. This journal is full of recipes, decor, beautiful design and piece of mind. Imagine a healthy and inspired lifestyle, surrounded by stylish and comfortable living. If you’re thinking they really have it figured out and you want to know more, you are completely right and need to pick up this magazine!

Onto the beach reads. Present-Over-Perfect has been on my list for a long time. I really enjoyed this read, as it was such an eye opener for me. I also read Into The Water from front to back cover in about 3 days. I promise you won’t be able to put this suspenseful read down. 

Lip Balm

I basically survived off of two lip balms the entire week. And when I say survived, I mean the Florida sun shows no mercy on my lips so those babies needed some protection and rejuvenation, after just a few short minutes in the sun. When poolside in palm beach, your average lip balm is just a little basic, so I opted for my favorite YSL Rouge VoluptĂ© Shine. The hydration it gives my lips is over the top compared to other tinted lip balms and it comes in an assortment of fun pink shades. It’s the perfect accessory to compliment your chic bikini! At nighttime, after being out in the sun all day (or basically just every night regardless), I always apply my favorite La Mer lip balm.  I cannot even begin to tell you just how amazing this lip balm is, it is probably the one beauty product that I can’t live without. It is hydrating and comfortable on the lips and a must have on my nightstand!

Hair Clip

No beach bag is complete without a hair clip! Of course you can opt for a hair tie or if you’re like me, I usually bring both. When I swimming around I like to clip my hair back. It’s easy and it doesn’t leave creases in my hair. If you are using the wave spray and preserving your beach look, I would definitely go for the clip!

Coin Purse: ID, Credit Card, Cash

Wherever you are, you will always want to have your I.D., credit card and a little cash. Instead of bring my entire wallet, I like to opt for a smaller coin purse or card case! Less is definitely more, when it comes to not loading down your beach bag.

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Distressed Denim for Summer

Distressed Denim for Summer
Distressed Denim for Summer

Distressed Denim for Summer
Distressed Denim for SummerDistressed Denim for SummerDistressed Denim for SummerDistressed Denim for Summer

Distressed Denim for Summer
Distressed Denim for Summer

Distressed Denim for Summer

Denim and Top are both Madewell, Sandals and Bag are Louis Vuitton, Belt is Gucci, Bracelets are David Yurman and Lily and Laura (use code TimelesstasteL+L for a discount!), Sunglasses are CĂ©line, Similar pair of Earrings here

Denim for Summer

I have always been a denim girl at heart, even in the summer I love a good pair of distressed jeans and the perfect denim cutoffs. A couple of summers ago, I picked up my first pair of Madewell denim shorts in Charleston and I was hooked immediately! They fit so perfectly and the length was great. Being a girl with bigger thighs doesn’t make shopping for shorts, especially denim cutoffs fun. So, when I found the perfect pair I had to go for them! 

Fast forward two years, to just a few weeks ago, I picked up this pair of distress jeans that are even more perfect denim for summer. I have really been wanting a pair of light wash jeans for the summer and I have also been dying for a pair of extra high waisted style. This pair from Madewell is the ultimate dupe for a pair of iconic Levi’s, am I right? Pair them with this top tucked in, a half up half down hairstyle, slides and you have a Khloe Kardashian look alike outfit! I definitely felt very KoKo in this look, which has in on repeat in my outfit collection. It’s so comfortable and such a fun take on a classic style. 

This belt has been one of my newest obsessions! For so many years I really haven’t been a Gucci fan, but I have to say, lately they are really making a comeback-or at least for me they are. I shared an unboxing of this belt, see that here, talking more about the details an my first impressions. Since then, you basically half to snatch it off of me to get a peek! My sweet mama let me borrow her sandals, because I have been dying for these Hermès slides, that are unfortunately sold out online and in the closest shop to me. Fingers crossed they have a pair in Palm Beach. I want them soooo bad!

Palm Beach Update

Be sure to follow our trip to Palm Beach on my Snapchat and my Instagram Story! We are also vlogging so hopefully I will have a video up soon!

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Photography by Tiffany Sigmon